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Tell us how Dan's music has inspired you - write us here

Although not a day goes by when I don't think of Dan -- since I'm always listening to at least some of his music everyday, my thoughts are especially with you, his family, friends and other devotees of his music.I've been printing out the lyrics of his songs to show others to help foster a wider base of people who can discover or increase their current appreciation of what he had to say, the life he must have had and the experiences and insight to be able to write lyrics with such depth and sincerity. Not to mention how he could wail on an electric guitar :-) . Best thoughts to all Dan Fans.

I was introduced to Dan's music as a sophomore at Southern Illinois University in 1975 by my room mate. Having grown up in the suburbs of Chicago, I felt an instant kinship to this fellow Illinoisan. Having every album or CD Dan has made, my heart still gets tugged from the old songs, the ones that got him started. I have lived in Texas for the past 28 years and we travel "home" to southern Illinois twice a year. There is something that gives me chills as we cross the bridge into Cairo, the feeling of being on home soil. As we were doing this about 8 years ago, my husband had his MP3 player supplying us with music. So here we are listening to tunes, crossed over the bridge onto Illinois soil and Dan's song "Illinois" came on. I said thank you to my husband for playing mood music and he replied that it was not his selection, the player was on random, and that Illinois just came up next. What a Dan moment! One more quick one - about a month before Christmas I had just entered the grocery store, grabbed a cart and made my way to the produce section. I paused to think about what I was getting when I heard a very familiar voice over the speaker - it was Dan singing one of my favorites "Believe In Me." I just stood there mesmerized and frozen, totally into his beautiful voice, tears forming in my eyes. I stood there until the song was over and thanked God for the beauty of that moment. I always wondered why he would never sing Illinois in concert but was lucky enough to hear him pick out "Believe In Me" solo in Dallas once. I can be back there sitting on the ground in the rain as soon as I hear the first notes of that song. ~ Joanie Ruppel, Keller, TX

I remember when I was a kid hearing Dan's music. It touched me then, and still does today. This past Christmas eve at my parents house all of us were listening to the radio and "Same Old Lang Syne" came on. Both my sister and I yelled "turn it up". Not until then did it really occur to me that I wanted to learn more about the man who sang that song. His voice, the emotion that I feel. It deeply touches my heart. I am so sad that it took me so long to realize how special of a man he was. Everything I have learned by reading and watching his performances on "you tube". It makes me wish that I could've been older in the 70's (funny huh?) that I could go back and see a live performance. He must have been an awesome person to know. Not that I would have ever had the chance, but I'm sure anyone who did received a gift that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. He was a stunningly beautiful man, I guess when people say that "the eyes are a window to the soul" they were speaking of Dan. Is it possible to feel a connection to someone you never knew? My sincere sympathy goes out to Jean and the rest of the Fogelberg family. Also, to anyone who was fortunate to know him personally and to call him friend. Thank you Dan for the music. May God be with you all. ~ Becky B.

I never found the chance to see Dan in concert. That is something I'll always regret. The one time I purposely looked to find time to travel to see him was for the concert tour that was canceled due to his illness. How I wish things had been different. I have been a DanFan since first hearing "Home Free" in 1974. I was hooked. No matter what was going on in my life, there seemed to be a song that Dan wrote with me in mind. How I loved his music! How I loved his heart and soul! There has never been, nor will there ever be, a person more capable of speaking to me, or for me. Dan, you are "The Man" - my Maestro. ~ Carol Jean

I have been listening to Dan's music since my teens and I am now 48 years old. From Home Free to Full Circle Dan's music has brought ME full circle. When it is my time I have already arranged for " NetherLands" to be played at my funeral. I don't look at this as a downer, just a celebration of brilliance and triumph. ~ Michele D.

Dan’s music has been an inspiration to my wife and I before we were married. His music expressed feelings we had so well and even some we didn’t know we had. One day, in the midst of a period when we had drifted apart, I was listening to Captured Angel. As "The Last Nail" finished the realization that I could lose her forever was responsible for bringing me to my senses and leading me back to my girlfriend, later my wife. That union, 28 years strong, has produced 3 terrific children. I have never forgotten that…I suppose that is why I am still so sad. When I visit the site and read the letters and thoughts about Dan I can see he touched so many people in that way. He is missed. Thanks ~ Don Morrison

Years ago when I was a young girl (1980's) I fell in love with the handsome bearded stranger and his music, I dreamed of meeting him one day, I smile now of those early years and my innocent fantasies, Last year sometime, I bought one of his Cd's and logged onto his website only to learn of his struggle with his illness, I never thought it was that serious (I was totally clueless on this horrible disease) as with everything, time went on and I often thought of him and his music, I started playing the CD a week ago and it seemed to hit a personal note with me this time, maybe because I had found the truest, deepest love the second time around, maybe because I'm older and wiser, his voice conveyed all the loneliness and sadness that I felt in the past before love found me and the joy ,love and peace of heart of finding my "Prince" this time, 30 years later. I once again logged onto his website only to find that he had passed away last year, it was around 2 am and I wept in sadness, I read all that I could through teary eyes, I was in shock of it all, I wrote down the few verses that Dan had written to Jean about their Love and showed it to my love the next morning. I play Dan's music almost everyday now and it makes me happy to know that he also found his true love and that death is not the final curtain call, he waits for Jean on the other side and he is happy, healthy and as handsome as ever! So my friend, take heart, love lives on, it cannot and it will not die. I spoke out loud yesterday and told Dan how we all missed him and how his music was the best and he had been given a gift while he was on earth, I asked him to stay close to Jean and give her comfort and I asked GOD to please make sure he got the message. For you Jean, I know, is all I can say, hold on tight. Dan's soul is still around only his bodily house is gone. I promise you and Dan to do my part and get the message of early detection of this disease out there. All my love to you both ~ Tess

