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VIENNA, VA -- As always, the concert was everything I have come to expect when seeing Dan Fogelberg in concert. I attended the first night of the tour in Vienna, VA Wolftrap Filene center. He has always given me more than my money's worth when ever I have seen him. Not only is he a wonderful artist, but he is always aware of the audience and reacts with them. I love that! I have seen many concerts in my day. More than a few of them, I could sit home and listen to the album and be just as entertained. But never have I been disappointed with Dan. I always love when he does an acoustical concert. But, this time he did both, much to my enjoyment. It seems to me, that he is VERY underrated as a musician. I have heard him do, not this concert, some classical melodies, that blew me away. His music has maintained my sanity through some very rough times in my life. I hope he NEVER gets tired of writing and performing. Because when he does, the world will be losing some very beautiful music. Hope to see him again soon! ~ Susan

VIENNA, VA -- Another very special evening spent with Dan! I never miss a concert when he comes to the DC area and was surprised and delighted with this opening night performance. Dan is sounding great, looking handsome as ever, and seems happy and relaxed with himself and his music. His voice is strong, his guitar work everything we have come to expect, and in particular I thought he was really outstanding on the piano. It is obvious that Dan has been spending a lot of time at the piano because he was just really incredible this particular night. His playing had so much texture and emotion and it just knocked me off my feet - which is saying a lot because I was sitting on a blanket on the lawn! I attended with my 20 year old daughter who also loves Dan's music and she agreed that Dan was in top form and we were both pleasantly surprised and pleased with his new tunes. I'm so glad he decided to get the band together for another tour and sincerely hope we will be fortunate enough to enjoy another concert, in another year. This year has been a year of big changes in my life (least of all turning 50 soon) and for some reason, everything I have done and experienced in the past few months seems to be tremendously meaningful to me. I feel so blessed to have been able to see and experience Dan in person again. Thanks Dan for the wonderful music. ~ Donna

ATLANTIC CITY -- This show was FANTASTIC. He did so many of his older songs including a amazing longer version of Power of Gold. This was by far one of his best concerts ever. It was all his music (unlike last year) which is why I go see him. He looked great and sounded so beautiful. His band is a fine group of musicians. I can't wait to see him again. It was through your web site and e-mail that I became aware of his concert dates. Thanks for a great web site. I truly love DAN!!!!!!! ~ bkupre

KETTERING, OH -- I have two words for this concert.....AWE-SOME!!!!!!! It was 50 degrees, pouring the rain, June 3rd, and he kept all of us warm with his words in song. I was so into everything that he sang, that I was oblivious to anyone around me. He joked that it was supposed to be summer, and he played a few bars of "Jingle Bells" and asked the crowd if they wanted to sing Christmas Carols. I can not say how wonderful the concert was as there are no words to describe it and get the emotion across to someone that was not there. Dan RULES!!!!! I have been a fan for 30 years and no one comes close to him in talent. ~ Bev (Gallipolis, OH)

HILTON HEAD, SC --I wanted to tell everyone about the Hilton Head SC concert! What a great show. Dan was more relaxed and he seemed to be having a good time. I came from Memphis Tn to see the show. His acoustical set was fantastic! He came out on stage, picked up that beautiful Guild 12 string guitar and opened the show with "Nexus". He followed with a wonderful acoustical set and then gave a great set with the band! He was joking with the audience more than I have ever seen him do. I saw him last year in St Louis and he seemed distracted and a little tired. It was definitely worth the trip from Memphis. When he sang "Leader of the Band", I thought of my father and even though I would'nt have admitted it, I knew this would be the last time I would see Dan singing it live while my Father was still living. He had gotten sick earlier in the year and I lost him on Dec 5. I brought my Dan Fogelberg D41 guitar to the hospital at the beginning of April and played for my Father. I played some of "Leader of the Band" for him and just played a few songs and he said he enjoyed it. I am glad I did this. Any way, I had not seen Dan in Memphis since October of 95. The St Louis show was a little disappointing, but this concert was the best. It was Dan's first time in Hilton Head too. The band was incredible. Cindy Bullens was the opening act and the crowd was still trying to settle down during her set. She really is a great performer I know it must have been frustrating for her but I want her to know she did a great show also. Thank you for letting me share this. God Bless you all. ~ Dwight

INDIANAPOLIS -- I went to Dan Fogelberg's concert on June 4 in Indianapolis at the Murat Centre, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It was my 7th concert of his, and his talent and versatility amaze me. I really noticed a richness in his voice this time, whereas in a couple of his past concerts, his voice seemed deeper and rougher. He actually sounds more like he did 20 years ago, only better, because it's a richer, smoother, purer sound, and his new "Full Circle" CD captures that sound as well. And of course he had the incredible ability to go from the wonderful balads that I love to totally rocking out! Awesome! After hearing the concert and the new CD, I certainly hope Dan continues to put out the words & music that I love so much! ~ Marie Saenger (Westfield, IN)

RALEIGH -- My wife and I attended this concert and it was outstanding. I am constantly amazed at just how incredible a musician Fogelberg really is. His guitar playing was just amazing. I spoke to some people after the concert who said they weren' t really Fogelberg fans prior to the concert, but they would be now. He did one song I had never heard before called '' Nature of the Game'' . I wish he would have put this song on his new cd. All I can say is this man is a true talent in a time when music has become a joke in my opinion. I only hope I get to see him again someday. ~ Stewart1237

PEORIA --We just went to the July 15th concert of Dan's at the Peoria Civic Center in Dan's hometown of Peoria, Illinois. This was our first time seeing him there so we were anxious to see how the hometown crowd reacted and if it would be different. It was awesome! At first it seemed like he was a little nervous, but soon he seemed very at ease and talked alot about the old bands he was in and little tidbits that were interesting. The highlight of the evening for us was when he sang "The Leader of the Band" and at the end looked up and said "Happy Father's Day" . It was so cool. It definitely was worth the 1 1/2 hour drive!! He sounded excellent and didn't dissappoint. I was kind of suprised he didn't sing "Illinois". ~ Kristy

CHICAGO -- I thought the show was absolutely fantastic. The full repertoire of Dan's musical styles and eras was represented and the blend between acoustic and rock songs was perfectly judged. Crow and The Reach were memorable. It was a new experience to hear two new songs, Full Circle and Reach Haven Postcard performed live before I'd heard them on CD. There was another song which I'd never heard before, Nature of the Game, which I thought was very good. Dan's playing and singing in the acoustic section was flawless. He gives everything to songs such as Leader of the Band and Lang Syne, as if it's the first time he's played them. The Rock and Roll section with the band was equally outstanding. It would be easy for Dan to hand over lead guitar duties to a band member, but he doesn't. He can play the electric stuff along with the best and of course his songs are in a different class as well. The long version of Power of Gold was tremendous. I didn't want the show to end, but Dan and the band gave good value, as the two encores took the total show time to 2 1/4 hours. The musicians in the band should also be complimented for their faultless performance. When Dan tours again, I'll be back! ~ Graham Smith, Leeds

CHICAGO -- Thank you so much for your generous performance last night in Chicago. You speak to your audience with an intimacy and honesty I've experienced with few performers. It evoked so many feelings; joy, laughter, tears, admiration, heartache...I could go on but you get the idea. I loved the variety of your set list. This is the first concert (except for classical music) I have attended in over 20 years. Though I was a fan of yours when in my late teens and early 20's, (I still have your 1st album release, Home Free, among others) I now have an appreciation for your versatility, talent (you and the entire band) and your artistry that I didn't fully have back in the 70's and 80's. I especially enjoyed your solo acoustical section of the concert. I pretty much stopped "listening" to music shortly after I married in the mid-80's - but that's another story. Recently, my life has been touched by someone from my distant past, re-awakening me to the music I once loved. A final thank-you for continuing to share your awesome instrumental, vocal and songwriting talent with us. ~ Jeanne Goslin

HOUSTON-- It was a memorable show. You could not have asked for a more exquisite group of musicians. All a stellar group in their own right. Artist or craftsman? What ever the case may be, (only Dan knows), it was great to see the passion and comraderie shared between them. I was so very glad to hear some of the new songs and of course some of the older tunes performed with that little extra panache. Oh yeah "Power of Gold" Rocked.....Great Solos! ~ Tammie

DALLAS -- Wow! The concert was awesome! The Dallas crowd looked reserved and quiet upon entering the Theatre, but proved otherwise after every song. There were several standing ovations towards the end of the show due to the fact that Dan displayed his artistic talent and love for music through the playing of his songs. One can only be united with him when watching a display of this type. He looks good, sounds good, the band was good and I knew it was going to be a night to remember. I am a Dan fan from his early days in the 70's when I was a student at SIU in Carbondale. It's been a long haul and every concert just keeps getting better. Thanks, Dan. ~ Joanie Ruppel (Keller, TX)

S. LAKE TAHOE, NV -- WOW! I just saw Dan perform for the first time in Lake Tahoe on June 28, 2003. I had a small fear that his performance would pale in comparison to the years of "fantasy" created by listening to his music. However, his performance was sensational and the fulfillment of a life time desire. He is the one performer that I never get tired of listening to. Like many others, I could swear he wrote some of his songs especially for some of the relationships I have had in my life. That is why his music is timeless. He is the only performer that I never get tired of listening to. I am 51 and have been touched and moved by his passion since college. My college roommate (from Peoria, Illinois) told me that his father was her music teacher in high school. Those of us from Illinois feel a special connection to him. Thank you for the musical gifts that you give and for the hearts and souls you touch! ~ Marsha

S. LAKE TAHOE, NV -- The Place: Lake Tahoe was beautiful. Traveling from Arizona, my best friend Leslie and I enjoyed the cool air, green trees, deep blue lake and snow capped mountains. Caesars Palace casino is a typical casino, but the venue for Dan's concert was intimate and laid out well. The acoustics were awesome. After seeing Dan the past 3 years at Humphrey's in San Diego, we really enjoyed the quality of Dan's voice , his guitar and piano on an indoor stage.

The Concert: What can I say? He was FABULOUS! His sets were similar to many of his shows around the country. He started out with "Part of the Plan", and ended with "Gambler". When he played "The Reach", it brought tears to my eyes (always one of my favorites). "As The Raven Flies" and "Leader of the Band" drew lots of applause. He was energetic, funny, and as always, played his heart out! His is so incredibly talented, his concerts are always a wonderful experience for us.

The Crowd: Well, compared to Humphrey's, I'd say very subdued with little energy, although they did respond to Dan's guitar riffs and familiar tunes. Sorry, Dan, it wasn't you! We were the ones yelling and clapping for you! The crowd was rather disappointing. After the concert there were no t-shirts or cds to purchase-another disappointment. I suppose because of the casino? Anyone want to sell me an extra t-shirt they may have??

Next Year: Dan, we can't wait for your next tour. Will you ever come back to Arizona? If not we'll be back in San Diego for sure to enjoy the fans in Southern California! Thanks for creating the music that has been a part of my life for 30 years. (Ps.-that was my 14th Dan concert!) Sending you love, blessings, and thanks ~ Cynthia -Tucson, Arizona

SAN DIEGO -- What a wonderful Southern California night! The day started out foggy and overcast, but due to the miracle of living it all cleared up. As always the music was wonderful and brought me back to a place of peace. The old fashion jam session during the "Power of Gold" was great!!! I wonder if there are any fingertips left on the band. Splitting the music, in the way he did, was wonderful and took you through all of the eras and memories of what so many of us have experienced and lived. Dan will for ever be a true experience and life dream come true. So each and every day I break out an album, tape, or CD to keep the power flowing and alive. It was a great concert as it was last year. As always, THANK YOU DAN! ~ Bill

THOUSAND OAKS, CA -- Rumor had it that Dan's voice was rocky consistently throughout the tour for the first few songs. I have news for you, in Thousand Oaks, California, Dan had a very clear, very on key voice from start to finish. To be quite frank, Dan and the Band, were quite simply the best show in California I've ever seen him give with a band, and I would rate this concert the most Rocking concert he's done in over twenty years of hearing him play in California. Way to go Dan!! Simply fantastic, highlights are too lengthy to mention, his show was worth more than I paid for it, that's a no brainer. I will say, Crow was done better than I've ever witnessed it played, this version should have been on his Something Borrowed, Something New, and Some Blues live CD. It was hands down my favorite song of the show! Botts and his band mates, should know how wonderful a job they did, and let's not forget all the staff from the highest on the list to the wonderful guy out in the lobby selling the Dan-ware and trinkets who was so personable with everyone in the lines awaiting their choices. This was a great evening! I heard some guy complaining that Dan's song like Longer were what he'd heard of him, but that he "knew" Dan wasn't capable of anything substantial relating to Rock, but didn't mind when Fogelberg was in that rock group with Tim the flute player..LOL! He left that show amazed by the last hour of the show, and respecting Dan's Rock capabilities stating, you know, he's like Clapton on the guitar, this was a great concert. A new respect born from witnessing Dan on stage, I loved it, and I saw him head straight for the CD's at the stand in the gallery afterwards. Dan keep doing what you do so well, and thanks for a great show in 976 Oaks! ~ Rick...



FT WORTH -- The Concert was Awesome....Incredible...More than I could have wished for. Saw Dan in Fort Worth on Tuesday night. He played almost all classics, from many albums. Highlights were a tribute to his first album, "Home Free", a piano solo of "Same Old Lang Syne", and gorgeous "Run for the Roses". His talking was fun, very personal and conversational and just enough. Two curtain calls and I lost count of standing ovations...5? 6? Several during the performance. Well worth the money, time and whatever else it takes to get there. Thanks Mr. Fogelberg. ~ Jerri J. (Arlington, Texas)

FT WORTH -- Oh my gosh!!!! Dan at the Bass Performance Hall!!! What a great concert! I loved the simple setting and the song sets. I felt like it was just me and him with the most amazing sound system ever made! I am so glad he is playing the smaller venues and Fort Worth. I have seen him here the last three times. I hope his voice recovers. He sounded a little hoarse but what a voice! It was great to see his new wife during the 2nd encore. Dan - keep up the great work! I would love to hear some new stuff!!! ~ Jennifer

FT WORTH --We saw Dan on opening night at Bass Hall in Fort Worth TX and we all agreed that it was the "BEST" performance of Dan's we had seen in all the years (first time in 1976) we've loved him. His voice was strong and clear and his song list covered his entire career. It was very obvious that he was enjoying himself almost as much as his fans were!!! Of course there were some songs he didn't choose to perform that were missed but if you are a true "Dan Fan" all his tunes are "your favorite"!!! A very satisfying and moving night!!! Can't wait for next time!!!!!! ~ Jeanne

HOUSTON -- I saw Dan Wednesday night in Houston. This was the fifth time that I've seen Dan live; amazingly enough, each time the experience is better than the last. With this being the "30th anniversary" tour he played some songs that I hadn't heard live before. It was wonderful. You could tell that Dan and the band were having fun as well. You could really tell who the very serious DF fans were as well, we knew every song he played, a few of the others only knew the songs that had been on the radio. They may have been a little lost, but for me, it was the best. I have always felt that most of Dan's best material were songs that were never on the radio. It's been three years since the last time Dan was here and it was great to see him again. Anytime he's close to Houston or in Houston I make sure I'm there. Dan, thank you so much for coming to Houston. I love seeing you perform live. Thank you also for the 30 wonderful years of music. The notes, the stories, and your soul, has been a very wonderful thing for you to share with us all of these years. Your first four albums was what I used to teach myself how to play guitar. I'm not a professional, it's a hobby, but it's a hobby that I love and it has gotten through some very tough times in the past. Thanks you again. I do hope to see you in Houston again. ~ Douglas

HOUSTON -- I hate to offer an opposing opinion on Dan Fogelberg's performance at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in the Woodlands, Texas - since I have been a huge fan of his since 1972, and have seen him perform live over a dozen times. But, something was not "quite" right - it was either the sound system or Dan was struggling to find a key that worked for him that particular night. In fact many of the fans were looking around at each other in the audience, wondering what was wrong. (It was almost as if he could not completely clear his throat to sing.) By about the third song, Dan found a range that worked for him, and most of the rest of the night was great (except for the early "noise curfew" and no encore). Dan is a musical genius by any standards, and his guitar talents were sharper than ever. Even with a bit of a rough start, it was a great show.~ Bill

HOUSTON --My husband took me to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston, Texas for a Mother's Day gift this year. I enjoyed it immensely (except of course, the woman who sat behind us and screamed "Peoria" and other nonsense early in the concert)! I've been a "Dan Fan" since 1975 when I first heard him in Kansas City. Our oldest son is graduating tonight and I even remember being great with child (this same child), well, about 18 years ago, and going to an acoustic concert in Kansas City. He hasn't lost it yet and hope he never does! My husband is very sweet, knowing how much I love Dan's music, to always buy me tickets (even though I think concert tickets are outrageously expensive and refuse to buy them myself)! I tease him that he's the only man I'll ever leave him for.... We were disappointed that the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion enforced an 11:00 curfew, but other than that, the music was wonderful! ~ Barbara

HOUSTON -- I saw Dan Wednesday night in Houston. This was the fifth time that I've seen Dan live; amazingly enough, each time the experience is better than the last. With this being the "30th anniversary" tour he played some songs that I hadn't heard live before. It was wonderful. You could tell that Dan and the band were having fun as well. You could really tell who the very serious DF fans were as well, we knew every song he played, a few of the others only knew the songs that had been on the radio. They may have been a little lost, but for me, it was the best. I have always felt that most of Dan's best material were songs that were never on the radio. It's been three years since the last time Dan was here and it was great to see him again. Anytime he's close to Houston or in Houston I make sure I'm there.

HOUSTON -- Dan, thank you so much for coming to Houston. I love seeing you perform live. Thank you also for the 30 wonderful years of music. The notes, the stories, and your soul, has been a very wonderful thing for you to share with us all of these years. Your first four albums was what I used to teach myself how to play guitar. I'm not a professional, it's a hobby, but it's a hobby that I love and it has gotten through some very tough times in the past. Thanks you again. I do hope to see you in Houston again. ~ Douglas

HOUSTON -- Well, I have to say it was one of the best shows I've been to in a WHILE! He was fantastic. I am SOoo glad I got the chance to see him perform again. To be honest, even though I'd planned on going, I never bought the tickets, and kept talking myself out of going as the day got nearer. Finally the day of the show ,I was having a horrible day to match the whole week. I felt like after everything that had happened that week I deserved to treat myself and go. Well,I chickened out once I got home from work and decided not to go but my precious daughter insisted that I go, made me even wear the bell bottom jeans I'd bought but never wore! So I half heartedly made my way to the Woodlands and got there only to have to walk for an eternity to get to the gates. Christopher Cross was singing ,"Sailing" as I reached the Pavillion ONLY to find that in order to purchase tickets I had to walk all the way to the OTHER side of the Pavillion. UGH!I was about to just blow it off but pushed myself on. I got to the ticket counter hoping to get a half decent spot on the grass in general seating.The lady said there were still some good seats left so I took one and headed for my seat. Little did I realize I would be sitting SECOND row from the stage!I was shocked to say the least when the usher seated me! Of ALL the times I've gone to see Dan Fogelberg (buying tickets the moment they went on sale) NEVER have I sat so close! I was in heaven! It was SO worth the crappy week! So worth the walk! I loved Chris Cross's show, he was great! But Dan was as beautiful as ever and his music was captivating! I was equally pleased when Mark Andes (Firefall) sang "Strange Way" and Dan on electric. It was such a fantastic show the ONLY thing that was missing was "Stars." I MUST say never has 50 looked SOooo good on a man! He was incredible! Now I'm anxiously awaiting the new CD! Slainte ~ Annette ~

HOUSTON -- My wife and I both attended Dan's performance in Houston last week and it was just a great show. He had Christopher Cross open and the night was great. Dan appears to be in pretty good shape these days and it is a blessing that we have him around. What a truly gifted musician. ~ Robert

BILOXI, MS -- This was my tenth time to see Dan and the shortest concert I have ever attended by anyone. Don't get me wrong, I will still go see him again and again, it just will not be at a casino! ~ jthomp4

BILOXI, MS -- You know how you have that little bit of electricity flowing through your veins even the morning after seeing a spectacular concert? It's buzzing out of my fingertips right now. I was privileged to attend the third stop on Mr. Fogelberg's summer '02 tour. Little ole' Biloxi, Mississippi played host to an intimate crowd of around 1500 last night at the Beau Rivage Resort/Casino Theatre. I must say, for a couple of hours we were all in heaven. It was a special night for all of us, but especially his parents-in-law, to which he dedicated the show. They were in attendance celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. After the first set he came out to serenade us with some acoustic songs. He welcomed his family and just prior to playing "Make Love Stay" he commented on their 50 years together and said "...there is hope." Hopefully he's finally found his place of warmth and love with his wife Jean. Just as I was wiping the mist from my eyes he was ready to rock with the band and perform some electric tunes. The guys in the band were fantastic, the sound was awesome, the mood was more than enthusiastic. The finale was a tribute to George Harrison. Jean came out to accompany him with background vocals and tambourine. They left the stage arm in arm and leaving us wanting more. For spanning a 30 year career, he's still got it and gives it all out. Fifteen years ago I sat on a grass lawn smiling, crying, singing along and hoping one day I'd again be blessed to feel the heavy air full of song. Last night my wish came true. This time even more. I took my 'Complete Songs Volume I' in the faint hopes of getting it signed. Someone was looking out for me, because I left a very happy woman. Now I have a very special book to pass along to my son (age 7) who also enjoys Mr. Fogelberg's music.