It is a different journey that we make for ourselves and even for those among us. I grew up in Peoria, not knowing Dan personally, but having played golf with his brother. Dan's music has always told the story in his heart and he has so eloquently delivered it to and shared it with all of us. Two of his songs have always touched me: 'Leader of the Band' is the anthem to our fathers, spoken in words we cannot form and in thoughts we cannot express. "Same Old Lang Syne" is our ode to adolescence expressing the pain of growing up and of looking to the past for justification and personal condoloscence. I had to smile as I read of Dan and the Coachmen in Peoria who performed for a long time as Paul Revere and the Raiders wannabees. I went to school with two of them and always laughed at the costumes and it certainly does not fit Dan. Thank you, Dan.

As a professional musician and music teacher I have always been inspired by singer/song writers. Of course the Beatles were a huge influence as were many others. One of the only artists I care to listen to over and over is Dan Fogelberg. I became a fan in 1979 with the Phoenix album. Dan's song writing ability coupled with his beautiful voice is a winning combination. His guitar playing was always fantastic and well thought out and highly under rated. I don't think most people realized that all the guitar work was his. It's been almost 30 years since I first discovered Dan's music and I still listen to him on a regular basis, more than any other artist. He is one of my all time greatest heroes of the music industry. His songs have integrity and beauty that will last for generations, long after the pop artists of today are forgotten. ~ Chuck Hughes, Mountain View, Arkansas

I first came across "Longer" in your Greatest Hits album when I was 14. I was bored at home and playing my brother's records to kill time. I had never heard of you before, but when I heard "Longer" and listened to the lyrics I was mesmerized. I can't imagine any love story more beautiful than this. I never found a true love like the one in "Longer", but it was good to dream about it. And there was "Leader of the Band" on the same album and the words just make me want to cry. I fell in love with your music and lyrics and your voice that convey the true feelings of the stories. I started following your music and loved every one of them. Then in 1990 when I was struck by another one of your magical creations, "Rhythm of the Rain". That same year I moved and broke a guy's heart and "Rhythm of the Rain" always bring up the guilt.Over the years I have heard many, many other songs and also loved many of them, but none move me like yours do. It is because you wrote them with real experiences and with your heart and soul. I thank you for sharing that part of you with all of us out there. ~ SL New York

The other day on my XM I heard the song "Ghosts" (great song) and remembered how much I like Dan's music. It just happened that I went to Best Buy and purchased Nether Lands, which was once a part of my 8-Track collection. Listening to the album (you can still call it an album, can't you?) was like becoming reacquainted with an old friend...thank you. ~ Dennis Fravel, Westerville, Ohio

I am 25 years old and when I was a child I remember daydreaming about Fogelberg's songs. My mother's name is Linda, she use to pick me up and dance with me in our kitchen to "Sand and the Foam." There was always music playing in her house mostly Dan's. All the best memories in my life have a song attached to them. The sad part of all this is the worst times do as well. She never stopped loving his music but a couple years down the road she did stop dancing. I remember hearing her sobs through here bedroom door as she listened to "Go Down Easy." My mom "Linda", lost a lover in autumn of 89'. She lost another in autumn , Nov. 95'. Both accidents were sudden and tragic. "Go Down Easy" is truly her song. As I grow older I cherish the memories of our dancing. I wanted to thank you because even though you may not realize it you where there with us in our hearts, with your words, your songs. We wish you all the best in your struggles you now have before you, and we are with you in our heart of hearts and in our prayers.

Listened to your inspirational tunes since 1972 in N.Y.(my sister introduced me to your fine music), took it to Steamboat, Colo. with me (early 80s), now Florida for the past 18 years...don't stop! Look forward to NEW releases too. ~ Kim

Mr. Fogelberg, I was 10 when I first heard your music and lyrics, I cannot tell you how you have inspired me and my sisters. At a time when we where living in a crazy world. My father was an alcoholic, my mother strived to keep our family together. I love your Home Free. I think that is your greatest achievement. To this day I always listen to Home Free for inspiration. I was disappointed that you did not play anything from Home Free on tour. I Wish you well, please recover soon and COME BACK TO PLAY THE MUSIC WE LOVE AND GREW UP WITH ... I wish you well. PLEASE COME BACK SOON AND PLAY THE MUSIC WE love and God bless you are in our prayers..................xoxo