I feel as if there is no way to thank Dan enough for sharing his talent with us. All I know to do is continue to enjoy his art and music and to share it with our young ones so they may do the same. At the risk of sounding trite, I mentioned his music is like the threads of a tapestry woven throughout our lives. Each song, each thread, has a meaning - a memory of a time and place in our lives. Once the pattern is finished we can share its beauty with others as he has with us. ~ Jennifer Casper

BILOXI, MS -- The concert in Biloxi was a bit disappointing. Not because the music was not good but because the concert was so short! He was on stage shortly after 8pm and he was out of there by 9:30. I never thought about his time being so limited but I think this may be one of the drawbacks of seeing Dan at a casino. The casino people do not want you in there listening to Dan. They want you out there gambling! (There was no opening act and no intermission.)

He did the popular songs. He jazzed up some of them so that was fun. There was no time for the others. Not even “To The Morning” which was a big disappointment to me. I couldn’t believe it when he walked off stage. So many months of waiting and waiting and it was over in a flash. He did an encore with one song. It was a George Harrison song but it wasn’t “Here Comes the Sun.” It was new to me. Jean came on stage and sang back up on this with another one of the guys from the band. She played a tambourine too. I didn’t get to hear the traditional encore of "Gambler”....(Sigh). He squeezed as many songs as he could into that short period though. I guess I have to grateful for that but I missed hearing his comments on the music. He didn't have time to talk much. However, once again, he confirmed that "Same Old Lang Syne" really happened. (Could there possibly be anyone out there who doesn't already know this? LOL!)

Dan announced that Jean’s mom and dad were in the audience and that they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. He dedicated a song to them. I think it was “Make Love Stay.” He said they knew how to do that! They sang a song that Firefall made popular. (One of the band members was a former member of Firefall). “That’s a strange way to tell me you love me...” The drummer played the flute and they did a bang up job on a piece similar to music that he used to play with Tim W. There just wasn’t enough time. After seeing two concerts at Red Rocks, my expectations were so high! I sure do wish I could get to Red Rocks this year. Especially since he is playing with the band. It will be one awesome concert! Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed every precious minute of the concert. I just expected it to be longer with a couple of encores! It seems to me that Dan is loved in MS. Maybe a little too much. There was a lot of yelling out for songs. This gets to be annoying. But the applause was strong and energetic. The line to buy merchandise after the show was unbelievably long. We sat in the theatre for a while after the concert ended and there was still a long line when we left.

The theatre was intimate and screens were up on each side of the stage. That was the first time I’ve been to a Dan concert where that was available. That was nice since our seats were not as close to that stage as I had expected them to be. That man sure can play the guitar ... And the piano...and how he can sing... He’s still got it! I just wish he would stop talking about how old he is. (His opening remarks) What does it matter? I’m just glad he is still sharing his talent with us. That is what is important to me! ~ Beverly

ATLANTA -- Chastain Park in the outskirts of Atlanta is a wonderful, magic place. Seating 6,500 people and providing tables for wine, food and chandeliers, it was just the perfect setting for Dan´s show. Having seen him indoors for his opening show in Ft. Worth/Texas five days before, this outdoor venue was a great change - especially since we were in the nice company of ten other DanFans from around the US... people I had been in touch with for years across thousands of miles, but never got a chance to meet up till then. Two big screens left and right of the stage added some intimacy to the big arena, which was aglow with candlelight by the time Dan & Band entered the stage at 8.50 pm. The show was a little shorter than the one on opening night, with "Forefathers", "Old Tennesee" and "Believe in Me" having been dumped from the setlist, and Dan was a lot less talkative than five days earlier in Texas, but the show was another unforgettable experience. Even though I was a bit worried that the regular annual Chastain pass holders (seated right in front of the stage) would not be easily captivated by the performance, Dan and his fellow players won over each and every member of the audience that night. "Is that really a white guy up there?" came the incredulous question from a DF newcomer two seats down when Dan had just started his Blues set. Everybody was holding hands and swaying candles, almost reflecting the starlit heaven above the audience, to "There´s a Place in the World" at the end - and yes, we did get that second encore featuring Jean on vocals and tambourine as well. A truly unique and very special evening! ~ Christian

ATLANTA -- Man what an awesome experience. I saw Dan at Chastain Park in Atlanta. All I can say is WOW! I had gotten so mellow with the acoustic tour, that I had put aside what a fabulous rocker he is. And boy does he look great for a 50+ guy. What was the ultimate fun, though, was watching the entire band playing together. I really don't think it would matter if they had been in front of an audience or not, they were having a blast just playing together. Their fun, of course, made it even more fun for us to watch. Chastain Park with people eating smoked salmon and drinking champagne in an outdoor ampitheatre, under the stars with their silver candlesticks and center pieces and listening to rock 'n roll was a weird experience. Who needs drugs when you have people around? ~ Susan

ATLANTA --I live in Rochester, NY and my wife & I (and the kids) went to Atlanta to catch Dan's show at Chastain (what a great place to see any concert. If you ever get the chance, go there). We have seen him on several occasions but this concert was the best in a while. 2 1/2 hrs packed full of his best music. If you are a Fogelberg fan this is a must see concert. ~ Tom O'Brien

ATLANTA -- Dan put on a great show. I went with a couple of people that had never seen him before and they were amazed at the talent that Dan displayed. The best song of the night in my opinion was "To the Morning". It was absolutely phenomenal. His voice seemed a little tired, but that is understandable since he had performed the night before in Biloxi. I was a little disappointed that he played nothing from the upcoming "new album". Hopefully, this is a sign that he will be touring again when the new album is released was also disappointed that he did two blues numbers and neither were his songs. I would rather have heard "Road Beneath My Wheels", or "Over and Over". He seemed to concentrate on his hits from "The Innocent Age" Album. I am being picky because I like all his albums and the songs that never get played. All and all, it was a great performance and I can't wait to see him again. Thanks ~ Frank

ATLANTA -- I just wanted to rave about the show that Dan put on in Atlanta. My friend and I met up and traveled to the show. (Two Tennesseans who have been friends since the fourth grade. We now live in different cities but still remain great friends and loyal Dan fans!!!) It was a beautiful night! It was an outdoor concert and everyone brought great food and wine. As the sky grew dark, the amphitheatre was illuminated by the glow of candles on the small picnic tables. It was a very intimate atmosphere even though it was a large amphitheatre. Dan looked great and sounded great as usual. My friend and I have been Dan fans ever since Dan lived in Kingston Springs, TN. (Let's just say Dan isn't the only one who is having a thirty year anniversary.) My friend and I are celebrating Dan loyalty for the same amount of time! Dan looked as if he was enjoying "jamming" with friends. My friend and I both realized that each song holds a world of memories for both of us. Dan's music has followed us and been a background for the history in our lives. I think we each got a little misty!

It was a perfect trip topped off by me going crazy at the merchandise booth! I purchased a T-shirt, coffee mug, and an autograph CD! I felt sixteen again! Now I can have coffee every morning with DAN! I recommend that everyone goes to see his shows. I always try to go as much as possible.

Thanks for being there Dan!!!! Not only do you entertain and inspire, you have been a part of my life for so long I wouldn't know what I would do without your music! Also, it also gives old friends excuses to get together to reminisce and party a little bit!!!! ~ A and K in TENNESSEE

ATLANTA -- I would love to say the whole Atlanta concert was exciting but I would be lying. I was completely disenchanted by the lack of respect for Dan and the band by this audience. I like the idea of food and beverages from baskets like others but the continuous talking was sooooo annoying. Now, with that out of the way, Dan was terrific. He was just a bit under the weather that night but fought through it like the professional he is. The set list was one I had heard before but varied a little. I love the way he did "To The Morning" WOW, just like the record. I sure would have liked to hear something off his upcoming cd but I will just have to wait. Over all it was a pretty great night...thanks Dan. ~ Butch

ATLANTA --Being an old Fogelberg fan from way back, i.e. 48 years old, I have seen Dan in concert many times. I had the pleasure of seeing him twice this year....once on 6/1 in Atlanta at the Chastain Theater and most recently last night at the Star Theater in Merrilville, Indiana. The concert in Atlanta could not have been better! Dan's music was very enthusiastic, feeding off the large crowd and Dan and his band seemed to be very much in "tune" with the audience. He was talking to the fans, was sharing some history of the songs and seemed to be very much enjoying himself. It truly was an outstanding evening. I will always be a Fogelberg fan as I have been for 30 years however and savor every time I get the chance to attend a performance or obtain some new music. I truly believe Dan is one of the most talented, if not the most talented songwriter of our time and hope he continues on. Thanks ~ Elmer Cummings (Elizabethtown, KY)

ATLANTA -- What an honor it was to be in the company of Dan Fogelberg on the 30th anniversary of the release of his first album, "Home Free" (June 1st, 1972). That made the evening more special! Little did I know when I bought that album in 1972, that 30 years later I would be spending an enchanting evening under the stars with the very man who was filling my bedroom with the most wonderful music I had ever heard. Maybe he actually planned to be at Chastain on that particular date - I'd like to think so. The show was great! He certainly surrounded himself with some fine musicians (even though he can hold a crowd with only a voice and an instrument). His choice of songs were just fine with me. (Heck, he could sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb", and I would hang onto every word.) His guitar playing was absolutely awesome! I felt very proud of him - that he is still so strong and so passionate as an artist, that he has maintained such integrity. He is who he is - a free spirit, unencumbered by what others may perceive to be popular. He knows what he has to say, and he knows how he has to say it. And, we hear you, Dan! Thank you for speaking to us so eloquently and so passionately for so many years. God bless you - you dear man! ~ Glenda~

PORTSMOUTH, VA -- It was a breezey, warm night. I was with 2 friends who weren't all that farmiliar with Dan but were up for spending the night in Portsmouth and just having fun. I told them," this isn't just a concert it's a spiritual experience." I have seen Dan now 10 times over the years and that has always been my feeling. He opened with "Magic Every Moment", there's a miracle each day. I loved it! My friend Dennis said "when I heard the first song I knew I would love it all." Dan played mostly songs I've heard before, but he really connected with the audience. He really seemed to be having fun and we had a riot. The encores were great and for the last song of the night "If I Needed Someone" (a tribute to the late George Harrison) some people had left but for those of us still there we were all standing up and many were dancing! I was! It was so fun! I hadn't had the opportunity to see Dan for 8 yrs. (I didn't know he was touring, no computer) This night helped to make up for it. "The Reach", particularly touched my friends hearts as they go to Maine every summer and it has always been one of my favorite songs. All in all it was a most "wonderful night". I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. ~ Laura (Richmond VA)

PORTSMOUTH, VA -- The last time I saw Dan in concert was in Philly, PA in 1981, the Innocent Age concert...I was 18 and loved everything about the concert. I am now 39 and saw Dan in Portsmouth and am still in love with his music. He ROCKED in more ways then one and my husband and I really enjoyed the concert. I think he was at top performace...regardless of the huskier tones. Dan you will always be the best in my book! ~ Julie from VA

PORTSMOUTH, VA -- The Harbor Pavillion is our beautiful new venue right on the Chesapeake Bay. (Dan said that watching the sailboats from his hotel room was "like being in prison.") Where's the Minstrel when you need her? :) The evening was perfect...clear, cool skies...outdoor amphitheatre...and Dan Fogelberg. (Folks, it doesn't get much better than this!) Dan put on a masterful two-hour show! He blended the old with the new (borrowed and blues, too!) The highlight by far was his flawless performance of "To The Morning". Dan said it was his "gift to the fans for 30 years of support!" His vocals on this song were amazing...clear, soaring. He's still got it! Another favorite was "Same Old Lang Syne". Dan's bluesy variation was astounding...the crowd LOVED it! They jumped to their feet afterwards (the first of several times...the others being "To The Morning" and "Leader of the Band.") Dan's vocals are huskier than when I last heard him live in 1988. Years of cigarettes, he admits, have taken their toll. Some of the higher register was strained in places, but we fans don't care. We love him unconditionally! In fact, I think the blues and Dan are perfect for each other. His vocal quality is sexy, growling, and gravelly. I loved hearing the raw, gutsy emotion. The boy can SANG!! ~ Lesley Hamer (Williamsburg, Virginia/DanFan since 1977)

WESTBURY -- It was quite a lively show and as always he was in great voice. The only bad part about the show was the length. But then he could play for twelve hours straight and that wouldn't seem like enough. I was annoyed with the people behind me because they were talking the whole time. I finally shushed them but not before one of the men said to another "gee, this is gonna be some wild rock concert. You think he knows any Joe Walsh." So obvious these men were not fans and knew nothing about Dan or his musical range.

Needless to say, the sarcastic shushees were on their feet after Dan played "Rocky Mountain Way"!!! Also, every time he plays "Same Old Lang Syne", he adjusts it and fine tunes it and adds more and more depth to that song. He should re-release a live version of that one....Anyway it was a magical night and it was good to see him having such a good time after thirty years of touring!!! ~ CLE

WESTBURY -- It was so great seeing Dan again in New York. His voice was smooth, and the music wonderful. The band was spectacular, and the mix showed Dan's versatility - I loved the blues! I hope not to have to wait another two years to see him back here again, and I would love even more to see him in a larger venue! ~ Debbie (Long Island)

WESTBURY -- Enjoyed seeing Dan in a more intimate setting. His band was great and his voice was as beautiful as ever. We enjoyed hearing some great vintage music as well as some Firefall songs. Can't wait to see him again. Thanks for coming back to the east coast again Dan. We love you. ~ Jackie (Montgomery, NY)

WESTBURY -- Dan's Westbury, NY, show surprised even his most commited fans. Is there no end to this man's talent? Vastly differing from his last Westbury appearance during which he played solo and acoustic, he brought along a four piece band consisting of the most experienced and talented musicians. After a short solo of his most familiar works, Dan showcased the musicians in his band. Taking on the guitar part formerly played by Joe Walsh, Dan amazed his fans with his guitar work on "Rocky Mountain Way," paying homage to composer and drummer Joe Vitale. He dueted with Mark Andes on an old Firefall tune, and wowed the audience when he and "the lads" broke into the blues. We couldn't get enough! His voice sounded terrific and, as always, we enjoyed his laconic wit as he bantered with the brazen NY audience (Michael was musical director for Donna Summer--"Oh, maybe this is not the same crowd!") New and old stuff sounded flawless, as usual. A wonderful show and his NY fans ate it up. ~ Elmann

ATLANTIC CITY -- My sister and I went to see Dan in Atlantic City on June 8. I thought Dan was fantastic. It has been many years since we saw him live and we really enjoyed it. We were the very vocal ones in the front. I tried to compose myself because the rest of the audience was rather mellow. But, there were times I just couldn't resist cheering and dancing. I had only one disappointment and that was at the end of the show when Dan chose to play some other artist's songs. But over all the concert was excellent. I was so glad to hear him play "The Reach" and "Empty Cages", two of my favorite songs. Now I'm looking forward to the next time he comes around. Thanks, Dan, for a wonderful show! Love you ~ Roseann Schulze (Middletown, NJ)

ATLANTIC CITY --My husband and I saw the Atlantic City show. Oh how I love the music that Dan Fogelberg makes! It was very exciting (for me) to see him with a band after so many years. I thought that the venue was...well, the word "hypocritical" comes to mind, among others. I recall too well the lyrics to "All There Is," and I found it unbelievable that I was hearing Dan at the TRUMP Taj Mahal. With all the great places to play in New Jersey (including Waterloo, where he has performed before) I thought the Taj was an awful choice. Unfortunately, it was the closest to where I live. We even splurged on a room for the night, so as not to detract from the enjoyment of the concert. I loved his first set, and I'm grateful that he is more than willing to play the old favorites that we have all come to hear. He was, as always, masterful and poetic on his solo acoustic pieces. But I personally didn't care for the up-tempo ("rockin") selections. I think Dan has written a number of great rock songs, and I just wish he had performed them! And I hated the covers. During one number it seemed that Dan was reading the chords off a sheet taped to the floor. Why on earth would I want to hear a George Harrison cover when I could hear more of Dan's own incredible work! But he is still the best, and I will line up to see him again on the next tour. ~ J Murtha

ATLANTIC CITY -- My wife and I attended the June 8, 2002 show at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ. I believe Dan Fogelberg deserved a better venue. I enjoyed the intimate atmosphere of a smaller theatre but it was packed too tightly and you could hear beer bottles being tossed into a trash can at a bar set up on the side of the theatre. It showed little respect for a great artist. Dan Fogelberg sounded fabulous and really seemed to enjoy himself on stage. His group, all talented artists in their own right, were excellent. It was nice seeing Joe Vitale whose music I've enjoyed from his Joe Walsh days - "The Smoker You Drink the Player You Get". My only disappointment was the third set when most of the songs were not Fogelberg compositions. I would have much more enjoyed hearing the man's songs whom I came to see rather than Muddy Waters, Joe Walsh or George Harrison's songs - regardless of the talented musicians performing them. Dan Fogelberg gave each tune his twist but still . . .All in all, I have to say that the concert was satisfying and quite enjoyable. I am a bit disturbed, however, that it's Dan's 30th Anniversary tour! Boy, am I old!!! ~ Bill Rodgers (Holland, PA)

WALLINGFORD, CT -- I just saw Dan on Sunday night at the Oakdale in Wallingford. This was the 4th time I've seen him and he was fantastic! I never tire of his talent, music, voice, and the way he is so personable with his fans. He just seems like a great guy to hang out with for an evening of drinks and laughs! His band was wonderful as well...great musicianship and harmonies. What was so great about this tour is that he did the good old favorites, went back to some of his greats (which are some of my favorites!) from his early days, and did some serious jammin' with the band on some rock and blues tunes. It was awesome! Dan is one of the most talented writers, singers, and performers out there. I truly enjoyed the show. I've been listening to my Dan CD's ever since the show. ~ Diane K (Ellington, CT)

WALLINGFORD, CT -- The commute from Maine was so worth it! I knew I couldn't miss Dan this time around and am so glad I didn't. This truly was the best I've ever seen him (even though I've loved each concert before this). The band couldn't have been better. What a combo of talent up on that stage! The compilation of styles and songs were superb. I only have one request . . . Dan, when are you coming back to Maine?? It's been way too long! The Reach is calling . . . ~ Cindy F.