One of my friends had asked me to stop by his house and help him figure out how to play this song that he had liked by a guy named Fogelberg. After sitting down with our guitars, he put the album on (yes, vinyl) and put the song on. It was simple, beautiful and melodic... It was "Old Tennessee"... Since that day back in the late 70's my (musical) life changed dramatically. The first time I had a chance to see him live was when Nether Lands had just come out. Saw him in Carnegie Hall in NYC...Solo... He opened with "Nether Lands" and his voice was absolutely perfect. He impressed me so much, that since that day I have never been able to find another artist that moves me the way he does. I honestly don't think I ever will. I have since seen him every time he has come around... I don't even know, it must be about 15 times now and I have had the opportunity to watch him evolve over the years. Based on what I've read about Dan, he prefers to live a private life, which he certainly deserves. BUT I cannot believe how little acknowledgement he has received from the industry. Yeah, I know. No big deal. It's the fans who love him most and that is certainly true. But when I see the artists of today patting each other on the back and handing each other awards like they're going out of style, I can't help but think of Dan and all the great music he has put out through the years. This man deserves to be acknowledged as not just the unbelieveble talent that he is but the man that he is and what he stands for. He is special... very special... and we are blessed. I wish I had his talent of verse to describe what I am feeling but I do not. All I can say is, thank you Mr. Fogelberg. ~Terry

I was 18 years old, on a canoe trip through the boundary waters of Canada, when I first heard Dan Fogelberg over the loudspeaker, as I paddled across the lake on my way back to the main lodge. I had been out in the boundary waters for a week and I heard this incredible and inspirational voice from a far. All that I an remember was how wonderful and calming the music was. It was the song, "To The Morning." I was so inspired from that moment on. I have collected every one of his albums/CD's and listen often for peace of mind from my chaotic world. I have played the guitar and felt an unbelievable spiritual closeness to this music. I had written songs of my own that were similar. I cannot put that time and moment into words. It is one of the most special times of my life, and the beginning of embracing Dan Fogelberg's music into my life. There are no other performers, in this world, who compare. His music says everything I have experienced in my life and has helped me through many heartbreaks and experiences. I miss his music and have only been able to see him in concert one time, which was so wonderful, a full moon over the stage and an excellent performance. I have bought tapes to see other concerts, also as spectacular! I am 48 years old now, a Hospice nurse, and I will always listen to Dan's music for comfort and reassurance. I will always be able to place myself in that canoe, hearing such beautiful music, while paddling slowly across the Canadian lake. Very Thankful and with love ~ Kathie Vanderpool

What can I say about Dan's music that so many others haven't said? It has a special place for me. I started dating my wife back in 1979 and I had been listening to Dan for a couple of years, but the Phoenix album became a favorite of ours. Over the years, both good and bad times, we learned to appreciate Dan's music more and more. I'm happy to say we are still together and still listen faithfully. I only wish Dan would get to the Cleveland area more often. Thank you Dan for being such a part of our lives. ~ Mike in Ohio

I just happened to be going through some of my albums from the 70's and came across Dan Fogelberg. It didn't take long for his music to bring me back to a former chapter in my life which involved my adolescent years. Need I say more. I found myself sitting on my front porch with my dog by my side. It felt like I had just heard his songs yesterday and I was surprised to find that I still knew most of the words. As I listened to his poetic and profound lyrics, his voice as harmonious as the wind through the trees, tears fell as the very being of my soul was shaken and yearned to once again be part of nature, surrounded by the earth, the trees, the wind and the sky. No distractions! I was impressed reading his biography and amazed at his natural and inherited talent and the focus he had at such a young age. He seems to have been able to keep himself grounded and his love and respect for nature makes me admire him even more. As I read his story, I found some funny coincidences which I could correlate with my life. I am a fellow Leo, my mother also had a guitar with Hawaiin hula girls on it, my last name is Phoenix like the title of one of his albums, one of my favorite female vocalists is Joni Mitchell and I have a teenage son who is a very talented guitarist. I am looking forward to turning my son onto his music and hope that Dan Fogelberg can be as much an inspiration to him as many of his other favorite artists are such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley.I saw Dan Fogelberg in concert in the past which was memorable and I look forward to seeing him when he tours this fall. Sorry this is long winded but happy to have been lucky to have found this website. ~ Brenda

In the early 70's, at the age of thirteen, I found myself homeless in mid-winter. Frightened and alone, I wandered the streets of a small town in Colorado with nothing more than my guitar and a backpack, I played on street corners for tips, finding shelter anyplace there was warmth. The owner of a small record store would often let me come inside and browse the aisles while my fingers and toes defrosted. One day, as he was opening a box of new album arrivals, he asked me what I thought of 'a new guy' - Dan Fogelberg. He put on Home Free. As I listened, the tears came. I felt as if there was someone else in the world who saw it the way I did; that somehow the thoughts of my heart had been captured. I went out on the street and played until I'd made enough money to buy the album. It didn't matter that I had no record player - just having the album was enough. The next few years saw me hitch-hiking from town to town, searching for a place to belong. I continued to collect his albums and learned to play the songs which, literally, became the soundtrack of my life. More than once, his words were the only comfort I had when the road took me to hurtful places; they gave me hope when mine was gone. I played the albums for anybody who would listen, partly for a chance to hear the songs again but perhaps more over to find a kindred spirit so that I wouldn't be alone anymore. It would be many years before I found that love and home I'd so long dreamed of. I still have the albums tucked away in a boxful of memories. Most are too painful to listen to anymore but I keep them, as a reminder of that long ago lost little girl and the poet who kept her dreams and spirit alive. I have often wished for a way to say 'thank you' but as hard as I've tried, there are no words powerful enough to convey how grateful I am for that gift of light in the darkness. ~ Cateland White (Las Vegas, NV)