WALLINGFORD, CT -- Seeing Dan Fogelberg in concert was a very special treat for me and my wife. We travelled over from Leeds in Yorkshire, England specially for the show. As a fan since 1972, this was a life's ambition fulfilled! I had never seen him live in concert before and never thought that I would. I'm amazed that there are fans who have seen him live 20 times. It goes without saying, we were not disappointed! A superb concert, I only wish I could have bottled the whole evening so that I could open it up to enjoy every week. I thought the balance between the various musical styles was spot on. Songs I particularly enjoyed were "Magic Every Moment", "Changing Horses" (with its long intro), "To the Morning" and "The Reach", one of my all-time favourites. Of course, I loved all the other songs as well. For me, Dan is the most talented singer songwriter anywhere and his music has been an important part of my life. I am so glad to have finally seen him, but I have a funny feeling it won't be the last time. ~ Graham and Berni Smith

WALLINGFORD, CT -- The road trip to Oakdale theatre in Wallingford was well worth it. The venue was real nice and of course DF and the band were the greatest. This was the 16th time I've seen Dan and it was a great perfomance by Dan and the band.Dan played the classics and I really enjoyed the cover songs specially Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" some really good guitar playing by Dan. It was a really good crowd and very respectful with no rude hecklers.My favorite song of the show was "To the Morning" I thought the band did a great job. Dan came on for 2 encores, his wife joined Dan on stage for the last song of the evening,"If I Needed someone" by George Harrison.All in all it was fun and I enjoyed every minute of the performance.Thanks DF and the Band. Peace ~ William

WALLINGFORD, CT --What an incredibly great show! What huge talent on the stage! The band was fantastic and Dan not only was excellent as usual, but I love the songs they picked for this tour. The acoustic, the band, the blues, the tribute to George Harrison at the end was awesome. I just wish the audience wasn't so laid back. I mean, what, were they 30/40-something or post mortem? Especially when they played Rocky Mountain Way which Joe Vitale co-wrote with Joe Walsh, I was amazed that everyone was not on their feet. Have they forgotten how to rock the way we did in the 70's?! This is the 30th anniversary tour, people, and the band was rocking up there on the stage! There were some truly awesome fans in the theater that rocked along, but for the most part the audience was not even moving in their seats. I'm wondering if the fans in Colorado or Illinois will be more alive. Guess we'll have to check that one out! Come on Oakdale people, get off your butts and rock on! . . . you are getting a bad rep! ~ Donna

WALLINGFORD, CT --Saw Dan in Wallingford Ct with my husband. Both of us have been Dan Fans for many years. I am a transplanted Illinois native; having lived in California and Connecticut since I left Illinois in 1982. Loved Dan's acoustic concerts but have been looking forward to seeing him with a band once again -- hoping to hear some songs he hasn't really done acoustically. Was not disappointed! He opened with the one song I had been wishing to hear, "Magic Every Moment" and it was a snowball from there on. What a musician, what an artist! 30 years worth of memories and feelings brought alive again by the musicians on stage. THANK YOU, Dan, and for those of you who have never seen him live, please make the effort! As always, "Gambler" for the first encore had everyone singing along and swaying to the music. It was the kind of evening I had hoped for and more! ~ Michele L.

WALLINGFORD, CT -- My friend & I saw Dan for about the 20th time at Wallingford, CT's Oakdale Theater. He was phenominal. Best I've ever seen. 30 years and still going strong. Thank you Dan for all of your wonderful songs. WE LOVE YOU DAN!!!! ~ Sue L. (Southwick, MA)

WALLINGFORD, CT -- How great to see my musical friend of 23 years again with a happy heart. What a treat to see such joyful soul put into his music. This was the first Dan concert in a long time that he seemed to really be enjoying himself. The band was amazing....though the chemistry was slow to start, it evolved as the evening progressed. He opened with Magic Every Moment.....and that defined the evening.... least for me. "There's a miracle each day......." Twenty three years and many a concert later.....the magic lives!! Thanks Dan and may you and you new wife live happily ever after! Hope you enjoyed the Berkshires. Peace ~ Katie R (Trumbull, CT)

VERONA, NY -- Dan sounded great. The band was terrific, but the show was short!! It was 95 minutes or so, and Ii suspect that was because the house asked Dan to keep the show short. This was my 4th Concert by Dan over the last 20 years. It was the shortest of the 4 by far. Since I saw Orleans at the same venue a few months back, and they only played 90 minutes (2 hours plus is their norm), I am assuming the casino requires short shows.

VERONA, NY -- Twenty-one years has passed since The Innocent Age tour which I attended in Tennessee. For me the anticipation was more than I could bear. The chance to see Dan for the first time in two decades. The place was the intimate setting of the 800 person capacity Turning Stone Casino, in upstate New York. Accompanied by my 15 year old son (who in my opinion is the only 15 year old who knows every word on every one of Dan's albums!!), we set out on our trek north to the small town of Verona, New York where Dan was set to go on stage at 8pm. We (of course) were the first ones to arrive in the "Showroom" where the concert was going to take place. Since I purchased tickets two and a half months prior to the concert, we had undoubtedly the BEST seats in the building right in the front next to the stage. Nothing but smiles and applause greeted Dan and his band as he walked calmly on the stage, remaining with his back to the audience literally till the first note was played. He began with "Magic Every Moment". This song, as with many he played was taken from his list of "top-shelf" name-brand music that he was known for. The song was loud, his voice was awesome, and his playing was brilliant. Following that song, he greeting the fans by saying how happy he was to be back to upstate New York. Without a moment's notice he darted to the piano and seemingly before he even sat down he began "Hearts Hotel". Again, the song was done with excellence! His voice during the entire concert was MUCH better than the 50-year-old voice that I was anticipating. He was able to his many of the higher notes (with a little help from his long-time band member and friend Robert McEntee, and bass player Mark Andes).

One very obvious negative feeling I and many others took away from this concert was two things: First, Dan appeared on many occasions disenchanted with his sound people for allowing MANY untimely loud reverb squeaks. His facial expressions confirmed his displeasure and on two occasions motioned to them to come over and I assume to fix the reverb problem! In addition, prior to the song "The Reach", he yelled over to the sound people: "TURN THIS DOWN!", which meant that the beautiful "Guild" guitar he was playing was too loud for his liking. Secondly, with his battery of songs to choose from, he really sold the audience short and didn't play NEARLY enough of his vintage music. I counted 7 albums that I didn't hear one song from! In addition, he allow his bass player Andes to play a tune from his old band "Firefall" which was good, but not what the audience wanted to hear. He only played two guitar solos: "Leader of the Band", and "Make Love Stay", which in my opinion was the highlight of the concert. His voice during these two songs was slow, methodical, and rich! However, he (like most of the concert), had NO dialog with the audience as to the upcoming song/songs. I felt that he could have spent more time warming up to the audience. Probably the most noticeable thing that I saw was that he NEVER SMILED! He almost appeared "pissed" about something the entire time. He never let it affect his singing, but it was very evident. Lastly, his encore which was greatly anticipated turned out to be a George Harrison tune and I feel that everybody wanted to hear ONE OF HIS SONGS! "A Place In The World For A Gambler" was everybody's hope, but it didn't happen. I hope to see him again, and all-in-all it was a an unforgettable evening. Enjoy - Ever-On ~ Tom Yelverton (Upstate NY)

VERONA, NY -- I don't know what it is but seeing concerts at CASINOS are not the same as Theatres or Amphitheatres. Dan had a great band and sounded great, but in terms of song selection and total concert time,especially for $60.00, I couldn't help but feel like HE came up short. The concert was less then 90 minutes and 3 out of the 14 songs were not originals. I DIDN'T PAY TO HEAR OTHER PEOPLE'S SONGS, especially having Mark Andes sing "Strange Way" by his old band Firefall....."Empty Cages" and "The Reach" were excellent as was "Magic Every Moment". Nothing from Nether Lands, no "Same Old Lange Syne", but Firefall????? COME ON DAN!!

Maybe it was the CASINO who probably want you to spend money in their slot machines, but I expect more from someone that I have been a die hard fan who spent hard earned money to see this show. NEVER WILL I GO TO SEE HIM AGAIN IN A CASINO. I have seen him before and he was excellent, and with such a great band that he had,and could do so much with..WHAT HAPPENED?! The general opinion from people who were walking out was the same. Hey Dan, believe it or not, there are other people in the audience that have supported you for years and don't care about rushing to the slot machines and only came to see you so remember that next time. ~ Chris and Shawn

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Great show. They got the audience going with the opening tune "Magic Every Moment". Dan and the band were excellent. Good variety of songs and music throughout, to show the audience how talented he and the band are. I was hoping to have heard some older "lost songs", but must perform the most popular. I had an excellent seat 2nd row centre. Couldn't have asked for a better view. Before the show, chatted with some people who had travelled many hours away just to see him. They were long time fans and didn't want to miss the opportunity. So, much to Dan's disbelief, there were many long time fans who attended. Unfortunately, I was near the group who got to go and meet Dan. They didn't know who he was but because they played at the Casino often, were given the opportunity. Myself and a few others standing near the group would have liked to have met Dan. Glad he performed in Canada. After the show, walking out with the crowd, could hear very positive comments about the performance. Attended his next show at Meadowbrook with another group of friends from Toronto and noticed how much more conservative an audience we were as Canadians compared to the Americans. I think it showed in how much more fun Dan and the band had at the Meadowbrook venue. Hope Dan returns to Canada next year and has more time to enjoy the city of Toronto and possibly get out for a sail on Lake Ontario. ~ Norma G. (Toronto, Canada)

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Just got back from Dan's concert at Casino Rama in Canada and I just expected some of his fine ballad type singing. I was amazed at how diversified he was in his range of musician and his ability with guitars, pianos etc. It was a truly delightful evening and he did remark about hearing the great Canadian loon. After all these years what a truly beautiful talented musician still. All I can say is rock on! ~ Barry and Dianne Michals (Barrie, Ontario,Canada)

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Last night my brother and I finally got to see Dan Fogelberg live after 30 years of listening to his great music. He and his band put on a marvelous show lasting almost 2 hours at Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario. The set list was similar to those reviewed from previous concerts on this tour. I do wish that he had sung "Longer", however there was no second encore, largely, I believe, owing to the fact that the venue was a casino, and too many people left to get back to the slot machines, which was a shame. It did not detract, however, from the quality of the show. Dan's voice was in great form, and the sound technician's did a great job mixing. 2 large video screens, one on either side of the stage, helped to show Dan close-up when he was seated at the piano, as well as zooming in to his fine guitarmanship when that was being featured. The band was very tight and very into the music with Dan. My favourite part was the acoustic set which really showed off Dan's fantastic guitar skills and his voice. I'm amazed that he can make the songs sound brand new, even when they're 25 years old. I'm equally amazed that he can put that much feeling into a show, and then turn around and do it all over again one or two nights later. The best song (at least last night) was "Same Old Lang Syne" which Dan sang and played solo on the piano. Just blew me away. I must admit, as Dan sang "Leader Of The Band", my thoughts ran to my own father who passed away 9 years ago, and brought a lump to my throat. Anyone who thinks music (especially Dan's music) can't move you, must not be breathing!! Dan encored with "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler" and the audience loved it, albeit it was a somewhat reserved audience the entire show. Once again, too many casino goers and not enough concert goers. I hope to see Dan at another type of venue in the future, but if he comes back to Rama again, I'll be there. Dan, thanks for 30 years of great music, and thanks for putting on a great show. And please don't wait another 30 years to come and perform again in Canada !! ~ B. Flemington (Barrie, Ontario,Canada)

DETROIT-- I've seen a lot of shows in my 48 years, but few have demonstrated such musicianship! Wow, what a performance! Thoroughly enjoyable! Thanks Dan, for 30 years of GREAT music! You're not getting older, you're getting BETTER! ~ Gary Ziegler

DETROIT-- Another great show. I'm glad I went to to this show after Rama Casino. It was made even more special when Dan performed "To the Morning". It is one of my favourites. A very positive song to the start of a day. Again, the band put on an excellent performance showing off their individual talent. It was the second time I had been to Meadowbrook and love the outdoor theatre. A very lively audience and it showed in how much fun Dan and the band had that evening. They came back for a second encore and it seemed like they didn't want to leave. Hope he decides to go out on the road next again year.~ Norma G. (Toronto, Canada)

DETROIT-- The Meadowbrook show was excellent. The return of the band added to the experience. Dan did it right allowing the band to be involved in songs each band member had written or been involved with in another band. It gave the performance a uniqueness rarely found in any concert experience. I was one of the people who originally suggested he should do a solo acoustic tour. Each show has its place and while I believe Dan is at his best and the music is its most pure in a solo environment, this concert showed even the people who are not aware of his music what true musicianship and talent this man and the band he had at this show have. I attended with 3 other people who were less than enthusiastic going in, but believers going out. The set list was very good even though there were 3-4 songs that Dan has overdone in concert. I thought "Leader of the Band" stood out. The best part of the show however was the instrumental song which followed "Strange Way". I would like to know where that piece of music can be found in a recorded form because it was truly fantastic. Thanks ~ Glenn

DETROIT-- Been a fan for many years, got the chance to see him last night . What a night. A true classical performance! The voice, writing, and his love for his father is so obvious. It was the night before Father's Day. Today, I went out and bought his first four albums. ~ Crush5150

DETROIT-- I was pleased to finally see him with a band again. However, I wish Dan would perform more of the "other " songs in his vast collection. Although I am a die-hard fan of all of his music, I think it is time he put rest some of the old standards. There are so many songs he does not perform that I think he should. Having said that, i was thrilled at his performance. As usual, Dan gave 110% to his performance, and his band was excellent in backing Dan up on all of his songs,with an added treat from Joe Vitale (drummer) playing flute, and performing one on of "his" tunes. T-shirt price could be a little cheaper though. $30.00 for a concert "T's" are a little outrageous,especially when the shirt is made in Mexico. I would not feel so bad about the cost if the shirt was made in the U.S.A. Hope Dan can schedule a performance in Toledo Ohio in the near future! ~ Jim Marshall

CLEVELAND -- Went to the Fogelberg show in Cleveland - it was my first - but won't be my last! Drove in from Pittsburgh and would easily do it again ( hoping there were will be a tour next year). I was only dissappointed that he didn't play "Missing You" as it is my favorite song and the one that started it all for me. Now I am a totally devoted fan who tries to convert anyone who will listen. The weather and the band was fabulous - a totally fulfilling experience! Thanks to my husband for suggesting it and taking me and to Dan for all the great music!!~ VIcki K

CLEVELAND -- Awesome, simply awesome, the encores were absolutely wonderful. Thanks to my daughter for taking me, and Dan for touching so many hearts. ~ Kathy

CLEVELAND -- Went to Fogelberg concert in Cleveland. Loved the blues stuff. Great guitar work. Really enjoyed the entire concert. My wife and I have seen Dan several times over the years. Took my 17 year old daughter for her birthday. One of the highlights of the show was when Dan sang "Leader of the Band" and did it as a special tribute to his dad on Father's Day and then he said you were lucky if you had a good father like he did. When he said this, my daughter reached over and squeezed my hand. Thanks for a great evening Dan! ~ Michael B

It was a gorgeous night along the Cuyahoga River. A perfect time to sit back and enjoy with an old friend. 30 Awesome Years!!! Dan and the band were fantastic. He played some of his old stuff, band members old stuff, blues, acoustic - you name it.

Here is the play list:

Magic Every Moment
Heart Hotels
Hard To Say
Changing Horses (nice lead in play to this one)
Run for the Roses
Morning Sky (always a fun tune)
The Reach

Make Love Stay
Leader of the Band (dedicated to fathers)
Same Old Lang Syne

Rocky Mountain Way
Strange Way (old Firefall tune)
The Walking Blues
Blow Wind Blow
Empty Cages (awesome!)
Part of the Plan
1st encore - Gambler
2nd encore - If I Needed Someone (dedicated to G. Harrison)

They played a good 2 hours. I drove in from Rochester, New York and the ride home wasn't bad at all. I was quite high (on life!) and energized afterward. My dream is to see them at Red Rocks some day! I cross my fingers they will be touring again next year. Dan, you put together a great show! Don't ever stop!!~ Laurie (Rochester)

CLEVELAND -- I was at the Father's Day concert in Cleveland. Dan was excellent and I missed seeing him. When I lived in New Jersey I used to see him every year. I thought the crowd was older until I realized I was older too! Excellent opening act too. ~ Eileen Hug

PEORIA -- Peoria's Son, Dan Fogelberg, came home to a sold out crowd and a standing ovation, the first of many that night, as soon as he took the stage.

Starting off with a roof raising "Magic Every Moment" he pleased the audience over and over with song after song, alternating between center stage playing the guitar and sitting behind the piano, showing that he is a Master at both instruments.

After playing for 45 minutes, Dan and his band took a quick break, promising that the good time would continue shortly. A couple of moments later, Dan returned to his signature wooden chair and cup of tea, all set to give us an acoustic set. Before starting, he sat and told us how great it was to be home again. Then he smiled to the crowd and said, "I'm from here. This is the only place I can say that and it means something." Then he spoke of spending the day with his Mother, Margaret, who was in attendance. He then recalled some memories of when he attended High School in the area. After telling his story of an evening on the banks of the Illinois River, he said, "You know, I don't think my Mother ever knew about that stunt I pulled, and now that she does I'll probably be grounded for a week." After getting a laugh from the audience he then started playing a medley of songs including the one he wrote about his father, Lawrence Fogelberg, "Leader Of The Band", where he received another standing ovation.

When he completed his acoustic session, he took another quick break, saying that he and the boys would return and then it was time for some Rock `n' Roll. He took the time to introduce each of his band members, telling who they were, how they had met, and what other bands or musicians they had played with. He started with Mark Andes, who played with Canned Heat, Heart, and Firefall, and then had him play and sing a song from when he was with Firefall. Robert McEntee came next with Dan telling the story of Robert playing in a band back in Colorado and Dan taking Joni Mitchell to hear them. He told of how he had plans to hire Robert and going back the next day, he found that Joni had beat him to it and hired him first. McEntee played a blues song, showing his prowlness on the guitar. Dan then introduced Michael Hanna, who was on keyboards, and mentioned that he had done a lot of work with Donna Summer. Dan also brought to light that Hanna had worked with him on many of his albums, including extensive work on "The Innocent Age" album. He then introduced Joe Vitale and spoke of the many artists, The Eagles, Ted Nugent, Peter Frampton, and many others, that Vitale had played with. They then played a song, letting both Hanna and Vitale share the spotlight, with Vitale playing an outstanding flute solo. Then then went into a couple of Blues songs, one by Robert Johnson and the other by Muddy Waters, with Dan showing his love for the Blues and his talent at playing the Blues. Dan sang and performed songs from every era of his 30 year career, starting with "To The Morning" from his first release, Home Free, to a bluesy entrance to "Changing Horses" from the Souvenirs release in 1974.