The first time I heard anything from Dan Fogelberg was in grade school and the music teacher brought one of his albums in for us to listen to and comment on. I fell in love with his music, and music in general, after hearing his song, "Scarecrow's Dream."Of course, after I heard "Leader of the Band" I was even more hooked. Thanks for such beautiful music. It encouraged me to write poetry and books. God Bless!! ~ Dallas Sieck

A thank you to Dan Fogelberg for the music. My father taught us to play guitar. He taught us all to sing, to weave harmonies. We sang in the car, anywhere, everywhere. I heard "Leader of the Band" and knew that somehow Dan Fogelberg knew my father. I read the stories of his father and the music in his life and knew that Dan grew up as I did, with music all around and a father who embraced it with all the love and joy in his voice and heart. Dad lost his fingers in a forest fire, but continued to play a Hawaiian steel guitar. And he sang and he played. And he told us stories of his first guitar, his songs . . .And everytime I listened and sang along to "Leader of the Band" I saw my father and heard him sing. On the last day of his life, we each went to say goodbye. I sat beside his bed and sang "Leader of the Band" from start to finish. All the way through. It was the best way to say goodbye. He was the leader of the band, and his song is in my soul. My brother and sisters, all of us are a living legacy and I thank Dan Fogelberg for giving us the words and the music to express our love for our father - Paul Holland, our leader of the band. Thank you ~ tk

As I listen to the old "Nether Lands" CD, the title song and "Sketches" still make me cry. I am not sure exactly why that is except that it moves my soul with each rising and falling throughout the song. It is a journey for my soul. ~ C.Rigano

There seldom comes a time when one artist can inspire a whole life's musical taste. I was introduced to Dan's music back in the late seventies. It was an introduction to the capturing magic of musical poetry with haunting melodies that would follow me down my life's pathway. His songs capture the cold mountain air of his Rocky mountains home and deposit them in your living room, real enough that you need to start that old log fire. We will never see an artist as inspiring as Dan again for his rare musical talent is unique. I only wish he would tour Australia with an acoustic tour and give us some of the magic you guys in the States have souvenired for such a long long time. ~ Ian Baylis

I got Portrait as a gift for Christmas. I had not listened to Dan's music in years (but I will say that I think about his tunes occasionally). The music was as good as it was back then. I know that I need to follow my heart and act more on my feelings when I make a decision. I will do my best in the coming year to do that. ~ Jon

I have been listening to Dan's music what seems like forever. In college in the late 60's, early 70's, my favorites were Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell and especially Gordon Lightfoot. I am still a real fan of folk music, and like Gordon Lightfoot today as much as I did then. It's fitting that Dan admired Gordon's work too. I can't remember the exact first time I ever heard one of Dan's songs, but I was enthralled and remain so to this day. The best concert I have ever been to in my life was in Dallas at the Reunion Arena when Dan performed alone with just his guitar and a piano. It was truly amazing. My husband and I sat up in the nosebleed section and could hear every word and note. When a pause would come anywhere in the music, you could hear a pin drop....the crowd was so mesmerized and respectful of his awesome talent. I've also seen and heard him play in Richardson at the Wildflower Festival, and that was great too. His music, in all its different moods, has brought out so many emotions, from tears to inner peace. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard him sing is "Bones in the Sky" from The Wild Places. I had never heard it until I bought "Portrait", and now I listen to all four discs. I just purchased Full Circle on line yesterday and haven't even heard it yet, but I know I will love it. It would be a real privilege to meet Dan and to have the chance to tell him in person how much his music has touched my soul through the years and how talented I think he is. The day he puts away his guitar and picks up the paint brush will be a sad one for music lovers, and a happy one for painters. I am happy that he has found a soulmate in Jean, too, and hope he has a happy life. He certainly has brought something to me. A real fan ~ Ms. Jonathell Meyer

It's hard to put into words what happened to my life my first September at college 1978. I heard this song...reverberating in the hard tiled and concrete hallways. I followed it into another student's room. It was the song "Nether Lands". I was forever different. I was just learning to play guitar and the more music I could listen to from Dan, the more inspired I became. By the end of my stay at SUNY Oswego, I was playing songs of my own at the college tavern, but a lot of (very simplified) Fogelberg. I drove cross country, saw Colorado. Camped in Estes Park by myself at Lake of the Clouds. Went to California, tried to get a band together, went solo, and I'm still trying. Twenty-five years later, I still can't believe the power of Dan's music! "Full Circle" is an amazing album, revealing, deep and mature. Thanks for changing my life. Maybe one day, Dan may hear one of my tunes. ~ Mark Steiner

I'm sure it's all been said already. The emotions are intangible. I grew up with DF music as a child in the 70's when I was rockin' to Black Sabbath, Bad Company, Led Zep and Jimi. I was hungry for something new and refreshing and heard Nether Lands and Greatest Hits on a road trip to Maine from NJ. Wow!!! On that trip, nearly 25 years ago, I discovered an artist who somehow had the ability to write about the things I was (and am) experiencing. Amazing but true... The music matches the lyrics perfectly; of equal depth and latitude. From the folk rhythms to the hard driving rock and roll. The symphony orchestrations and movie-in-a-song. From "To The Morning", "The Last Nail", to the influence of Tom Brown, Jr. From love, to lost love(s), to vocalizing the necessity to save the planet. We've walked together connected by the Great Spirit. ~ Matthew Morrison

I visited Colorado for the first time a year ago. When I saw the majestic Rockies I knew what Dan Fogelberg found there. For many years I have been a Fogelberg fan. My children know that he is by far my favorite artist. It is his ability to touch my soul with his music that makes him my favorite. When in Colorado my husband's dream was to run into John Elway, former quarterback of the Broncos. My dream was to have that chance encounter with Dan Fogelberg. I don't know what I would have said other than "Thank you for sharing your gift." For those of us that have to contend with our children liking rap music it brings a smile to my face when they ask to borrow one of my Fogelberg CDs. And the joy to have 2 of them attend one of his concerts with me. Talk about bridging the generation gap! I have seen Dan Fogelberg in concert numerous times and it has always been a great experience but when 2 kids in their early 20's ask if they can go with you it speaks measures as to his gift. Thanks Dan and keep embracing the talent God has bestowed on you. ~ Debi Rodak (Belleville, IL)

My own Father passed away last year and I keep reflecting back with this beautiful and spirited song "Leader of the Band". Certain songwriters can capture images better than cinematographers and Dan is one of those. Many thanks for the beauty that you have given us all in this world. ~ J. D. Berman

Dan Fogelberg is the greatest in my humble opinion. I´ve been following this poet since "The Innocent Age" of 1981. I was then a kid who appreciated good music, now I´m a man who appreciates wonderful words to that music. I'm from a country where talent is everywhere--that country is Ireland, and I love that piece with Tim Weisberg called "County Clare". I have never seen "Dan the man" live and one of my biggest regrets in my life was I had an opportunity while I was living in Hollywood, back in 1987 when he released the "Exiles" album. I now live in Seville, Spain and can you please do European tour sometime, PLEASE!!! Mr. Dan Fogelberg you are the leader of rock, the leader of blues and the leader of ballads. In other words you are "The Leader Of The Band". ~ Johnny

Rolling Stone just came out with their 100 greatest guitarists of all time. How in the world was Dan Fogelberg left off of this list. Dan is certainly one of the most accomplished guitarists ever. Choose your weapon, acoustic, electric lead or rhythm, Dan is simply amazing. Listening to Dan playing guitar on any of his albums is awesome, watching him play live is simply mesmerizing. If you have ever seen Dan play "Nexus" live during one of his solo acoustic tours, you can not comprehend how that lone guitar he is playing makes so much sound. You look around the stage and wonder, "Where are the other four guitarists?" ~ WJRain3

Dan Fogelberg has been the best thing that has happened in my life of music. The man has so much talent and I never tire of listening to his misic. He is a poet who can put wonderful lyrics to beautiful music and I feel so blessed that I have been able to listen to him for so many years. His music never gets old or dated. I've been lucky enough to see him 5 or 6 times live and I just love the way he changes songs and makes them BETTER. Amazing. I hope he continues for many years to come. We need him. ~ a lifelong fan KABEEM94

Inspiration, awe, passion for life, love and Mother Earth, joy, enlightenment, gratitude, hope, reverence, respect, peace...these are all feelings and emotions elicited by the music and poetry of Dan Fogelberg. I have never met him, but like so many of his fans, I have felt a spiritual connection to him since first discovering "Part of the Plan" over 25 years ago. I have seen him only three times in concert, most recently on a rain soaked night in Raleigh on June 7. I am moved to write and simply say thank you, Dan. Thank you for continuing to share your father's gift of music and your mother's gift of words with all of us who have been (and "ever on" will be) touched by your legacy of song. Thank you for giving our hearts, minds and souls a home. May God bless you always. ~ April (Charlotte, NC)

I always am inspired when I see the video for "Go Down Easy", which is easily one of the best videos ever made. It reminds me of my mother.. Don't know why, it just always does. Very emotional, and I hope every Dan Fogelberg fan has seen it !! ~ Brian Mccauley (New Lexington, OH)

Full Circle seems to sum up my love of Dan Fogelberg music. It started in the early 70's when I was a teenager. I had every one of his albums (love the picture on Souvenirs). My best friend and I loved his music and we dreamed of moving from NH to Estes Park Co. Over the years his music has only gotten better. I have seen him in concert several times, sometimes solo and sometimes with his band. On June 7 I attended his most recent concert in Raleigh NC, where I live now and It took me back to those great teenage years at my friend's home listening to Dan Fogelberg and dreaming of what we would become. Seeing him in concert has made me dream about my future again -- something I have not done for a while. I am now the mother of a teenage daughter who loves music as much as I do and I feel I have come full circle. I hope someday to be able to meet Dan face to face to tell him how much he has touched my life and what a God given talent he really has.~ Louise Crites (Raleigh NC)