Closing his show with the song that got him started, "Part Of The Plan", he received yet another standing ovation as he waved to the crowd and said Goodnight. The audience remained standing, clapping and stomping, wanting more from their Local Son, to which he complied. Grabbing his guitar, he told the audience that they get to help with this one and proceeded to play "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler". When it came time to sing the chorus, Dan told everyone the words and had them sing along. When he got to the last chorus he told everyone, "You're on your own, let me hear you sing" and we did. He smiled to the audience and said, "I'm liking this, but you need to sing louder" and we all did. He had us sing the last chorus 4 times before stepping back up to the microphone and finishing the song. After he did, he told the crowd Goodnight again and exited the stage once more. Still not satisfied, the audience beckoned him back one more time, where he said it would be the last. He paid tribute to the late George Harrison, saying what we all feel in how greatly he will be missed. Dan gave the Hometown crowd a 2-1/2 hour show that no one will ever forget anytime soon or came away complaining. Myself, if he would have played all night, I would have been thrilled and would have enjoyed every moment. Thank you, Dan, for 30 years of wonderful music that has touched so many in so many ways, myself included. Your words and music helped me through some trying times, one song especially, "Don't Lose Heart". Hopefully there will be many more years of your music to come.Dan, his music, and his God given talent are like fine wine - it gets better with time and age, and Dan, you look and sound GREAT at 50. LET IT SHINE...OH, LET IT SHINE!!!! ~ Patty Reiter (Peoria, IL - Proud Dan Fogelberg fan from the beginning)

PEORIA -- Oh my goodness, what a night! Fourth row seats.....(two rows in front of Dan's mom).....I have been to Heaven! I only had to drive a couple of hours to see Dan in his hometown. Of course my friend and I got lost and made it to our seats while he was singing "Magic Every Moment". I apologize to those people that I stepped on. Dan was so relaxed and seemed genuinely happy to be "home". Of course the music was fabulous, bringing back memories of other concerts, taking me back to the times in my life when those songs were released. The set list was nearly identical to the other concerts. We all were hoping that he would sing "Illinois" since that is where we were but, alas, it was not meant to be. We were entertained for 2 hours and 20 minutes! There were two standing ovations during the concert, besides the ones at the end.....first one was after he played "To the Morning" and the second one was after he sang "Leader of the Band". Remember, this was his home crowd...many in the audience had probably been taught by Mr. Fogelberg in HS. It was very moving, to say the least.

Dan told a story about something he did when he was in high school. Something about he and some friends meeting at the river one night (the Illinois River) and drinking some beers (Pabst Blue Ribbon). Anyway, he got silly (his words) and decided to swim across the river. Of course, he hadn't thought about needing to swim back across (must have been those beers!). When he got back to the side he started on, his friends were gone and the cops were waiting for him. He smiled and then said, "I never told my mom that story. I'm probably going to be grounded for a week!" The time listening to him sing and share his music is never long enough...... But I was grateful for the experience and the music. Dan's songs always bring a sense of joy and peace to my life. The concert was incredible! Thank you Dan!! ~pj

PEORIA -- Well, Dan did it again, and real special this night. I flew in from Miami and was honored to be in the presence of Dan, his friends, new wife and even his mother at this wonderful, hometown concert. The music was terrific (as usual) with some new blues tunes and I believe, more of a variation because of the instruments of the band. I wanted to get up, move and dance, but the crowd was abit "quiet" so I contained myself until Part of the Plan. I am very happy to have explored Dan's hometown, the river and felt the positive energy at the show. Thanks Dan, stay well & happy. ~ Debbie

PEORIA -- My son and I attended the concert together, and I have to say, each concert is much different than the next, I haven't seen Dan since 1997 in Springfield, Illinois, so it was an emotional experience for me, it was great to see him perform again. I always admired the way Dan does not turn around until he is introduced! He and his Band were full of energy, and they all looked great. Dan's voice was as strong and beautiful as ever. My son, Ryan was impressed with Dan playing the Blues, of course, some bug flew in my eye about that time, and I had to run the the restroom to get the bug out, I missed part of the Blues section! There are still songs I wish Dan and his Band had played, but I enjoyed the setlist that he did play. And it seems that Dan does not age, he looks the same as he did in 1997, in fact, he looks better. One particular band member kept capturing my eye, it was Michael Hanna, the way he moved on stage kept me watching, he moved very flowingly, if that makes sense. Anyway, the concert was wonderful. I would like to add the songs I think Dan should add to his setlist in future concerts, "Ghosts", it builds and has alot of power, "Tullamore Dew", a haunting song that leaves you wanting more, "Lazy Susan", young early Dan, fresh and innocent, "Wysteria", that song moves my soul to depths that are unbelievable, and, "Since You've Asked". I would truly love to hear these songs in his future concerts! ~ Susan K.

SOUTH BEND, IN -- Having seen Dan the past two summers with his solo acoustic tour, I wasn't sure that I would enjoy his show with his band as much as I enjoyed just him. The doubts that I had about enjoying Dan with a band were put to rest with the fantastic show that he put on in South Bend.I liked the way that Dan broke down the show into three sets, starting with the band on "Magic Every Moment", "Heart Hotels", "Hard to Say", "Changing Horses" (great introduction), "Run for the Roses", "Morning Sky" and "The Reach". While I have read that not every show featured "To the Morning", he did play it in South Bend and it was superb. It was just Dan for "Make Love Stay", "Leader of the Band" and "Same Old Lang Syne". Back with the band for "Strange Way" featuring Mark Andes, an instrumental piece featuring Joe Vitale on flute, "Walking Blues" featuring Robert McEntee, "Blow Wind Blow", "Empty Cages" and "Part of the Plan". When they came back for the encore, Dan and the band treated us to an impromptu minute or so of The Beatles song "Day Tripper". The evening ended perfectly with "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" with the audience singing on the chorus. Dan seemed relaxed, talked with the audience, and he and the band seemed to be having a great time. The audience was very appreciate of his music and he received a standing ovation after "Part of the Plan" and "Gambler". While several of the songs that Dan does in concert aren't my favorite songs of his, he sings them so well that while he's playing them I'm not disappointed that he is performing them. He's a great entertainer, and I'll listen to whatever he chooses to play. The major disappointment of the show was that it had to end!! I knew that I would be seeing him again in Merrillville, IN, so I had something to look forward to!! ~ Brenda

SOUTH BEND, IN -- This was my first Dan Fogelberg concert. I have always been a huge fan, but have never been able to attend a concert before. It was an incredible experience. What a talented musician he is! I always knew that, but his sound was so much better than any recording. The band he was traveling with was top notch. It was an outstanding evening! ~ Julie (Lincoln, NE)

SOUTH BEND, IN -- Wow, what an awesome night. We went to Dan's concert in Kansas City Missouri at the Starlight (outdoor) theatre last night (June 25). It was a beautiful summer night and Dan was in perfect form! He braved the heat and humidity and his band was incredible (as usual). I loved every bit of it, the old stuff, the new stuff, when he played alone... it was all great! My boyfriend and I went to his indoor concert here in 1991 and enjoyed it from far up in the balcony, this time we were in row 3 and it was great! His music has always been something we have shared and held close to our hearts and this concert rekindled our passion for his music once again! ~ Teri

SOUTH BEND, IN -- What a blast! This was my first experience in 30 years of Dan fandom seeing the man perform “live” with a band. I smiled from the time I entered Morris Performing Arts Center until I left (the grin always slips a little when it’s over). Dan’s quite a different performer when he’s with a group and I mean that in the most positive way. I’m sure his familiarity with the band contributed. I recognized Robert McEntee and thought Mark Andes looked awfully familiar (didn’t make the connection to Firefall and Heart until Dan pointed it out). I’d never seen Mike Hanna before, but I’d swear he was really a Winters’ brother. I expected him to break out into “Frankenstein” at both shows.

Morris PAC is majestic in appearance with its huge proscenium arch, frescoes, gilding and statuary, but retains a very intimate flavor for the performer. From “Magic Every Moment” to the encore of “There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler,” Dan really seemed to enjoy himself. I enjoyed his voice and felt it was much stronger than during last year’s acoustic tour. At one point Dan complimented the band’s musical talents, which led to his performance that night of “To the Morning.” Dan was marvelous. He may not have the range he did in 1972, but Dan has adapted and I felt that song was a true test for the night (it made me cry). I have no complaints about any songs performed. There was a good mix of hits and what must be some of Dan’s favorites. Another important element was the audience. I met a number of those present and would guess the majority was within 10 years of my age either way. The audience was having a good time and Dan fed off that. Good performers always do. There was a balcony heckler, but that's fairly common with Dan. He heckles back. He commented on the great acoustics. His sound and tech crew were really on it that night.

I don’t think I could have picked a better venue to see Dan live with a band for the first time unless it could have been someplace a little closer to home. Three hours isn’t the longest drive I’ve made to enjoy his performances. Obviously since three nights later I would drive three and a half hours for the Merrillville show (that’s a different review and story). I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the opening act, Cindy Bullins. She had a good fan base that had traveled down from Michigan for the show. Her enthusiastic performance primed the audience for Dan. I wasn’t acquainted with her music, but enjoyed her song writing. I’d also like to thank LL for the opportunity to act as a site ambassador in South Bend. I always relish meeting new people, but teaming that with talking up the website made the evening extra special. Oh…and Dan too. Perpetually Dan! ~ Jennifer

SOUTH BEND, IN -- I'm a "first time" concert goer to Dan's concerts. We went to the Morris Center in South Bend -- recently remodeled, old fashioned beautifully appointed concert hall. I sat exactly in the center, row 11 -- what a treat. I'd been a fan of his music but just never attended a concert. Thoroughly enjoyed it and glad too -- because we have tickets again for this Saturday in Merrillville. Talent, enthusiasm, put alot into his performance. What a treat. ~ Mary

SOUTH BEND, IN -- I thoroughly enjoyed the performance last night in South Bend, IN. I want to apologize for the SOB who was yelling disrespectful comments during the acoustic solo. I don't know who he was, but I hope Dan knows how much rest of the audience enjoyed the show. His band was awesome! I haven't seen him since 1988 when he did a one man show in Indianapolis at the fairgrounds. The biggest treat last night was "To the Morning". I literally had goose bumps! Other favorite tunes are "Since You've Asked", "Souvenirs", "Nether Lands", and many others. But then I could have listened to Fogelberg music all night long. Oh well, maybe another tour. Dan, thank you for being such a quality entertainer. ~ Lori Strausborger (Elkhart, IN)

-- A great renovated theater with wonderful atmosphere and excellent acoustics. Dan and the band were in fine form - the sound was the best I've heard in several years and it was a real treat to enjoy Dan with the band and jamming on the strat! He didn't chit chat much but seemed to be enjoying the tour. (Even the opening act wasn't too bad!)

Set list:

Magic Every Moment
Heart Hotels
Hard to Say
Changing Horses
To The Morning
Run for the Roses
Morning Sky
The Reach
Make Love Stay
Leader of the Band
Same Old Lang Syne
Strange Way (a Firefall tune)
Flute number by Vitale
Walkin' Blues
Blow Wind Blow
Empty Cages
Part of the Plan
Encore: Gambler

After Dan and the band came back out for the encore, he was cutting up a little. He walked up to the mike and asked the audience what we wanted to sing to him, and waited on a response. Incredibly enough, the folks who had shouted intermittently throughout the show had nothing to say at that point, so Dan piped up with, "maybe some Beatles?" and broke into the intro riff from "Day Tripper". It was great! They just sorta went off on a little tear and had a good time! We had the "Gambler" sing-along finale. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening! I know I did! ~ Sandi

ST. LOUIS -- As a long time fan and one who never misses a concert by Dan in St. Louis, I must say I was mildly disappointed in this show. It was nice to hear all the old songs, and I always enjoy his acoustic sets. The addition of the blues numbers were excellant and shows his versatility. The Pageant is a great venue and seating was great. I also feel, like others, that alot of the concert was "phoned in". Dan seemed very remote, and seemed like he couldn't wait to leave. Something was missing. ~ Mary H

ST. LOUIS -- I have been a Dan Fogelberg fan since the late 70's but this was the first time seeing him perform live and I thought he was great. I have read some of the feedback and I was glad to see that I was not the only one who thought his heart was not quite there that night. As I was driving home that night I was thinking that he was still worried about the wild fires in his home state of Colorado. Even if that was it he still put on a great show! Thank you Dan! ~ Chris O'Brien

ST. LOUIS -- I was very excited when I found out Dan would be coming back. Have seen him every time he comes to St Louis as he is a wonderful performer and artist. He was good but not like other times. He sounded great, but I do not think his heart was in it this time. I have even seen him at the Fox Theatre when he had the flu and he was great. Only one encore, how disappointing! I do not mean to say it was a bad concert, but come on Dan, I have seen you do a lot better! ~ Diane W

ST. LOUIS -- Arriving late, as is my norm, I missed all but the last 2 songs of the opening act. I usually don't like to miss any part of something I've paid for, but it seems the older I get, the slower I move. In addition, I've some how acquired the tendency of thinking I can arrive anywhere in the city of St. Louis within 15 minutes. This was unfortunate for me, because from the crowd's response when Cindy Bullens left the stage at 8:45pm, I missed quite a performance. After a 15 minute break, Dan, dressed in his signature blue jeans, loose cotton shirt and Huarache sandals, took the stage along with the rest of the band without much fanfare (ie: no smoke machines, no flashing lights, no booming pre-show music.) Dan strapped on his guitar and started right in with "Magic Every Moment." What a great tune with which to start the show! It really got people moving in their seats. I saw heads bobbing and feet tapping and hands clapping. As Dan continued to play, I noticed even though they hadn't been on the road long, the band seemed tight and comfortable together. Notable on the play list were "Changing Horses," "Morning Sky," (a double treat, since the song had an instrumental intro that lasted as long as the actual song,) and MY personal favorite, "The Reach." After playing about 40 minutes with the band, he took a break and announced he'd come back out for some solo, acoustic pieces.

Upon his return to the stage, he took his place at "The Chair." Watching and listening intently, Dan's talents as singer and songwriter stuck me yet again. I don't know why I'm so overwhelmed when I see him live. Maybe it's the fact that I hear his songs so much in recorded form, that when I see him live, I'm amazed I'm actually seeing the man and hearing his voice...listening to all the songs I've loved for years...coming from their creator. In the 25 years I've been a fan, when I hear Dan sing live, it's like hearing him, and those songs, for the first time. This especially rings true for me when he performs "Make Love Stay," which is my favorite "live" song. (I'm not ashamed to admit, it gets me a bit "hot and bothered" the way he sings "when precious flesh is greedily consumed." Ooooooo.) (Ahem.) But I digress. He then moved onto the grand piano for the "usual" favorite of "Same Old Lang Syne." Dan puts such emotion and power and soul into his music... I know I've heard these songs a thousand times, but the way he performs them makes me feel their power, as if newly written and shared for the first time with the rest of the world.

After his acoustic/solo set, the band returned and Dan introduced them one-by-one. He then allowed his bassist, Mark Andes (formerly of Firefall,) to take the spotlight, joining Mark in Firefall's "Strange Way." The crowed seemed delighted to hear the classic tune, and even more so when Dan began to sing backup. Dan's voice was incredible on that song, I have to admit. He then allowed his guitarist, Robert McEntee to do a blues tune. Drummer Joe Vitale and keyboardist Michael Hanna where also spotlighted, including a surprise flute solo by Joe during one of the songs. Dan then ended the set with a few more favorites and finally one encore of a George Harrison song around 10:30pm. I had look forward to this night for months...and I wasn't disappointed. Aside from the concert being a little on the short side, and not hearing a few of my personal Dan favorites, the night was wonderful. I wanted to get into my car and follow him to the next city...then the next. Seeing Dan live only makes me want to see MORE of Dan live. His generosity, his talent, his charisma and charm make him a delight to watch on stage and never fails to renew my enthusiasm and appreciation of him as a singer, songwriter, musician and all-around decent guy. Thanks Dan, for a wonderful evening in St. Louis. ~ Liz Engel (St. Louis, MO)

ST. LOUIS -- Dan Fogelberg knows how to take ownership of an audience. As a Fogelberg fan since 1975, I think you'll find it incredible that this was my first trip to one of Dan's concerts. I was impressed. We were very happy with the venue. The Pageant is a fantastic and intimate setting, the sound system was great, and the proximity of everyone in the theater to the stage gave all on hand the ability to see the emotion that was put into the performance. The concert seemed to center mostly on the earlier material, primarily from Souvenirs through The Innocent Age. And frankly, this suited me just fine, as I became a Dan Fan while this music was new. Since I hadn't ever attended one of his concerts before, I had no idea of what to expect. Therefore, I had to work hard at not developing any specific expectations prior to the start of the show.

I can tell you this, as a true fan, I was NOT disappointed, not in the least. In fact, it took me three songs into the first set to get the lump out of my throat. And yes, tears streamed down my face on several occasions: during "Same Old Lang Syne", "Run For The Roses", "Leader Of The Band", and "Changing Horses". If I have any negative comment to make at all, it is a minor one. The "Rock Set" was just too short and didn't have many of Dan's great rockers in it. (I really want to see Dan do "As The Raven Flies" live). On the other hand, hearing Dan pay tribute to George Harrison with "If I Needed Someone" was a real treat. I just wish he would have wrapped it all up with "The Power Of Gold" or "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler".

In Closing, I won't be waiting another 27 years to see Dan again. Next time maybe I'll make the pilgrimage to Morrison, CO. to see a Red Rocks show. I do wish he'd play my home town of Evansville, IN. or only 100 miles away in Louisville, KY at The Palace Theater. ~ Tom Kohlmeyer

ST. LOUIS -- Thanks, Dan. Just for a moment I was back at school! Hard to believe 30 years have gone by so quickly. The music was wonderful, the band was great, but there just seemed to be something missing. Maybe it was my youth! ~ pjohn257

ST. LOUIS -- The show was great! Dan looked really nice; I can't believe how good he looks for his age. He easily looks 5 to 10 years younger than he is. I've seen him 6 or 7 times the past few years, and he's typically a little more jovial than he was at Friday's show. He seemed to give 110% to his performance, but really wasn't smiling much or chatting between numbers. His voice sounded really good and he was very much in sync with his band. This was the first performance I'd ever seen of him with a band and I was really impressed by his electric guitar work. He seemed to love playing the kind of music that the band allowed. The second half of the show was charged with lots of energy and really rocked! My favorite part of the show, though, was the solo acoustic portion. It was so heartfelt and full of emotion. "Leader of the Band" in particular was really fantastic. Thanks for letting me share my Dan experience. Ever on ~ Holly

ST. LOUIS --Saw Dan last night in St. Louis. I will have to say that there was quite a bit I liked about it and a lot that I did not. The good: Some of the older stuff. Especially off of Souvenirs. "Part of the Plan" and "Morning Sky" for example sounded great. "Changing Horses" was the highlight of the night. The way he added some jamming to some of the songs was really good to hear as well. The not so good: No new stuff! Has Dan lost his creative touch? That was a real disappointment! They played a Firefall song and it was not even a Mark Andes song, it was a Rick Roberts song. And how long did Dan play for? Not much more than an hour! He came out for his encore and played one song! And it was not even his own song. I paid $80 for two tickets. I really believe that Dan could have given me a better value for what I paid. I guess that I do not feel ripped off though, Dan has given me a lot of enjoyment over the past three decades through his music. Don't get me wrong, I was glad to be there. It was good to see that Dan still posses the talent that I remember him for going back the past 30 years. ~ Milt Loft (St. Louis)

ST. LOUIS -- I went to the concert on 21 June and thoughly enjoyed it. When I learned that he was going to be performing that day, I cut short my vacation in Las Vegas by one day. Even though I had to pay extra to have my plane reservations changed, I had to see Dan again. Last time I was able to see him was when he opened the Fiddler's Green outside theater in Denver, CO back in the late 80s. Although he wasn't as personable with the audience this time, which was too bad, his singing can't be beat. When he sat down and sang "Leader of the Band" I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. That song was the first of 3 standing ovations he received that night. The song has a special meaning for me because the year it was released was the year I lost my dad to heart disease and it made me realize just how special he was. I could go on and on but I won't. Can't wait to see another one (hopefully). ~ Brian Tourville

ST. LOUIS -- I loved the acoustic stuff and thought the concert was great until the guy from Firefall was featured -- the song is okay but I heard it at the opening of a shopping mall in Colorado about 10-12 years ago. The Muddy Waters gig was pretty good as well. In general, it was nice acoustically but I was disappointed with the real lack of stage presence. I guess if a performer doesn't feel like relating verbally with the audience at all, he can just keep on playing hits. But save the single encore song written by George Harrison for another time and another place. I came to have a Fogelberg experience. The closing of his concert was weak and he just seemed anxious to get the hell out of the Pageant. ~ Mark K

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- Merrillville’s venue, performance, and audience were very different from Wednesday’s South Bend show. I’d heard of but never been to the Star Plaza Theatre before. It’s a fairly large facility and The Plaza’s proximity to Chicago guaranteed a varied audience mix.

Cindy Bullins opened the show again Saturday. She was a little unorganized, but explained it away due to the drive from St. Louis. Musically her performance was about the same. Her music is heartfelt.

Dan and the band came on and struck off with “Magic Every Moment.” The play list closely followed Wednesday night except “To the Morning” was dropped. There were a number of instrument and sound problems in the beginning and I wasn’t sure if the drop had been planned or necessitated. It was disappointing for me, but most of the audience didn't’t know what they were missing. I thought Dan’s voice held up and quite honestly, his performance was more relaxed. He was quite chipper toward the close. I forgot to comment on the intro of “Changing Horses.” It was winding and clever. “Morning Sky” was excellent both shows. Of course there were the normal yellers. One yelled something along the lines of “How about another 30 years?” and Dan responded to him. He thought it was a nice sentiment, but not likely. My side of the audience got the biggest kick out of a guy on the 5th or 6th row. When Dan introduced “The Reach” the fan jumped up and down, pumping his fist, I think he twirled around a few times and yelled out sporadically throughout the entire song. If I hadn’t seen it performed Wednesday, I might have been aggravated. (It was a great song both nights for Dan and the band) As it was, I joined in the laughter. Maybe I would do that if he played “Old Tennessee.” Nah. I don’t worship at the Bud altar and I’d probably cry. Perhaps it’s a gender thing.

I felt that the audience was in fairly defined tiers. Those people in the “orchestra” and lower rows were diehard fans and clearly having a great time. Rows six through 15 were mixed with devotees, some that know the hits and a few who weren’t sure. The further back into the audience you traveled, the reactions to the performance were more irreverent. It could be my reactions to the audience were colored by some of their reactions to me. I was trying to do the ambassador thing. It was very bizarre, yet I still managed to have fun.

It’s obvious that I’m a huge Dan follower. His performance was wonderful. If he has a good time, I have a good time. I'm really disappointed that I didn't make time to see him with a band in the 70's, 80's or 90's. He's a versatile performer and tosses out some of the funniest zingers. I have to compliment the performance of Mike Hanna. It’s clear that he loves playing Dan’s songs. His accompaniment on the synthesizer was fun to watch and added to Dan’s performance. I have no complaints about the other band members. He just stood out for me. I missed the wild shirt Saturday. I’m looking forward to 2003 and better planning on my part so I can go to more shows! Perhaps California…… Jen:)

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- After seeing Dan last Saturday night I just had to come on and voice my pure joy. An inspiration it was as Dan cranked off tune after ever-loving tune to a small but appreciative crowd of Midwesterners. Dan, it was an incredible concert and I couldn't have been more proud to be there. Other than my disappointment at not hearing "Forefathers" the night was One Magic Moment. When one of the patrons shouted out " 30 more years ", I couldn't have agreed more. Dan's response of "Sweet, but highly unlikely" brought a roar to the house. At one point during the concert after a particularly great bluesjam, I said to my wife "can Colin Raye do that, I think not". Once again a great time in a great time to know of Dan Fogelberg. Inspire me you do my friend as I await your next gift of soul. ~ David P.

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- I attended the Merrillville show with my wife and 7 year old daughter. This was one of the best shows I have seen and this is my 15th. We really enjoyed Cindy Bullens as Dan's opening act. We purchased both of her CD's at the show and had her autograph them both. Dan has a history of picking excellent opening acts (Tim Weisberg, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Chris Hillman Band, etc.) and this was no exception.

The thing that I really enjoy about a Dan concert is that you never know what to expect. I have read some reviews on other websites where there seems to be a great deal of complaining about Dan doing too many cover songs. I think it is great that Dan performs some things that you cannot find on his albums. If I only wanted the hits I would stay home and play The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg on my CD player. I think there was a good mix of hits and covers. I also think it is great that Dan allows the other musicians to step out and sing lead on a few songs. There are a lot of other artists who could not get their ego out of the way to let someone else take the spotlight. I think the highlight of the show for me was my daughter bouncing along to the opening strains of Magic Every Moment. I can't think of a better first concert for her to attend. There were also several other children in the audience which I find very encouraging. At one point some guy yelled out "Thirty More Years". Dan looked at the ground and smiled, probably mulling over the fact he would be 80 years old, then shook his head and said "That's very sweet, but highly unlikely". Dan seemed to really enjoy playing with the guys in the band. They had great interaction all night. All in all a great night. Can't wait for the new CD. ~ John

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- Merrillville was my second and final chance to see Dan this summer. Having seen him in South Bend a few days earlier didn't lessen my excitement or enthusiasm for seeing Dan and the band again. His set list was slightly different in Merrillville; he omitted To The Morning and the encore was If I Needed Someone instead of Gambler. The show was wonderful and I enjoyed myself immensely. I decided early on in the show that I'm spending way too much time thinking about Dan and his band--I noticed that Robert McEntee had gotten a haircut between Wednesday night in South Bend and Saturday night in Merrillville, and I wondered where Mike Hanna's colorful shirt was! When Dan played The Reach there was a gentlemen off to the right side of the stage who seemed unable to control his enthusiasm--obviously a big fan of that song!! Someone from the audience shouted out "30 more years Dan" when he was doing the solo set and his reply was something like "That's very sweet, but highly unlikely". When he came out for the encore he had a baseball hat on backwards, which I don't know the significance of! As soon as the encore started, many people left their seats and headed up to the front of the stage, myself and my friend included!! Dan and his band put on a great show, and I look forward to the new CD, and a chance to see him again next summer!! ~ Brenda

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- Being an old Fogelberg fan from way back, i.e. 48 years old, I have seen Dan in concert many times. I had the pleasure of seeing him twice this year....once on 6/1 in Atlanta at the Chastain Theater and most recently last night at the Star Theater in Merrilville, Indiana. The concert in Atlanta could not have been better! Dan's music was very enthusiastic, feeding off the large crowd and Dan and his band seemed to be very much in "tune" with the audience. He was talking to the fans, was sharing some history of the songs and seemed to be very much enjoying himself. It truly was an outstanding evening.

I must say the concert last night in Merrilville was not as rewarding. For whatever reason, Dan seemed to be tired and left the feeling that he was just trying to get through the concert. There was minimal small talk with the audience and there was little if any real "soulful feeling" in the delivery of his performance. I felt sorry for those others in attendance, although they might have enjoyed the performance as they had no other performance to refer we did with the performance in Atlanta. Certainly, we did enjoy the music, but I think his delivery was a bit forced and probably will be "critiqued" as such in the reviews. I will always be a Fogelberg fan as I have been for 30 years however and savor every time I get the chance to attend a performance or obtain some new music. I truly believe Dan is one of the most talented, if not the most talented songwriter of our time and hope he continues on. Thanks ~ Elmer Cummings (Elizabethtown, KY)

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- Had the chance to see Dan in South Bend then again a few nights later in Merrillville. Both concerts were great. Acoustics were better in Merrillville. Different encore song in Merrillville, but that was ok. Dan rarely reacts to comments from audience, which I think is great -- because if you get into a dialogue with complimentary fan, what do you do with the jerk who calls out and interrupts? Even Dan couldn't let this by, though. He spoke about 30 years of performing, loyalty of fans, concert goers, etc. Then it got quiet and one fan called out: "30 more!". First, no noticeable reaction, then thesmall smile started at the corners of the mouth. As the fans whistled, cheered,clapped and hollered, a bigger smile emerged -- then mouth close to the mike, fans quieting to hear response -- and Dan shared "a very nice thought, but highly unlikely". Wonderful, fun concert. Thanks, Dan the Man. ~ Mary

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- My first Dan Fogelberg concert... I gave my wife a present for her birthday taking her to her favorite artist's concert. It was very interesting that I enjoyed the concert more than her. She did not agree with Dan promoting his fellow artists skills with songs devoted to their talents, not his. She came to hear her artist, not his friends. Overall she did enjoy the concert, but did not think the mikeing for the piano was set up correctly. She would have also enjoyed his voice of 15 years past (as if we all wouldn't want 15 years off our chronological age). Dan looked tired. I looked at his schedule...St. Louis the night before and Rockford the night after. I don't know how he endures all that travel. He had a good format for the concert mixing all his talents into one performance. My only regret is that other concerts were able to get 2 encores, and we only got one.

I am three weeks younger than Dan and did not realize that he was at U of I at same time as my high school and college classmate, Kevin Cronin of REO Speed Wagon. I knew Kevin when he had the LD's at Brother Rice and Fuscia at Loyola before transferring to U of I to become lead for REO in 1971. I keep track of Kevin who plays at Taste of Chicago and Summerfest in Milwaukee. I think REO has better commercial success over the years, but if you put Kevin head to head against Dan, Dan would win hands down. My wife left for a music workshop up in Lake Geneva, WI and took Dan's CD with her. I complained. So you decide who got the present. ~ Michael

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- Overall a very good concert. Dan has been playing music for thirty years and I have been going to concerts that long. Dan played the most cover songs of any major entertainer that I have seen. This would be OK if they were in addition to his other songs but too many songs were left off to justify them. ~ Rogge56

MERRILLVILLE, IN -- As always, it was a great time. Been a fan since 74 and I just want to thank him for 30 years of thoroughly enjoying his music. ~ Jim McKinney

ROCKFORD, IL -- Excellent show in Rockford-Il. Thank you. Dan, Mark and everyone - your harmonies and musicianship touched and was felt by all... It was a very special evening at the Coronado. I have raised my daughter on all of the music since Home Free. She is 16 now and 'To the Morning' is still a very special song for us. I still remember when she was just 3 years old and she would tell me 'Daddy play The Morning Song'. The original LP is still in good shape and graces our record player at least once a month. I can only hope that many years from now others will hear all these songs and feel the same inspiration that the music of Dan Fogelberg has given us. Music has the power to bring many people together all over the world. I am sure there are many people who are very grateful for the music of Dan Fogelberg. ~ Jeff

ROCKFORD, IL-- Totally awestruck and inspired by his talent and have been for 30 years!! ~ Angela

ROCKFORD, IL -- This was an AWESOME concert!!! The solo acoustic set was unbelievable. Please don't miss the chance to see this concert. You won't be disappointed ~ D Jacobson

KANSAS CITY , MO -- This was my first Dan Fogelberg concert. I have always been a huge fan, but have never been able to attend a concert before. It was an incredible experience. What a talented musician he is! I always knew that, but his sound was so much better than any recording. The band he was traveling with was top notch. It was an outstanding evening! ~ Julie (Lincoln, NE)

KANSAS CITY , MO -- As has been reported, it was a beautiful, albeit HUMID Kansas evening as Dan and band took the stage. Sitting in the 3rd row afforded me the opportunity to see the band up close as well as an opportunity to banter with DF and the band throughout the entire concert. Dan and crew were positive, upbeat and engaging, things that were frankly lacking in his previous KC visits in years past. His voice was strong, energized and reminded me of the Dan of old. Unlike like other venue problems, Starlight is a wonderful setting with great sound. Dan smiled, laughed and played stump the audience with several "name that tune" songs from the 60's. It was apparent he was enjoying himself, as well as the other fine members of the band. Having seen Dan no less than 10 times over the past 25 years, this concert would rank among the top 3 on my "favorite" list. I immediately drove home from KC and picked up my Martin Fogelberg special edition guitar and played for two hours. Thanks for everything Dan. ~ Rick

KANSAS CITY , MO -- Wow, what an awesome night. We went to Dan's concert in Kansas City Missouri at the Starlight (outdoor) theatre last night (June 25). It was a beautiful summer night and Dan was in perfect form! He braved the heat and humidity and his band was incredible (as usual). I loved every bit of it, the old stuff, the new stuff, when he played alone... it was all great! My boyfriend and I went to his indoor concert here in 1991 and enjoyed it from far up in the balcony, this time we were in row 3 and it was great! His music has always been something we have shared and held close to our hearts and this concert rekindled our passion for his music once again! ~ Teri

KANSAS CITY , MO -- An awesome show! Dan Fogelberg never fails to provide the best in entertainment. Thanks Dan, and please come back to Kansas City soon. ~ Mike

DENVER -- Awesome! When Dan Fogelberg wrapped up the last song of the night, all i heard around me was the word "awesome".... from kids that were 6 to kids that were 60. It was an incredible evening. For those of us used to Dan touring alone (and enjoying it very much!) he and the band had a profusely humble way of entering the stage, and yet didn't disappoint us for a moment with the opener of "Magic Every Moment". The group thoroughly loved being together and it showed. The audience entered in that fun. They made us feel like we were all up there singing, dancing, and having a great time. And the intimacy that us diehard "Dan, the Git, and the Grande" love was still there. He talked to us like we were friends who showed up for the party. Whether the band was onstage or out seeing if the Red Rocks set was "cardboard" (!!!) he kept that interaction going with the audience throughout the night. We loved rocking with them all, (hello FireFall!!!) and we loved listening to the quiet majesty of "To the Morning"... And those intimate moments with just himself, the instrument, and the audience were as captivating as ever. From watching the incredible fingers rule the guitar, to enjoying the humor this man exudes was simply joy for the soul. I especially loved the little dance with the baby powder in one hand and the glass in the other! The man was having a good time, the band was having a blast, and the crowd felt like they were part of something extra special. The humble bows at the end of every song indicated very clearly that this was far more than a man seeking adulation. This is a man with a gift who is simply giving it to us. Congrats on 30 years Dan. Your music has touched my life and inspired me in so many ways, as I know it has done for countless others. ~ Stacey Magnuson (Colorado Springs)

DENVER --What a thrill to see Dan at Red Rocks. I am originally from the Chicago area, and have seen him play most every venue from Chicago to Peoria, but moved to Colorado a year ago. My dream had always been to see him play at Red Rocks and for him to be the first act that I saw at Red Rocks. He and Red Rocks lived up to all my expectations. I took my children who are 13 and 9 and they had a great time-they have grown up on his music. The night was a complete success and I thank Dan for all the years of pure enjoyment listening to his music. ~ Nancy (Broomfield, CO)

DENVER -- Great show, as much as I always enjoy the Solo shows, it was great to see Dan with "The Band" . You could tell he enjoyed being part of the band. Again, I was reminded of not only what an amazing voice he has but also what talented musician Dan is. I been to several of his concerts and I do believe this was the best. Red Rocks was great as usual, but it is a hike after 30 years. ~ Don (Casper, Wyoming)

DENVER -- This was the best show I've ever seen in over 20 of them. Cindy Bullens opened up the show. Then came Dan who was so ON that night. Each song with all of the other musicians on stage just seemed to get them all more electrified. When Dan is on, the shows are incredible and he was. And the other musicians - Robert McEntee - your blues and your guitar work - so good; Mark Andes - your interactions with the audience make us feel so appreciated; Mike Hanna - Realizing all you add to Dan's songs in arrangements, I'm really going to go back and listen for them in detail; and Joe Vitale - from Cleveland! - you rock on those drums - what a treat. Best of all, the musicians seemed to energize Dan in a way I haven't seen for a long time. There were more smiles, laughter and true enjoyment of performing or at least playing together. The night itself was perfect - stars and cool temps. Every song came to life. But when Firefall - from Colorado - reunited on stage, well you just had to be there... they all looked happy, excited, and nostalgic. Best of all Dan looked to be enjoying himself sincerely. And that makes it all...When the show was over, I could only stand there and just say Wow - Wow - so glad I was here to see this. ~ Cindy

DENVER -- It's the day after the Red Rocks concert and I wish (as usual) that the concert was still underway. As usual, Dan was wonderful and we had the added thrill of seeing most of Firefall play together for a couple of songs. The only request to Dan is while Red Rocks is beautiful- most of us fans are old fogies and maybe you need to start having concerts at flatter venues! Just kidding- I will continue to see you wherever you choose to play. ~ g

SALT LAKE CITY -- I went to see Dan at Deer Valley Utah. I've been going to Dan's concerts since I was 16 in Colorado. It's been twenty years now, and though our UT. concert was shorter than most, it was still amazing. K, I have to admit I would have loved a longer time with him, but it was not of his doing. It was Deer Valley's fault for shutting him down early. As for the concert itself, though I was disappointed at first not to hear some new songs and maybe some lost ones that have been stored in his mind somewhere, I now realize that it was intended to be a party...a celebration of his life, his love and his absolute incredible talent. From someone who appreciates Dan as a person, not just an entertainer for all of us in our moments of sadness or joy, I saw in Dan this time a peace and sense of happiness that has been a long time coming. I was grateful he allowed us to share in his love for life. Besides, the dude is still gorgeous!!!! Thanks Dan! ~ Shellee Isaacs

SALT LAKE CITY -- My wife and I are long time fans ("Longer" was still top 40 when we dated and married) of Dan Fogelberg, though the Deer Valley, Utah concert was only the second time we've seen him live. The other time was in Provo, Ut in 1982, an awesome acoustic concert. We loved this concert with a band, but felt it was significantly shorter than what the previous stops were getting. We also would have liked more "Dan" tunes rather than music of other artists. There are so many of his songs I would like to hear him sing live so I don't really like the limited time taken up by songs like "Rocky Mountain Way" (though it was dang good). Still it was a great show in a perfect mountain setting and I'm still in awe of his seemingly limitless talent. I thought his take on Muddy Waters "Blow Wind Blow" was especially impressive. I also loved his new version of "Changing Horses" with the long intro. Wow!!! Too bad we didn't get to hear "Forefathers" and "To The Morning" like some previous concerts did on this tour. ~ K.S.

LAS VEGAS -- Dan's concert was awesome! I've been traveling outside of Arizona now for 2 years to see him, Ca. and now Nv. and it is truly worth every mile! I'm still not over the fact that he did "The Reach" and with a cut over his right eye to boot! I've been a fan since 1975 and it's clearly justifiable to say he just keeps aging like a fine wine! If he can't get to Az. to perform then I guess next tour I hope to get to Co. where I'm sure he'll shine ever so brightly and continue to amaze me with his unique talent and ability to touch me so deeply, like so many others who appreciate his craftsmanship!! Thank you Dan for continuing to satisfy my belief in what GREAT music can do to my soul !!! Sincerely ~ Cathy (Prescott,Az)

LAS VEGAS -- I saw Dan's performance at the Aladdin Theater last Saturday, 6/29/02, and he was excellent! What a professional he is, as he continued to perform after hitting his eye with his guitar, bleeding and in obvious pain! Hope he comes back to Las Vegas soon! Thank you! ~ Janet

LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Black and Blues... I like to consider myself a loyal Dan fan, so rarely able to find anything negative to say concerning Dan. I've been called names by those that would consider only those that apply negative aspects to reviews of Dan, which only belittles them, not this Dan fan. After a long period of fighting with myself over going or not going to the Vegas show, I went ahead and decided to attend the Aladdin show. I left feeling somewhat mixed in my thoughts concerning what I had just witnessed. It wasn't mixed because anything Dan didn't accomplish, just something that amazed me and was a first for me witnessing one of his concerts, horrid sound quality from a single instrument on the stage. The bassist could not play his top/big (that would be his E string to musicians) without drowning out all the other instruments on stage with a horrid distortion that left me feeling like somehow I must have needed to have my ears checked. But when Dan was on stage alone, or playing a solo portion (without the bassist playing) the quality of the music's sound was totally what I am used to when I see Dan play. I don't know what the problem evolved from, but it was just horribly upsetting to not have it solved throughout the whole concert. You would have thought someone would have picked up on it, but I'm harping on this subject a bit too much.