Thanks Dan, it was worth the wait. Full Circle is a very welcome gift. I've got a few good friends in my life and I consider you one of them. You have been a friend along the road for quite a while. Kind of a strange story. Back in my younger days, I had several friends that were named Mark, the same as mine. I thought it was coincidence, but someone once asked me if I gravitated to those people because of the name. Hell, I don't know, but they were and continue to be my best friends. The same is true about your music. From the early days of "Next Time", "Sweet Magnolia" to "Song of the Sea" and now "Icarus Ascending" I have gravitated to your music. I'm not sure why, (and I'm sure my wife and kids wonder why as well), but I think it is because your music has paralleled my life. Your music has hit a chord with me and my life. I can build a network, build servers, connect routers and set up wide area networks, but I only wish I could write and sing songs like yours. Thanks for your music and your inspiration. ~ Mark

I've been listening to Full Circle for the past couple of weeks and enjoy it more with each play. Dan has been my favorite artist since '79 with Phoenix. I was 15 yrs old, just moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona, feeling angry and lonely and lucky me, found Dan. My first concert was Dan at the old Compton Terrace and ticket prices were very cheap! I love the lyrics to "Icarus Ascending" and "Half Moon Bay" is a beautiful lead-in to "When You're Not Near Me." Many years have passed since I first discovered Dan's music and now I have three children who run around the house singing his songs! We are just waiting for him to come to the Phoenix area so we can go to a concert...hint, hint... I'm glad Dan is still producing beautiful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics for music lovers everywhere and I want him to know that we Dan fans are ensuring his legacy continues by exposing a new generation to his music! (Brainwashing is essential to save yourself from Brittney Spears!) ~ Debbie Paree

He continues to leave me visualizing and yet I relate completely to exactly what he is sharing in his lyrics. He is, and always has been, a constant parallel of shared experiences (be it imagined or real). "Full Circle" is just another fullfillment of so many joys, heartaches & potential successes to be experienced. My husband died of cancer in October of 2002. 30 years of marriage to match Dan's 30 years of being by our side. "Ever On" was played at my husband's memorial service. This new CD, I believe, will be a personal inspiration that will inspire and motivate me to carry on! It already has! "Full Circle", and his tour to promote it, I pray are not the last we will see or hear from this living legacy. Carry on ~ Judy

My story is much the same as everyone else's: this song, that album, during this happy/tough time or that. Aren't we all truly blessed to have "known" this man throughout our lives? I know I will be eternally grateful to the Creator for the gift of Dan's voice and the words of his soul. Dan, may you know love, joy and peace for all your life as humble thanks from all of us who love you. ~ Lauren (Granger, IN)

I just want to thank you for many years of absolutely wonderful music. I have enjoyed your music since the late 70's. Your music was an inspiration to me, as I went through a horrible year, diagnosed with cancer...Yours was the only CD I listened to during my 4 hour sessions of chemotherapy...it helped me cope and made the time pass quickly. Thanks so much for so many wonderful songs!! Love, Health and Happiness to you. ~ Lin

Dan has been my inspiration for 20 years. I started listening to him when I was about 11 years old. I too am a musician and thank god for my guitar and for Dan. I will be seeing Dan for the first time in concert June 25. It is truely going to be a lifes experience for me, and a really really great one! Dan, if you read these, I will see you soon! ~ Jessie

I just experienced a birthday that had a 5 as the lead number. I have been carting a guitar around many of my years. I have made the commitment to do the things I have always wanted to do. One of those commitments is to finally learn to play that guitar. Dan's music has always been a pleasure, not just to listen to, but to be a part of. The guitar has allowed me to not only to participate, but become a member of the spirit Dan's music. I live in Idaho. The girl that was the main character in the"Go Down Easy" video was an acquaintance. I was living at SUN VALLEY ski resort at the time, guitars and music were prevalent. Dan's music was played quite a lot. To Dan, thanks for the music.~ Dan

What a great honor it is to finally have the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Dan for his music and philanthropy. First his music...In 1979 I was a freshman in High School. I was a young guitarist and aspiring songwriter. My dreams were in place, I had a thirst for music, its energy, its poetry and its overall inspiration. Up to that point in my life I had grown up in a musical family. My grandfather was a banjo maker, My grandmother a pianist. My father was an irish immigrant and a singer of traditional irish folk songs. My mother studied and consumed high quantities of Classical, Opera, and she also loved Folk music. I was more of a British Blues and Rock-n-Roll kid. As was my older brother. As a family, we moved around alot almost like gypsies and my brother and I shared our love for music with friends we made as moved along.I'll never forget, in December of that freshman year I walked into a local record store and heard this incredible music playing. It was the Phoenix album. I bought it and I was in for the long haul when it came to Dan Fogelberg, that album and all the others particularly, Captured Angel and Windows and Walls. For sublime, unknown reasons I am drawn particularly to those.Today, I have driven many roads and travelled far and wide in the pursuit of my own voice and guitar style. A voice that without question in my own heart is directly influenced by Dan's music and style either obviously or not. Since 1988, I have independently released 5 albums and a new one is on the way for this summer. I cannot express enough my deep personal respect and thanks to Dan for helping my dreams, taking me away from my woe and helping me through my journey in life as a musician.Also, I have to say thanks for helping me gain a greater knowledge and respect for our planet, its Wild Places and its future. Not to pontificate. But to teach. Teach empathy and harmony. Again, thanks for this opportunity. Peace to you Dan. See you along the road ~ Ian Charles (Singer/Songwriter ~ West Hurley, NY)