I want to talk about the AMAZING artist who played through beating his head against his guitar while changing from 6 string to 12 string, and came up playing "The Reach" with a knot a bit smaller than a golf ball yet bleeding down his eye, and his cheek. This pro took his job seriously, he didn't stop and restart, he didn't leave the stage and cancel the concert and rush to a doctor, he played "The Reach" as well as I've heard him play it ever, and sang it with the greatness he always does. This just boosted my respect for him as an artist that much more. He felt he owed us a show and he did his best to give it to us. It was a shorter show than I would have liked to have seen after making the journey across the desert of California into the smoldering Las Vegas late afternoon, but it wasn't to be. I believe his eye closing, probably a horrid headache from the eye and nose being hit, and the loudness of the music was pretty hard to take as long as he did, and I felt like he gave what he had to give, and left hoping everyone could take what he offered and feel they saw him give a good show. I will give the sound people credit for the Piano, which was a brilliant sounding as I've ever head a piano he's played live, job well done. But for whoever accidentally hit the volume knob on the amplifier of the bassist should be more careful in the upcoming concerts if they are part of the crew traveling with Dan's tour. If it was the Aladdin's sound tech, they should be fired, because it took so much away from what could have been a wonderfully thought out show. Dan may have turned 50 but he's got the hands of 26 year old on those leads during the last session of the concert, simply wonderful he was! ~ Rick...

I feel fortunate to have been to Dan's 2001 and 2002 shows at the Grove in Anaheim. I had not seen him live since the 1986 High Country Snows tour, so the past two years have been a great gift to me. The two shows were like "bookends"..2001 acoustic, 2002..a full band, and what a band it was. My wife, (a nominal fan) was even impressed and touched by the show. Dan should be commended for letting his music do the work of comforting folks in a world that certainly could use some.

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- I was fortunate enough to attend the Redwood City Show (Fox Theater), and it was INCREDIBLE! (But then again, how could it not be?). Being able to see and hear Dan perform live is such a great experience. He sounded great and so did his band. I was in heaven for two hours! Listening to Dan sing and watching him play guitar and piano live is quite a special experience. That was my third time seeing him in concert, and once again, I was mesmerized by his talent! I only wish the show was longer. Can't wait for his new c.d. As someone else has written, HE'S STILL GOT IT!! What a great evening! So, Dan, thanks for sharing you immense talent with us and congratulations on 30 years of incredible music! Here's to 30 more! ~ Lynn (Danville, CA)

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- WOW! What an exceptional concert! Despite the heat in the venue and sporting a horrible black right eye, Dan was a master! I have seen Dan 20 times and this was one of the best performances ever! The band was just outstanding and their skill and dedication to Dan (and he to them) was so obvious. It is just mesmerizing watching Dan's fingers sail across the strings of those electric guitars. He is one of the most underrated musicians around in my opinion. The man can definitely do the blues!! I loved that he gave his fellow players the opportunity to shine in their own right by playing songs they did with other bands. You could tell it was a fun for Dan too and it shows that he is just that much more versatile. They were all just fantastic!! It was great to see Dan's personality shine through in his interaction with the band members and in his movements (dancing and swaying and rocking all over the place!) To see Dan having such a ball playing with the boys and enjoying his craft was the best part of all. It was infectious! And he's never looked or sounded better either! Thank you Dan for continuing to share all your talents with us. Hope to see you again very soon! ~ Bridgette

ANAHEIM , CA -- The best to Dan for many more years of his wonderful music (I believe that he knows that "chart success" is a small measure of the lives he continues to touch), and to the livinglegacy website for doing such an honorable job on his behalf. ~ Bob R (Orange County CA)

ANAHEIM , CA -- My husband and I attended the Anaheim show at The Grove. It was fantastic. Dan was so engaging and personable, even with a fairly large crowd. There wasn't an empty seat in the place or a dry eye at times. There were funny parts, sad parts and serious parts. It was wonderful. We happened upon two excellent seats, third row center, and could easily see the shiner Dan was sporting from what he explained as a collision with a guitar. We all got a kick out of that. His acoustic set was incredible and, as always, the band members were clearly into Dan's music throughout the evening. One of the best parts was when Dan announced he was recently married. I was so happy for him. I know that someone who writes songs with such beauty and meaning has to have been through some very painful times. It is gratifying to know that he has finally found a lady to share his heart with. Dan and the band played for over 2 hours and seemed reluctant to leave the stage at the first encore. Of course, he brought his lovely bride out the the final encore and she escorted him off the stage then. It was a magical evening! Dan Forgelberg, you will always be my favorite artist of all time! ~ Carol R.

SAN DIEGO -- Great Show! Dan and the band were so tight and full of energy. My favorite was "Empty Cages", boy can Dan whale on electric guitar. I can now die happy, I've seen Dan with the band and have seen him at Red Rocks. My big question is, what happened to the CHAIR? That wasn't the old wooden chair of concerts past ~ Tony Valdiconza

SAN DIEGO -- As I may not be the diehard fan as many, I feel very fortunate to be able to attend one concert this year. So, this is the feedback from my heart. First, I want to thank those that supported me making this trip and concert experience it was par excellence. I just blew-in from Humphrey's where myself and, from all appearances everyone else at that venue had a wonderful time! The seats were full of rockin' folks. The night sizzled at Humphrey's for Dan and Band. I'd like to see some of this electric music piped into elevators - that will keep people hoppin'. First off, Humphrey's is one of those smaller venues with a beautiful outside bay setting that already tugs at the heartstrings. I truly enjoyed such an incredible variety of songs and musical styles, the gifted band participation, and upbeat tempo and mood.

It was a first for me to see Dan with a band. They were tight and exploded with musical sound and harmonies. Dan's voice was in fine form, loud, and clear. He was relaxed, shared stories about the songs, very upbeat and said he had a blast touring with the band (in all directions) on this 30th anniversary concert, NESW! What stood out immediately was the positive energy and musical abilities. The Sound system was tweaked just right - thanks guys. This is a critical one to some of us. Although, I resonated with the entire show, a few personal favorites and surprises stand out for me. One was "Changing Horses" (loved this version) the music magically flowed, intermingled, crescendoed, in a wave swept back upon itself, and danced into song supported by excellent vocals. It was like a new song with new meaning. Hope this version makes it to a CD!

There were all types of boaters in the bay enjoying the show from that vantage, tooting their horns in applause. Dan dedicated, 'The Reach', to them and all of us who love the Sea. Lovely. Did I mention the band - they were SO Enjoyable! The band as well as Dan engaged in the audience. People quickened when Mark Andes; a shining, obviously benevolent man played and sang. Another bonus. It must have been 'Strange Way'. Anyway, it was beautiful and enjoyed by all. Robert McEntee featured a powerful blues tune from Robert Johnson. Dan immediately flowed in with a song from .. was that Gondoff Gorfinswaylin I applauded or Muddy Waters? Mike Hanna was always having fun and made magic happen on his electronic keyboard. Why, one time I could have sworn he was playing the bagpipes. He got down on piano, too. Joe Vitale drummed every steady beat into our hearts, then joined in on a beautiful flute piece. I can't describe it (the band and Dan) other than dynamic. In one spellbound moment Dan turned to the band on an intricately rocking end of a song - I think he didn't want to end the song. However, nor did anyone else. So, nothing could prepare me for this knock-your-socks-off time and many additions from the band. 'Empty Cages' was just beautiful (another song taking on new meaning). But, for new appreciation stands out, 'Place in the World for a Gambler'. That was such a sweet rendition, and when the audience sang, Dan honored us as he truly listened, appreciated, and made eye contact with all he could. The moment of 'Let it shine. Oh let it shine.' still lingers in the wake - always will.

I enjoyed the tribute to George Harrison, the Spiritfull man he was here and is hereafter. Eventful? You bet! I'd like to acknowledge the audience (especially those bobbers and shakers). And the marvelous couple sitting next to me that made sure I wasn't alone in this dance. They also volunteered the stories and jokes I missed while absent from my chair. And like Dan toward the end of that song - I didn't want it to end either. Now, I'm back, enjoying my family and excited about my next projects, arts and crafts, and ventures - like many of you. I'll remember the special moments, surprises, and the gift of the event. I know there will be more and may we all add to the circular energy of sharing creative good works, energy, and thoughts! Again, thanks to you Dan for vision 2002 and making it a 30 year reality.Sincerely ~ Carol B.

SAN DIEGO -- We attended your show in San Diego. It was amazing and so much fun. You are an amazing musician. Yesterday was a BLAST. Thank you. ~ Tobias & Susan Gorodzinsky (30 year fans)

SAN DIEGO -- I just got back from Humphrey's in San Diego. Enraptured, I came home and told my two daughters about how I fell in love with Dan's music 30 years ago as a young teen, between the ages my two daughters are now. It was so great to hear the old I write this, I am listening to "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". Thanks so much, Dan. By the way, you look great! Your tribute to George Harrison was also incredible....that song, so haunting. You lovely man...thank God for you. Much love ~ Mandy (San Diego)




COLORADO SPRINGS -- It is so hard to put into words the wonderful feelings left from Dan's Concert. He was relaxed, upbeat and had a wonderful rapport with the audience. His guitar work was phenomenal -- it was superb, it was entrancing, it was the best!!! The piano did not always come across well on the speaker system, but it still was masterful. Dan's poetry and music have always moved my soul, but seeing him and hearing him in person is awesome!!!! This is the 2nd Dan concert I've had the pleasure to attend and I believe the best. There are just not enough wonderful adjectives to describe the joy of attending his concert and the sorrow when it is all over. I can't wait for the next concert!!!! ~ Chris

DETROIT -- What a great evening of song and merriment with Dan Fogelberg! Dan played before a full house (and lawn) and it was one of the best shows I have seen in my 20+ times of seeing him. It was a very hot and humid night but Dan's music and humor washed over us all. He looked really great and relaxed. His voice was in exceptional form until the encore when he showed signs of strain and admitted that he was getting a relapse of a cold and needed to save his voice for his show the next night. Unfortunately he wasn't able to save it. I LOVED hearing "Go Down Easy" - another gem! "Road Beneath My Wheels" was outstanding! Dan was on a whole other level while playing it. The crowd went crazy listening to those blues and his instrumentals as well. In my humble opinion, Dan should incorporate more obscure songs, blues and instrumentals into the set list and start weaning out the hits. I know he hears more applause when he performs the different things. I think much of the applause for the hits is from recognition and obligation. It's a different applause. Does that make sense? :-) It is just fascinating to watch his hands as he works. He is definitely one with his instrument and it's such a pleasure to see. No wonder Martin is honoring him with a guitar! I can't wait to see him perform again. Thank you Dan! ~ Sheila

SEATTLE -- I saw Dan again at the pier in Seattle, he never ceases to amaze me with his gentle voice, encouraging lyrics, and incredible music. Every time I've seen him it's the same. I always leave with my soul filled, my spirit happy, but still a little sad knowing I will probably never meet him in person just to say Thank You. I can only hope that one day before I die I'll run into him and say God Bless You. ~ Lavene

LAS VEGAS -- My husband and I went to see Dan in Las Vegas at the House of Blues. Although I had been a fan for 25 years, my husband was only marginally familiar with Dan's music. We both loved the concert and the way Dan was so personal on stage. He is a seasoned performer and was keenly aware of us, the audience, and included us in his performance. The House of Blues is a small venue so everyone had good seats and we felt like he was just getting together and performing for a group of friends in his home. I never appreciated what a truly talented musician Dan is until seeing him in person. It was great to see how he masters the guitar and piano and makes it look so effortless. Spending the evening with Dan was a wonderful experience and we will do it again when he returns to Vegas. ~ Cindy

VEVAY, IN -- After being introduced, Dan came out and played "Part of The Plan", one of my favorites. If you've never seen Dan solo acoustic you really should. He played great. He sang great. I watched and he looked so natural up there, so natural and yet energetic that he really put out a lot of punch with every song. I listened to the lyrics as though they were being heard for the first time and as he sang I was thinking, "you know, these are wise words and lots of people are hearing them, this is like a mass dosage of aural medicine". Next was "Hard To Say" which was a treat to hear live especially so close to Dan. Like so many other people I like watching him play guitar, he makes it look easy and for some reason making it look easy inspires me to try doing my stuff well, too. He chatted a bit, I don't remember exactly what he said but he was very engaging and pleasant, in general. I do remember he dedicated "Forefathers" to parents, grandparents, and anyone who had experimented with the processes. Of course he didn't mean me, specifically, but I took every bit of that dedication in my heart anyway as this was the first time I'd left my babies back home in North Carolina…and it was a good thing. Then at the piano he played "Beggar's Game" which, in my opinion, is far better solo acoustic than with other instruments. It was my second time hearing him play it live and I swore I'd come home and learn it right away. It was almost electrifying. It's got so much movement and energy as a piano piece! "Paris Nocturne". What is there to say about it besides it's another lovely, lovely instrumental piece written by Dan. I'll admit a part of me almost aches because I cannot play it like he does, though I try. But then I suppose if he chased my kids around all day he wouldn't play it like he does, either! I thought of the last time Fred and I were in Paris. I decided to sit and take it in, enjoy the moment and not have a care in the world. See, Dan was doing his job; he was truly entertaining and it was really working. "Don't Lose Heart" was next. It's a new song for me as I just got Portrait this year and as he sang I thought how the words "just remember when the road gets dark, I will always be beside you" could be spoken from someone's God, Spirit, Creator, lover, friend, or family member. It's a powerful song, especially the "you watch me wrestle with my length of chain" part, and he performed it so well that night.

So far the performance was getting better by the minute. "Road Beneath My Wheels" gave me happy feet! I absolutely love that, and of course he followed that song with several guitar pieces which were all WONderful! I heard "Buckeroo's Midnight Ramble" for the second time in concert and loved it all over again. Wonderful! And I marveled at his guitar playing all over again. He's obviously spent many, many hours of his life playing and it shows. His skill and performance are inspiring to me. "Run For The Roses" gave me goose bumps, as it always does. It touches the horse-crazy little girl inside me that refuses to grow up. The man knows thoroughbreds ("It's breeding and it's training and it's something unknown that drives you and carries you home"). He knows. They have an unextinguishable fire and anyone who's been around them knows it. The way Dan ends the song, though, is so sweet. He slows down so much so that it's like dusk; the horses have been worked and put up, and they're just beautiful creatures again, wild and mysterious, powerful and unpredictable. It was a nice moment and I'm so glad he ended the song like that. Made me clutch my shawl and give myself a little hug, fondly recalling a large part of my past. He returned to his guitar and played "Longer" more beautifully than I've ever heard it, except when my husband sang it in my ear at our wedding reception - even Dan Fogelberg himself cannot top that, uh uh. It truly was a nice version and performed so tenderly I couldn't believe my ears. Everyone saw it, because I looked around at the other people in the audience and they were rapt watching Dan perform this song that we've all heard so many times. It was like hearing it for the first time. He was absolutely "on". He was giving so much that evening and I felt so treated, so pampered by his performance. By the time he played "Leader Of The Band" he'd been on a roll all night. The same energy was behind this song as was in "Longer" and, well, all the others for that matter. "Same Old Lang Syne", same thing. Everyone cheered. Everyone stood.

Dan Fogelberg had performed perfectly on Friday, July 20th and beyond that, he delivered an energy that I took with me when I left. It was inspirational. It felt good. And another thing, at one point he addressed the audience by simply walking to each corner and bowing. It was a simple gesture, but a welcome one as he seemed to accept the audience's sincere and obvious approval. It was nice to watch him take it in, for some reason; gave us a chance to give at least that much back. It was also nice to be collectively acknowledged after so many people came so far to see him play. ~ Kim



ANAHEIM -- Dan put on a very uplifting, energetic show at the Sun Theatre. The venue was nice in many ways. I wasn't that thrilled with the table seating and I still just don't get into the food/concert thing....they just don't mix in my opinion. No artist should have to make jokes about smelling chicken although Dan was very funny about it. Dan was very connected with his audience and bantered with many fans. He is more engaging than ever and people seem to really respond to that. His voice is amazing as he changes from the driving sounds of "Nexus" to the sweeter, more gentle "Leader Of The Band" to the growling blues of "Nature Of The Game" to the down-home "Morning Sky". Incredible! I was mesmerized with Dan's hands as they worked their magic over the strings of his guitars. I respect his diversity in music, lyrics and vocals so much. So few have accomplished what Dan has and continued to accept and share that beautiful gift with humility and grace. When he takes his bows after the show, it appears so humble and there's almost a shyness in him. It touches me. I can't wait to see you again Dan. Thanks for the memorable evening. ~ Sheila

ANAHEIM -- What a wonderful concert! In my opinion, Dan gets better as he matures. He is very funny and charming. I always love "Nexus" as an opener and "Part Of The Plan" to close. "Same Old Lang Syne" gets better and more bluesy every year and I LOVE that. I'm always glad to hear new material of course and I personally could do without "Beggar's Game" and "To The Morning" although I know it's a sentimental favorite for most. It won't stop me from going if those songs remain. Dan can sing anything he wants to and I'd listen. Just to be in the presence of his talent is an awesome experience. He creates magic and you don't want the spell to be broken -- EVER. I hope I will have the chance to recapture the moment again soon. Do I know anyone on the east coast?! ~ Perry

ANAHEIM -- It took me forever to find the Sun Theatre. I felt like I was driving clear to Nevada! The tension was eased as Dan's music soothed me and took me to a calmer and more relaxed plane. I let the music carry me away. His humor is superb! I always knew he was a witty guy. He is interacting with the crowd so much better than he did in the 80's and early 90's. You can feel the joy in his playing and contentment with where he is in his life. I think that's wonderful to see/hear. His guitar playing is better than ever and I really enjoy the maturity of his voice now. The new songs were very diverse and each wonderful in their own way. I especially loved the guitar instrumental that didn't make it to the Christmas album (which he renamed "Mule Dance" although I cannot envision mules dancing in it. Dan is usually SO visual! Just kidding.) I would love to see Dan do a blues album and a guitar instrumental album someday. Talk about going from one extreme to another -- raspy down and dirty to the classical composer! Well, that's the way Dan has been all these years changing styles from year to year so am I really way off? This show was excellent and I was honored to be once again entranced by Dan's wonderful gift. Thank you so much Dan for your humor, music and light. ~ Madeline

ATLANTA -- The concert last weekend at Chastain Park was the best Dan Fogelberg concert I have been to yet! The security staff at the Chastain Center were especially hospitable and the people were friendly (even offered us some cookies when they found out we were from out of town)! The softness of the flickering candlelight lent a perfect environment for the beauty of Dan's songs. Dan, alone, singing the melodies gave the perfect opportunity for my friend and I to sing the harmonies (which we love to do) to all our favorites ... and he didn't miss a one! We were treated to several new instrumental favorites, such as Buckaroo's Midnight Ramble and the "M-ULE" Dance, and he generously gave of himself in otherwise "musically unfriendly" conditions. The cold weather was an obstacle, but his professionalism and good nature came through loud and clear. There is no other artist I would drive over 7 hours and spend two nights in a hotel to see. Dan, thanks for sharing your gifts with us and we'll see you when you make it back to New Orleans! ~ Lisa

ATLANTA -- It was everything I expected and more! Having been to numerous concerts, I know what I will hear and it still blows me away every time. How is it that hearing Dan sing "Run for the Roses" one more time can still give me chills and make my eyes tear up? I drove from Memphis to Atlanta on Saturday for his final concert this fall. I heard 7 songs Saturday night that I had never heard done in concert before and when I stopped and thought about it, his new live album has numerous cuts I didn't get to hear on the other tours. Of course he is going to play the few songs the middle-of- the-road crowd knows. But maybe hearing those will cause these people to go out and discover his other works. What I saw Saturday was a man who is so comfortable with his craft, his art and himself, that he can play whatever he damn well wants to and tell the world to either like it or lump it! If you like it and you want to pay your money, then go, show up and enjoy, otherwise, shut up and stay home and watch a football game or some other equally enlightening show. He owes us nothing, yet gives us everything he can, even when I know he was cold and I'm sure his hands were freezing that night. Mine were and I wasn't trying to play a guitar. The concert itself was lovely, satisfying and magical. I just wish I could bottle that experience and re-live it over and over again. I will buy anything the man creates and go see him as long as he will tour even if he has to shuffle out on stage at the ripe old age of 98, and I will still sit enthralled to listen to "Same Old Lang Syne" one more time. This man touches my soul. My one wish is for him to know and understand how much so many different people have been affected by his music and what a difference it has made in so many lives including mine. ~ Jeanna

ATLANTA -- I saw Dan for the first time last night at Chastain Park in Atlanta. I was blown away with the magic of the evening. It was an unseasonably cold night for the Deep South, but Dan gave all he had to warm up the audience with not only his wonderful music, but with his humor too. Last night was a night I had wanted for 27 years, but never had an opportunity to attend. His voice was so clear, and crisp, and his musical ability was amazing for such a cold and breezy evening. I will not miss an opportunity to attend again. I had said I would have sat in 20 below to have seen him, and my heart was warmed, and I left with a feeling that I had been to the mountain top. THANKS DAN for all you have done to enrich my life through the years. ~ Anita

BEND, OR -- It was a very cold and overcast evening in Bend, but the beauty of the upper desert and nearby mountains was with us. Dan played superbly despite the cold. One fan gave him a blanket that he graciously accepted and wrapped it around himself during one song. I believe he opened with "Nexus." I have been in great appreciation of his music since "Home Free" but I had never seen him in concert. I was so filled with anticipation, that when he started so beautifully and furiously playing, my heart pounded, I started to sweat, and cried (I do not cry often!). I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest! I had to exert a lot of mental control to stop my emotional and physical reaction. I couldn't frigg'n believe it! My appreciation of this special soul and talent is so tremendous. It's nice to have a place to share this with others. Oh, he did a wonderful instrumental that he wrote around the time of his Christmas CD, but did not include it on the CD. "The Reach" reached everyone's souls (if not, they were way out of touch with themselves)! He plays beautifully, frenetically, hard, soft, and with intense dedication and care. Perhaps the deal with people feeling that he is sometimes cold comes from his humanness, material circumstances, and his intensity. I know that I have unknowingly scared many people because I have been told I'm intense with penetrating eyes. I hate to admit this, because I am not a star worshipper type of woman, but I really would like to meet him. ~ Jude

BOSTON -- Just returned from the Boston concert. Words can't describe. His words and music say it all. He is my favorite singer--songwriter. No one does it better -- not even Carly Simon; sorry. He brings tears to my eyes -- "Run For The Roses" and "Beggar's Game". He is so funny and comical. I have now seen him 4 times in concert over the past twenty years. I wish it had been more. No one touches my heart like he does. His music and words go right through me. I just appreciate him so much. ~ Linda

CLEARWATER, FL -- I will say that I think it's the best performance of Dan's I've ever seen and I've seen many. His voice and guitar/piano were perfection and heavenly. The thing that touched me most was his warmth, his humor and most of all, his humility. When he received a standing ovation for "Run For The Roses" it seemed to overwhelm him so much he was actually shy about it. His bows are very humble and gracious. I like that about him. He just keeps getting better and better. I am very grateful to have been able to attend this concert of a lifetime. Dan is timeless. God bless you Dan and I pray you continue touching our hearts and souls forever. ~ Ranae

CLEARWATER, FL -- The man is amazing. His talent is exceptional, his humor delightful. He has a gift of reaching into our hearts and souls -- touching the best parts of us through his art and genuine warmth.

I attended a few shows this tour and have seen Dan in concert many times through the years. I have to say the concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater Florida was the best I have ever experienced!! Dan played to a sold out audience who, in my opinion, were there for the love of the music and the artist. We were happy and appreciative of anything he chose to perform that night. He held our hearts cradled in his music and his spirit for two solid hours. Many of the songs that evening received standing ovations. He could not escape the thundering applause for his performance and graciously came back for two encores,"Gambler" and "Along The Road", both of which touched our very souls. The energy in the place was magnificent and so was Dan. His performance was supreme. I left that evening with the feeling that my favorite artist gave to me and everyone there his very very best musically, without a doubt. But there was more to the evening. There seemed to be a gentleness and peace within Dan that flowed freely in a very warm and loving manner, touching all of our hearts. He humbly acknowledged what I know he felt from us and allowed the love and energy to flow throughout the room through all of our spirits. The night was amazing! I remember thinking while walking to my car still in the glow of the magic that if I never saw Dan in concert again it would be okay because I had just experienced perfection. "I thank you for the music and your stories of the road" and a very special evening. ~ Laurie

DENVER -- As a present to myself on my 38th birthday, I planned a 4-day trip from Lawton, Oklahoma through Santa Fe, New Mexico and then to Denver, Colorado just to see Dan Fogelberg in concert at Red Rocks. It was the first time to ever see Dan in person. Needless to say, it was a very emotional experience for me. I heard every note he played and every word he sang. And what a perfect setting the Amphitheatre was for his beautiful voice. I managed to find myself sitting on the front row in awe of his presence. And, not to mention how handsome he is, he will always be #1 in my heart. His performance on the stage made me feel as if I were casually sitting in his living room as he played only to me. He plays the guitar and sings with such ease and fluency, I can never tire of all that he has to give to us through his music. I was introduced to his music by my friend, Richard, in 1978 and I have been a devoted fan ever since. I also played the guitar at the time, and I was always trying to play his songs but with such disappointment, he is a "master at his craft". It just so happened that I was at the concert with the very person that introduced me to his music. I am proud to say that Richard is now my husband "and" my best friend. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening, being with the only two constant people in my life. I guess you could say Richard and I both grew to love one another listening to his music. I don't have to convince anyone how talented and inspiring Dan and his music is to us all. Through his music he shares his pain, his joy, his sadness, his dreams, his passions, his hopes and yet it feels as if he is speaking to each of us as if it were our pain, our joy, our sadness, our passions and our hopes. His music makes me feel as if he knows my heart inside and out. It seems that he has known me even before I knew of him. In return for his gift of music to my life, I am a devoted fan and follower of his musical works. No other artist has touched me the way his music has touched me. He is a true gift from God. He deserves nothing but the best that life has to offer. ~ Denese Freeman

DENVER -- As I boarded the plane to Denver, Colorado, I wondered why in the world I was traveling so far to see Dan Fogelberg. Were my friends right? Was I crazy or what? I landed on the 15th row at the amphitheater at Red Rocks Park. I had a good view of the stage. The place was full of people by the time Fogelberg took the stage. It was great to see so many fans there. Dan was at his finest. I enjoyed the concert immensely. Combine a Dan Fogelberg concert with the mountains and you are left with lifelong, wonderful memories. To my surprise, when Dan played certain songs, I held back tears. The concert turned out to be an emotional experience for me. After my third attempt to fight the urge to let the tears flow, I started wondering why this particular show was effecting me in such an unusual way. And then it hit me. Dan Fogelberg is the one of the few things in my life that I have held on to throughout the years. Friends, lovers, jobs, pets, family, hobbies and school have been in a state of flux during my 37 years of my living. Things change. That's life. But one thing in my life has not changed. My appreciation for Dan Fogelberg's talent. I attended my first Dan Fogelberg concert in my hometown when I was 13 years old. After the concert was over. I wrote about the experience. I stored what I wrote in my HomeFree album cover. Years later, I accidently found it. What a treasure! The paper I wrote on is now aged with a golden tint but the words I wrote are still there. One young girl's dream of seeing her favorite performer was fulfilled and then immortalized by words written on a piece of paper. It is a review written by a 13 year old after attending her first concert in 1976. Would you believe that even the names of the songs he performed were written down? Who would have known that 20 years later, people would be sharing their reviews and a set list of Fogelberg concerts on the internet? The concert of 2000 at Red Rocks made me think about life. Things always change. I have changed. It is bittersweet to realize that time passes so quickly and brings changes for all of us. It is bittersweet to realize that a 13 year old girl turns into a 37 year old woman just as a young rising star turns into an older, less popular but still much loved and accomplished performer. Yes, sometimes it seems that Dan Fogelberg and I have grown up together. Separate, but together. Time passes and brings change. I love growing and changing but I also love having at least one constant in my life. One thing that everyone knows about me. One thing that has not changed. One thing. It just gives a feeling of security to know that Dan's music will always be alive in my heart and on my CDs as long as I live on this planet. And as long as Dan is giving a concert at Red Rocks, I'll be there... Go ahead! Call me crazy. I'll take it as a compliment. ~ Beverly K

DENVER -- Well first of all the "Red Rocks concert" was so incredible even though it seemed to short..of course as a die hard "Fogelberg fan"--I mean serious was too too short. He is so communicative with his audience and his fans..we felt appreciated. He showed so much humbleness and gratitude and we showed complete adoration for this man of music. About his performance--he is the single most talented man ever. His lyrics are so insightful, his voice so angelic and his skill so perfected. I am a new fan (fairly) and have yet to scratch the surface of this great musician. Oh! and so can this all be? ~ Veronica

EASTON, PA -- Heaven on earth! This was the fourth time that I have seen in Dan in concert and it just edges out the third time as the best! His music was incredible as always, but his relaxed and friendly manner with the audience really made the night. He was witty, clever and relaxed. He seemed to be having just as much fun as we were. The music was the best...he played a great variety from all his many records. The highlight was when he played "my song"... "To The Morning". I cried the whole way through it! I floated home! Thanks, Dan. ~ Marsha

GLENSIDE, PA -- I've waited 28 years to see Dan live, and it was worth the wait! It's difficult to find words to describe my emotions. He played to a packed house on a Tuesday night, and as he walked out on stage, his physical presence was electrifying. To be less sophisticated, the sight of him made me weak in the knees! :) ( I may be pushing forty, but I'm not dead!) He opened with "Part Of The Plan", and I was in awe. He is the consummate professional. It's one thing to create a perfect recording in the studio, but it's his ability to perform live so beautifully that sets him apart. Though I was in awe of his talent, I also had the feeling that I was listening to an old friend. I've grown up with his music, and seen him grow as well. As I've gotten older, I've felt more connected to him and his music. Maybe it's because I understand it more and I can better appreciate what he's gone through in his life. As he began "Forefathers", my eyes filled with tears. I sometimes wonder what that incredible connection is that he seems to achieve with his audience. His music and the sound of his voice not only reaches the ears, it penetrates the soul. I thought my heart would burst. Before he started "Forefathers", we all got a laugh. He of course, spoke of his grandmother, now 106. He said she is doing great, but she won't let anyone touch her hair! Then he said, at 106, who cares? He seemed very relaxed. He was playful with the audience and chatted in between songs. I enjoyed listening to him speak and make jokes almost as much as I enjoyed hearing the music. I've heard other musicians say that touring is tough and that sometimes you wake up, and you don't even know what city you're in. Dan made us all laugh when he was trying to figure out the name of the town we were in. He thought that it was Keswick, until various members of the audience set him straight. Then he wanted to know who Keswick was :). I was thrilled with his choices of songs for the concert. I didn't write down the set list, but there are some that stand out in my mind. His performance of "Over And Over" was wonderful. I've always liked the way this song expresses both his tenderness and his vulnerability. It's very personal. His piano playing in "Beggar's Game" was extraordinary, and his voice simply soared. Speaking of his piano prowess, I loved the way he would play in between songs. At one point, he broke into a beautiful piece by Grieg and I was overwhelmed with respect for this man, who has such command of his instrument. He told us about Buckaroo, his Maine coon cat, and he played "Buckaroo's Midnight Ramble". If you're a cat person, it's not hard to imagine a cat's wanderings at night! It was priceless :). He did "Make Love Stay" and announced that he'd finally figured out how to make love stay: to stay away from southern women and stick with those good Yankee girls. Then he said he'd have to be careful what he said once he got south of the Mason-Dixon line. He explained how "Mule Dance" got its name and I thoroughly enjoyed his guitar playing. What a beautiful piece. Though I would miss the sound of his sweet voice, a purely instrumental album would definitely stand alone. I don't know too many popular musicians who I could say the same about. He very easily crosses the line into classical, amongst other styles, and seems to be perfectly at home there. He is indeed a "legitimate musician". What I wouldn't give to have the opportunity to play flute and guitar duets with him! As far as his voice is concerned, I don't think I can say enough good things. It had such a rich timbre and such incredible power. The sound of it seemed to come from the depths of his soul. He had amazing control and his pitch was unfailing and accurate. He maintained this for two hours, and it was obvious that he was giving his very best to his audience. He received thunderous standing ovations and we coaxed him back on stage for an encore, "Along The Road". He introduced it as a traveling prayer for all of us. He sang with such tenderness. Dan, seeing you perform was one of the most joyous experiences I've known. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your God-given talent with us. You inspire me to work hard at my music and to give my very best. God bless you, and come back soon! ~ Terri M.

MELBOURNE, FL -- I had the honor and pleasure of attending Dan's concert here in Melbourne Tuesday night. I hadn't seen Dan for about three years and although it was a similar show, the difference in Dan himself was astounding. The music has always been good and there is always the excellence but it was more this time. It's hard to put into words. Dan looked so wonderful -- not only handsome but very mellow and open, very warm. He seemed to be genuinely happy to be there and was so gracious and humorous. The people just embraced his heart and he captured ours. He took all of those songs of the past and turned them into precious jewels of now. It was like he took them from a velvet box and polished them in our presence -- slowly and lovingly. The new instrumentals were breathtaking! "Nature Of The Game" was one of the best songs I have ever heard. The man definitely has a knack for the blues! "To The Morning" always touches my soul. I was very pleased with the diversity in the set list. He touched on the hits, the ballads, baroque, country and the blues. It's amazing to see one man create so many styles. Truly a gifted man. We were all transported into a magical kingdom that evening -- Dan was the prince, the jester, the knight in shining armor. I bestow my sincere token of admiration and appreciation unto this gifted artist. Bless you Dan and may your music, your words and your inspiration continue to enchant people for many years to come. ~ Claire

POMPANO BEACH, FL -- I must say that Dan is a trooper and put on one outstanding show despite the conditions. The Pompano amphitheatre is a really nice open venue and it was comfortable for those of us in the crowd getting the occasional breeze. Dan came out looking really great and the first three songs "Nexus", "Hard To Say" and "Forefathers" were exceptional. Once Dan got to the piano, the heat and the lights took over and started sapping his energy. There didn't seem to be anything that could help him keep cool up there (wristbands, towels, talc). It took everything he had to concentrate on keeping his fingers and hands in control of the keyboard and guitar strings. I think he was rather frustrated with it all but I will say that none of it hampered his performance. He still played with ease and the voice has never sounded better in my opinion. When Dan finished "Part Of The Plan" and stood up the whole front right side and the back of his shirt were drenched. He must have felt miserable! He did come back and play "Same Old Lang Syne" and that bluesy version goes deep to my toes! Hope he exited into a shower/ air conditioning! Thanks Dan for a great show. We love you! ~ Monica

SAN DIEGO -- The concert at Humphrey's in San Diego would be the last in my journey. The last but not the least! Definitely "saved the best for last". I was really looking forward to hearing Dan perform outside. Talk about magic! The venue sits along a harbor/marina on one side and the Humphrey's hotel surrounding the other sides. Very very intimate. All night there was a gentle breeze blowing off the water. Again Dan came out smiling and waving to the crowd. He began with "Part Of The Plan" . Although I think "Nexus" is a perfect opener, this song managed to get the crowd's attention. Of all three shows I attended Dan was the most funny, talkative and charming at this one. He seemed SO relaxed, maybe it was being outside by the water. He had an ongoing joke with the boaters that had come in the harbor to watch his show (free). And joked with the people whose hotel rooms backed up to the venue. After he sang "Make Love Stay" he pointed to one room and said that the couple went inside during the song and pulled the shades down and turned off the lights. He joked and told stories throughout the evening. He has a wonderful laugh and a very quick wit. Like the past two shows his performance was excellent. As Dan performed each song that evening, time seemed to stand still. I don't know if it was me savoring every minute because it was my last concert, or if it was him savoring every note played, every word sung. Maybe a little of both. It was so good to hear again the songs of the past nights (memories had been created for me). The thing that touched me the most out of all the shows I attended was when Dan came back for an encore and did "Along The Road". Introducing it as a prayer for all the travelers out there and for himself. And saying a soft "goodnight" at the end. What a beautiful end to a perfect show. What a loving send off. And I THINK I saw him wipe a tear from his eye as he walked off stage. I know I was touched to tears. All three shows I attended were all unique in the venue setting and style that went with it but after the first song you forgot about where you were and what was going on in the world around you. For two hours you were held in magic, love, laughter and tears, all from the wonderful music, talent, voice and warmth of Dan Fogelberg. How does he do that? He's been given a beautiful gift and he has shared it well......Thanks Dan for three wonderfully magical, fun evenings. Let's do it again sometime! ~ Kelli

WESTBURY, NY -- Well, I do have a major issue to pick with Dan at Westbury last night : he stopped playing! After two solid hours of moving from the guitar to the piano to the guitar to the piano and playing, perhaps, the most beautiful troubador music of the 20th (and now the 21st) Century, he had to stop. Now, the morning after I am just waiting for my next opportunity to see him. It will be a few hours until I can put on his records again because the memory of his live presence in the music and at Westbury is still so strong in me. Last night he sang and played songs that I’ve known for years in such a newly inspired way that I was hearing them again for the first time. I’ve seen Dan twice before (I came to him rather late - in the mid-eighties) at the Beacon for the ‘West’ tour and the solo acoustic tour. He is always inspired and impeccable. However, the big difference last night was the amount of fun he was having with the audience. He admitted right off the bat that he was less than 24 hours off his boat in Maine and he felt like he was going "back to school.” That made me realize that the music was going to be even more important to him because it is in the music that he would be able to triumph over his ocean experiences by moving into his own imagery. He played with us from the beginning. When one man dared to tell him that his music was “too bassy” Dan wouldn’t let him forget it. “Everyone’s a critic” he said and for the rest of the evening he kept checking in with the audience to make sure he wasn’t offending anyone. At one point he said to someone, “Now you have something to say about the vocals?” I found out things about him last night that I didn’t know - like his 106 year old grandmother, his Scottish sense of humor, that he felt kind of talk deprived after spending 6 weeks on the boat, and that he loves his cat. His ability to go between the relaxed interplay with the audience into the absolute truth and reverence to the song is incredible. I was so proud of the way he politely asked people to stop flashing pictures while he was playing. (However, by the end of the concert they were doing it all over again. People!) What can I say about the voice that got richer as the evening deepened? About the finger work on the guitar and the piano? About the concentration? About the energy? I must admit, the opening "PART OF THE PLAN" was a little bassy but they quickly worked out the balance problems. I love the guys who go on stage and keep getting him warm water and new guitars. What kind of miking work do they do on the Yamaha to give it that magical effect? Who is playing the back-up synthesizer? Dan’s baroque and blue grass guitar instrumentals were highlights of the evening. So, when is he just going to do a guitar picking album? (Actually, I don’t know if I could handle a whole album without his words - but that country/baroque thing is gnawing at him - I can tell it.) Gotta stop now. Westbury is over. I hope Dan comes back to the Beacon soon. Westbury is okay but the revolving stage is an inadequate solution to the “in the round” format that I don’t particulary like. Well, now I’m left with my mug, my magnet, and a Fogelberg Fog surrounding me. P.S. When the binding cracked and the pages turned to yellow my heart broke. ~ Scott