I have been a fan of Dan Fogelberg's music for about thirty years. I have seen him in concert twice, and I have bought every "album" he has ever made. Fogelberg and his music has been a savior for me troubled times. About two years ago, my son was diagnosed with Leukemia. My son has battled for life, going through treatments that have been very rough for him and my whole family. Unfortunately, he has a long uncertain road ahead of him. Listening to Mr. Fogelberg's music has rejuvenated me in caring for my family. I thank you so much Dan in providing me the strength to carry on. ~ Larry G. Luther

The first time I heard Dan's music was at a friends house and they were playing Nether Lands. I fell in love with it immediately. I had to know who it was. When I found out I ran out and bought it and I've been hooked ever since. I guess my favorites to this day would be Nether Lands, The Innocent Age, High Country Snows and Souvenirs. His music makes my heart soar. It really touches me. I've seen him in concert several times in various places alone and with the band. I will be going again this summer to see him at the Fraze Pavillion in Dayton, Ohio. He never disappoints me. Another thing I love about Dan's music is that I can sing to it, which is something I will be doing the rest of my life! Dan is a fabulous song writer, singer, and live performer. I look forward to seeing him for years to come! Thanks for the memories. ~ Bonnie L. Bernet (Dayton, Ohio)

I have been a HUGE fan of Dan's for many years, and various songs have spoken to me differently throughout phases of my life. I have to write of the most memorable, knowing Dan himself may never read it, but feeling strongly that it has to be said. Last June, 2002, my best friend was diagnosed with advanced, aggressive lung cancer. She was only 48, with two daughters, one 26 and one 8. Her family is in England, except for her daughters and alot of friends that she had inspired and touched throughout her life. One of those is me. Living close by and being blessed by her trust, I stood in as surrogate sister throughout many dr. appointments and various treatments. This was the most helpless time of my life. Filled with anger, fear and anguish at what this gentle soul was going through, I could find no release for my feelings, as I was determined to be as strong for her as she was for all of us. I turned to Dan and discovered "To the Morning". I feel that God put this in front of me at the right time, as I had every album but that one already. Your words, the inspiring music were my constant friends during this most difficult time. It helped me to realize that though there was nothing I could do, one day, indeed, morning would come. My friend died in the arms of her daughter and surrounded by a group of awe-inspiring women who I am so grateful to call my friends. It was an amazing experience, if death could be beautiful, this was as close it could be. As we held her, each other, and her daughter told her it was okay to go home, she slipped quietly away. It's been a couple of months but I still shake as I write this. My friend touched my life deeply, and I will always think of her when I hear your words.I am traveling from FL to GA to see the concert in June, and I now have every cd, looking forward to the new one. I had to let you know how you have touched my life when I needed it most. Thank you for all your words, all your melodies. ~ Suzanne

There are certain places you return to in life time and time again that are reassuring and reflective. Dan Fogelberg is one of those "places" I return to frequently. When I first heard the Nether Lands album years ago, it brought to me a piece of mind that no ther artist has given me. To this day it is still my favorite album he has ever done. Dan has been with me and will continue to be with me on my life's journey. I really couldn't do it without him. His music has been with me in my youth, his music was at my wedding, and his music helped me greatly in dealing with my dad's passing. I have seen him several times here in Tampa, solo and with his band. Never have I walked away disapointed. He treats his audience as friends, not as people below him as so many other artists do. Dan, I thank you for thirty years of wonderful music and stories. Here's to the next thirty. I'll be listening. ~ Mark

All I can say is Dan's music has helped me through a lot of bad times over the years and for that I thank him!!!!!!! ~ Brian Scotland

Ah, Dan... what a soothing sound to not only my soul but to my 5 year old son's as well. His father is a big fan and we would always listen to "To the Morning" and it was the best part of the day. His father is no longer in our lives but we still listen to Dan and it soothes his soul when times are tough. Thanks Dan for being there for my son . ~ Shelly

I am Creek, Native American, and Dan's music has spirituality and innocence. I saw "An Intimate Evening W/ Dan" concert in Huntsville in the 80's and it was one of the most beautiful concerts I ever attended. He had the whole place singing! Souvenirs is my fav, when I am in a mellow mood, I love the art also. His music is unlike anyone's, his pure heart and reflective persona shines thru like a polished diamond. May Spirit bless him always... ~ Melissa

I have always been drawn to Dan Fogelberg's music. I'm not sure why, it just touches me and more than not, makes me cry. Not out of sadness but rather out of a feeling of nostalgia for times lost or missing. His music sometimes brings those times back to me, like a refuge. Thanks D.F. ~ CHATA29