DENVER -- What can I say, The show was incredible. Dan was at his best. He never ceases to amaze me with his gift as a musician and entertainer. We sat in a few hours of down pouring rain (talk about serious fans), it was freezing, most of us wearing shorts. What a sight we must have been to Dan when he came out and the amphitheatre was packed with colorful ponchos, umbrellas and dripping wet fans. Some of had been there since noon waiting and one I know was there by 8 am and one at 10 am. What a fun day we had talking and waiting for Dan to come on stage, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. He played the old favorites and the new ones. He even did "Longer" (which has never been my favorite) and I had goose bumps (not from the cold either). Maybe it was the rolled up shirt sleeves. : ) Dan was a perfect mix of serious and fun as always with his little jokes, fun props (Christmas tree etc.) and the cow in a can. We were sitting directly in front of him so of course I can mention that he looks wonderful-- better than ever. I still just stare in amazement when he plays the guitar, he is so versatile and then to walk over to the piano and be able to play it equally as well, I wish the show had gone on all night. What a great show, he played for 2.5 hours nonstop, he is so so so good. I am sure that everyone that went to Red Rocks this year will agree with me that waiting in the rain (with all our fun new friends) was well worth the show. Dan just proved once again that he is the "man" and there is no one else like him. I hope he continues to tour at least a few more years, I will get on a plane any day to see him at Red Rocks. ~ Sue

DENVER -- In a word, awesome! This was my first Dan concert and what an absolutely wonderful experience it was. Seeing Dan Fogelberg at Red Rocks.....I just can't say enough. My husband and I flew in from Atlanta, Georgia just for the concert, a birthday gift from me for my husband. He is a longtime (as far back as the '70's) Dan fan who has seen him in concert many times. The weather was stormy and rainy for most of the afternoon and evening until about 10 minutes before Dan took the stage. The skies parted and it remained dry throughout the concert, we were blessed! Dan opened with "Nexus", did two encores, "Same Old Lang Syne" and "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler". Every song in between had me captivated. As the crowd began to venture from their cars wearing ponchos and rain suits, I became more and more skeptical that this large, rain soaked crowd would not be respectful of this marvelous musician. I was in awe at the respect shown by this crowd of 9000+ fans. Dan was very conversational with the audience, and as I would expect really seemed to enjoy playing in Colorado. It was obvious that he was having a great time, actually quite comical at times and very entertaining. He performed a selection from his about to be released Christmas CD ("First Christmas Morning"), dressing up the piano with a lit-up Christmas tree and stocking. He added a small plastic horse to the set for his energetic rendition of "Run for the Roses", one of my all-time favorites. Others that he so magnificently performed were:

"Leader of the Band", "Captured Angel", "Todos Santos", "Old Tennessee", "Hard to Say", "Longer", "Part of the Plan" (which was vocally requested from about the 50th row), "Make Love Stay", "Forefathers" (before which he made mention of his 105 year old grandmother), "To The Morning" (the first song he ever wrote, at the age of 18....quite insightful for an 18 year old), "The Reach" (dedicated to the late John Denver), "Morning Sky", "Don't Lose Heart", "Road Beneath My Wheels" and a Fogelberg rendition of "Eleanor Rigby". I could have sat and listened to him for more hours that I can count. He is absolutely THE BEST!!! I am thankful every day that my husband introduced me to this masterpiece of an artist. He is definitely one-of -a-kind. This may have been my first time to see him perform, but I don't intend for it to be the last. I look forward to the next tour that he makes. Dan, please come back to the southeast!!!!! ~ Fans forever......Jeff and Beth (Fayette County Georgia)

LOS ANGELES -- I saw Dan at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 24th. What a great performance!!! He was so very responsive to the audience, speaking between each song with humor and song inspiration. I have seen him before but never as a storyteller between songs. It was quite refreshing. He did songs from old to new i.e.: "To The Morning" (always a tear-jerker), "Old Tennessee", "Forefathers", "The Reach", "Run for the Roses", "Leader of the Band", "Same Old Lang Syne" just to name a few. His Brazilian acoustic version of "Eleanor Rigby" was interesting. He did a Christmas song that will be on his new album and his words before the song were "I know it's a bit perverse to being playing a Christmas song in July in Los Angeles, but I'm going to do it anyway". He then proceeded to put a miniature Christmas tree on his piano as well as a Christmas stocking to add some ambiance. It was great. The crowd seemed to me completely immersed in his music. No talking, just focused on the artist. Also, I found interesting the age group of the crowd. Late 30's to 60's. All in all, high ratings in my book. My only regret was not ordering my tickets on a timely basis so the seats were a bit far back. He looked super fine in his black suit and crispy white shirt. ~ Calla

PORTLAND -- Dan came on stage around 8:20-ish. He looked great in a white shirt, jeans and sandals. He sat down in a wood chair (I think he must take that everywhere with him).

"Nexus": Beautiful as usual, a great opener. The one thing that has been stated before that I noticed was his voice. It sounded like he had a little bit of a cold or wasn't quite warmed up yet. He got better as the night progressed. After the song he said that it was just him tonight, that he forgot his band behind the couch (cute)!
"Hard to Say": Great as always!
"Old Tennessee": So thrilled to hear this, last time I saw him he played "The Last Nail" from "Captured Angel", but this is another of my favorites off of that album. Great!
"Forefathers": He said that this was about his ancestors, his mother, him, his grandparents, etc. And that to his knowledge it all was true according to his Grandma. Again, thrilled to hear this, my favorite off of "The Wild Places". In between songs, he saw someone on the side stage and said "Hey, aren't you that guy from the Big Chill?" He then introduced us to Kevin Kline. I believe and was told that he is building a house in the Willamette Valley.
"To The Morning": He moved to the piano to play this and said that this was the first song he had ever wrote that he thought "Hey, maybe I can be a musician." He said that all of this songs before this one had really sucked! He did a great job, I love him on the piano.
"Don't Lose Heart": Stayed on the piano and said that he was going to do a fairly new song that was created and ended up on his 4 cd set "Portrait". He was funny, this was the first of many pushes to get us to buy it...saying that it makes a great gift, etc. Did a good job on the song
."Make Love Stay": Went back to his guitar and said that this is one of the few songs that has the word exhumed in it and had us watch for it. When he got to that part everyone cheered!
"Believe In Me": Beautiful. I was glad I got to hear this one. At this point he said that this was off of "Windows & Walls", couldn't quite remember what year that was from.
"Road Beneath My Wheels": Right before he did that, he did a little bit of Bluesy guitar work. Did a good job with this, the crowd liked it!
Now, after this he talked about the "Portrait" CD he did and the new Christmas CD that is coming out in the end of October. Kept pushing the "Portrait" CD (very funny) and said it would make a great stocking stuffer. He did about 4 songs from his new Christmas cd (just parts of them) and they were all beautiful. Instrumental, but beautiful.
"The Reach": Talked about the coast of Maine briefly. He said that this is where he was going after the tour! Again, beautiful, one of my favorites off of "The Innocent Age".
"Todos Santos": Beautiful, beautiful. He said that this was a little town off of California, said that he wished he has some great story about this song, but he doesn't. He just drove through and had lunch and the lunch wasn't that good, but he did get the name for this song.
"Eleanor Rigby" (Instrumental): He said that he always does a Beatles song in his sets. That his father who was a band leader had always included one person's (his favorite) song in his performance and he did the same. The Beatles are his favorite group! He also said that it had a Brazilian take to it and he wanted to rename it the "The Little Old Lady From Ipanema"
"Run For The Roses": Went to the piano and played this beautifully!
"Morning Sky": Came back to the guitar and went into "Morning Sky", great song and great guitar work.
"Leader Of The Band": Got the crowd going even more with this one, again done beautifully.
"Part of the Plan": Started off by saying he had a great night! I love the way he does this live, with the lights and with the way he starts off, great, great!
Encore: "Same Old Lang Syne": Came back out for one more song and did this. Obviously one of the crowd's favorites. I am still undecided if I like the way he does this live over the recording. I can't quite describe it, but the way he sings the chorus is different and I don't know if I like that more. What else can I say?? It was a great day and we would go on the next day to see him in Seattle. The crowd was much different there, there were more people there that just liked his pop hits, not all of his songs. He included "Longer" in his set and got rid of "Old Tennessee", "Believe In Me" and the Christmas Songs. I enjoyed the Winery a lot more. At one point he commented that it was beautiful country there and that if it wasn't for the Rocky Mountains he might be here with us! Also, one thing I had forgotten to say was that he was actually quite cold. He was saying that he needed heaters up on stage with him! ~ Melody

SAN DIEGO -- As a long time major Dan Fogelberg fan, I feel qualified to represent the San Diego fans in a review of his show last night at Humphrey's by the Bay. First of all, before I talk about the show, if you've never heard about Humphrey's by the Bay, then I should describe this fine venue first. Humphrey's has a very good reputation of putting on a solid, quality line-up of major entertainers during the summer and fall. What makes Humphrey's so special is that the shows are outside, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and a great view of the bay and docked sail boats. Take a minute and go to and click on the box that says "view our site". You'll see what I'm talking about. I've attended dozens of shows at this venue and believe me, it is a fantastic place to see anybody. The sound system is very good and there is not a bad seat in the house. Although I would have been happy to see Dan from any seat at Humphreys, I was very fortunate to get my tickets early and land a front row seat. I have seen Dan in concert at least 15 times, and it is a real treat to see him less than 15 feet away. I play acoustic guitar including dozens of Fogelberg songs, and this is the first time I was able to watch his fingers to see how to play the songs the right way. (not nearly as good of course!) As usual, Dan was sensational. The only bad thing I can say, and I really can't blame Dan for this, is that he had a pretty good summer cold going on. He apologized at the beginning that his voice is not at its best and he did sound rather hoarse at times. He managed to get through his show though, without it really affecting the overall quality of his performance. Remember, Dan not only is a great songwriter and singer, but he is a very fine and under appreciated guitar and piano player as well. He took several cough drops during his instrumentals which might have helped his voice as the show went on. Dan has always been great when he's performing with a full band, but he knows how to put on such a good solo show that if you're a true Fogelberg fan, you really don't miss the absence of a full band. As you might have read in previous reviews, he has been particularly talkative with the audience this tour, and sometimes humorous as well. At one point, after he had just gulped down some cold medicine, he said in a stoned voice "wow, I'm really coming on to this Nyquil. Wow, look at the moon, man, see how it's all round and everything". Although he was joking about it, I could tell he really wasn't feeling all that great and unfortunately I think we might have been shorted a few songs that he played at other venues during his current tour. I have read the song list from previous shows, and I have to say that I was disappointed that we did not get to hear "Old Tennessee", "Believe in Me" and "Longer". Other than those three, I believe the song list was identical to most of the other shows for this tour. The audience was very appreciative after each song, especially the more familiar ones. After seeing Dan in concert so many times, I can tell he really does love his fans but he is not too fond of the traveling. I'm sure he means it when he sings "the audience is heavenly but the traveling is hell" in "Old Lang Syne". Although he wants to grant his fans the honor of seeing him perform on stage by scheduling as many shows as he can, he is really ready for his upcoming break that he looks forward to every year. Just before performing "The Reach", he talked about how he is looking forward to his annual visit to his home in Maine. So Dan, if you're reading this, then allow me to speak for your adoring fans. Go relax on your boat off the coast of Maine like we know you like to do. Rest, take it easy, enjoy life! But we all know you have more music inside of you that needs to come out. Your fans will be eagerly waiting for you to return to the studio and to go on the road again! ~ Bob Overman

SARATOGA, CA -- I am so peaceful right now. I had the great privilege of seeing both of Dan's concerts at the Historic Mountain Winery in Saratoga this week. I've kind of lost count, but I think this makes 10 or 11 times that I have seen Dan perform, and 5 of those times have been during the solo acoustic tours of 1997-1999. Each one has been unique and provides me with some very special memories. For those of you who are not familiar with this area, Saratoga is a suburban community just outside the metropolitan area of San Jose. It's a fairly wealthy community, and much of it is nestled in and among some very beautiful hillsides and mountains. The Winery itself is an absolutely charming complex that sits high in the hills above the city, and the view (particularly at night) is just spectacular. The outdoor concert venue is fairly intimate, seating (and I'm estimating here) about 1500 or so people. The seating arrangement allows for many people to be very close to the stage area (Dan commented at one point that he wasn't used to people being so close to him, and he was glad that he had showered!). In short, it is an absolutely perfect setting for the heartfelt and soulful presentation that Dan gives in his solo acoustic shows. I know that many of you out there are suffering with an intense and deadly heat wave. We here in California are so fortunate to not have that particular problem to deal with. In fact, once the sun went down, it was downright cold up in the mountains. You could see your breath, and Dan commented several times about how chilly it was. Most people were wearing coats or were wrapped up in blankets; Dan asked if he could have one at one point! He never took his jacket off (as he customarily does after 3 or 4 numbers), and he came out in a purple ski jacket for his encores! He still wore his sandals, though; wonder if his ankles were cold?!!? It seems to me that Dan just gets more and more comfortable with the audience with every show that he does. The first few times I saw him, he seemed very detached from the people. He may very well still have some nights when he remains more distant than others but, in general, he appears to me to be so much more relaxed and connected with the people. Many people feel compelled to yell things out to him while he's on stage - some of these things are just expressions of gratitude by fans, and some of them could be considered heckling. Dan takes it all in stride, something that I'm sure comes after years of performing experience. His candid and spontaneous responses to these comments are so interesting to watch, and give us some insight as to who the man behind the music really is.

Now for the set list (which was identical both nights): "Nexus", "Captured Angel", "Forefathers", "To The Morning", "Don't Lose Heart", "Make Love Stay", "Road Beneath My Wheels", "The Reach", "Todos Santos", "Eleanor Rigby", "Full Moon Mansion", "The First Christmas Morning", "Run For The Roses", "Morning Sky", "Leader Of The Band", "Part Of The Plan", "Same Old Lang Syne"

Amazing guitar playing. Some new twists on old songs. A few funny new bits (most of which have been described in other reviews). Solid vocals. Great, clear sound system. A seemingly genuine appreciation for the fans and their attentiveness. I'm in my typical post concert "crash" right now - that sinking feeling that comes with the realization that it may be some time before I have the opportunity to see him perform again. I wish I understood why this man's music means so much to me, but I really can't explain it. All I know is that it has become a truly important and inspirational part of my life, and I thank him for sharing his gifts with us. ~ Diane

SARATOGA, CA -- This was the second time I've seen Dan at this venue. It's a great one. The views on the drive up to the site are beautiful, as is the place itself. The moments that moved me most:

My belly: I had a great belly laugh when Dan, at one point, acted like he was coughing up phlegm and was going to spit it into his cup. It was sooo funny to me. I love the mix of reverence and irreverence in him.

My heart: Well, a lot of any Dan concert moves my heart but I was most moved tonight by 'Don't Lose Heart', which I 'heard' tonight differently than I ever have before.

Most moving song: 'The First Christmas Morning' from his upcoming Christmas album. I just loved it. Every cell in me got still. I already know this album will be the gift I give most this Christmas (sorry, not the boxed set!).

And I ALWAYS love when he does the blues. He is such an incredible artist! He called his guitars his 'wooden friends'...this touched me AND I related. I'm pretty new to guitar playing and after a couple of weeks I literally cried one night with gratitude...feeling like I'd finally found a 'friend' whom I could say ANYTHING to....whether happy or sad or manic or angry or guitar can handle ALL of me! YEAH!

Best Audience: Other than one woman who snuck in a camera and snapped a flash pic the audience was great. Very still...present. I liked that I was next to a cowboy and his wife and got to silently witness how much they each liked Dan's music and would look at each other sometimes when a song they especially liked began.

Also impressive was: I was blessed to be walking across the courtyard to check out the merchandise when a long stretch limo pulled up, stopping no more than 4 feet from where I was. Out comes Dan in a BEAUTIFUL purple jacket and some other guy I didn't know and NOT ONE fan attempted to make contact as he walked down the stairs. THAT moved me. The respect of it. Two women were near me and one said, very quietly...twice, "Oh, what a GREAT birthday present."

I love the 'energy field' in most of Dan's concerts (I DO remember a hellish one in Gainesville, Florida years ago. Rudest audience I've ever experienced in any concert I've ever been to.) I was moved by Dan's talking about love. I wish I could remember all he said but it was something on the order of treating or seeing love as A PROCESS rather than....I don't remember the words....oh, somebody else who was there help me. I know what he said, in essence, but I'm not getting the words just now. (What got him going on this was talking about the book 'Still Life with Woodpecker', before singing 'Make Love Stay'.

I was also moved when he spoke of going to Maine soon and that it was his 'lollipop' after 'hours and hours in dark rooms with loud music'. Yeah. Good for you, Dan. I've heard his voice in better shape, though after the first couple of songs he seemed to drop in. He has such range. I wish he'd sing 'Sand and the Foam' sometime (I won't hold my breath).

When he was at the piano his silhouette was on the wall behind him and I found myself watching it instead of him. I liked it. When he came out for the encore he had put the purple jacket on that he'd arrived in and, because of its high collar his silhouette made him kinda look like he stepped out of the movie 'Grease'. Cute.

He told the story of a little girl being with her Mom at a concert recently, right in front of him. The little girl was lounging on her Mom and looked right at him and said "Aren't you getting tired?" Or something on that order. That touched me too. Well, I'd say he's tired. Tired but 'clearer' and more 'in himself' somehow than I've ever experienced him (my first concert was about 20 years ago at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.) He is definitely with the audience in a way I have not seen before.

Lastly, I notice how I prefer to go to Dan's concerts alone. I like being reflective before, during, and after. I always make it an event. I usually listen to him on the way (today I listened to an old radio interview from the High Country Snows days). Then on the way home I listen to nothing and simply reflect and reminisce about all the depth Dan's music has brought into my life through the years. It's nice to remember like that. Well having just driven all the way back to the heart of Big Sur country it is very, very late and I'm tired myself. Thanks Dan, as always. Blessings to all. ~ Dorothy Thomas

SARATOGA,CA -- I did want to share one story from Dan's first performance at the Winery in Saratoga that I think you will all enjoy. Dan had just seated himself at the piano for the first time of the evening. Someone from the bleacher seats on the opposite side of the stage made a comment about seeing the moon. Dan looked from the piano and could not see it, he then stood up and he still was unable to see it. Then he walked over to center stage...again his view was blocked. He kept moving further and further over until he was standing IN the bleacher section all the while commenting on how he wanted to see the moon. The moon finally appeared in his view while he was standing on the bleachers, he gazed at it, grinning for just a moment, then went back to the piano, sat down, made a comment to the audience about the people on the floor seats paying more but the people in the bleacher section got a view of the moon. Then he proceeded to play a beautiful version of "To The Morning." It was absolutely of many moments I will never forget! Oh such wonderful, sweet memories, I will hold in my heart forever! ~ Laurie

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