I have been there for the entire 30 years, from his acoustical performances in small clubs to full band and arenas. Dan's music is a staple in my life especially when I need to quiet my soul and reflect. I love all of Dan's music and look forward to new works and concerts. All my thanks and best for the New Year. ~ Marilyn of CA

How it Inspired me? Dan Fogelberg music was uplifting more then any other music I ever heard in my life.....each album cover was a master work of art.. melodies unmatched.. and words that could be put to use in life....it had humble class, lots of it....I hope someday to meet Dan Fogelberg. ~ wadeky

Dan's music is where I go for hope, joy, peace, and solace. I play the music in my car (always when traveling), at the office, and at home. My all-time favorite song is The Minstrel, which I sing often to myself (well, actually right out loud) driving to and from work. I could not imagine a life without Dan Fogelberg music in it. I often go to Colorado in my mind and picture the beauty of the mountains while listening to the music. It's my mini-vacation, and I indulge often! Thank you, Dan, for adding so much beauty to the earth. ~ Jill in AZ

I had just moved to Champaign, IL in 1972. I listened to WPGU radio and one day they played the most beautiful song. It was called "To The Morning". The words and melody were so uplifting to me and I immediately went down to Record Service and asked if they had this song. At first no one was sure but one guy knew right away and said this is the album you're looking for. I got home, put it on the turntable and listened to "Home Free" for the first time. Dan's music has continued to uplift and inspire me for 30 years. I'm 52 now but the music keeps me young at heart. A lot has changed over the years but Dan's music is always there for me. " Come on morning". Here's hoping that Dan has a new album for us soon and a visit to Nashville where I now live.~ RMATT27

In Estes Park, Colorado, there is a summer camp that has been around since the early 1920's. And every summer, at the end of each term, the oldest boy's unit (14-17 year olds), has an emotional and meaningful ceremony where a special award is given out certain young men who exemplify outstanding citizenship qualities. The ceremony is held in a mountain lodge under the twinkling stars, and at the close of the ceremony, flickering candles are spread to the people throughout the lodge. Dan's "There's a place in the world for a Gambler" begins, and all the young men sing from thier hearts. When the line "Let it shine" is sung, all of the candles are raised in a grand finale of friendship and love. I have witnessed this ceremony many times, and it is one of the most heartfelt things I have ever seen. This song means alot to me, and I thank Dan for writing it. We would love to see him come witness what his song has done for so many young men throughout the years. ~ unsigned

My husband and I saw Dan perform Saturday Evening (August 17, 2002) in Portland, ME at the Merrill Center. It was an acoustic performance like I've never seen before. Perhaps I too have matured and come to appreciate more of what's involved in the artistic process as well as the quintessential nature of his talent and diversity. I am alas, an acoustic fan first and foremost. But even that aside, Dan sprinkles his work with myriad nuances - both subtle and dramatic - at seemingly just the right moments. He has breathed new life into his performances and seems genuine with the audience to a deeper degree than ever before. Of the four occasions I have seen him perform, this was by far his best and most lasting.His maturity as an artist and as a musician/lyricist/storyteller shows in his live work. He is having fun "in the zone" in such a complete and generous way that it allows the audience full immersion too. You surrender fully to the journey he takes you on with complete trust in his competence, timing, and instincts. I have met very few performances of my generation who have the skill, stamina, timing and thirst for excellence as he does -- even 30 years strong. His journey is each man's journey metaphorically and literally. I think he will be known as one of the teachers of our time on many levels; technically, artistically, and spiritually.I was asked once what I would do if money were no concern and how I would spend my time; "I would visit with the Masters," I replied. Dan is one of those "masters" I would most love to talk to, laugh with, and learn from. My only questions remain, (1) what will he do in the future professionally, politically, and spiritually; and (2) how would he come across in person -- does the projection in his work echo in his daily interactions 1-on-1 with the average human being??? I may never know... But it's fun to dream. ~ LT (NH)

I just got home after seeing Dan at the Merrill Auditorium in Portland, ME. This is the city where I first saw him in concert 15 years ago! The other performers were really good too (since this was a benefit for Chellie Pingree - candidate for Senate) but you could tell there were alot of people there ONLY to see Dan. He did a GREAT show! I expected he'd play only a few songs but he did almost two hours worth of new & old stuff. He played his song that he wrote for his Maine Coon cat who died last year - "Buckaroo's Midnight Ramble" . I can't tell you how good it was to have him back in Maine! The question we all want answered now is - "why 15 years???" Hopefully he won't make us wait that long again because it really was a wonderful show. Especially since he spends so much time here in our state anyway!! We sure do love his music. Thanks Dan!! ~ Marty J.

I was turned on to Dan's music by chance. My neighbor had purchased the Phoenix album, just to draw the cover picture in art class. As he was practicing drawing the picture one night I asked him if he had ever listened to it? He had not so i promptly put it on. Needless to say, the drawing stopped and we both were blown away by the purity in this guy's voice, and in awe of his musical ability. I borrowed the album and turned all my six brothers on to it. We ran out and bought every other album he had produced. As I traveled around the world for twenty years (serving in the US Air Force) I played my Fogelberg collection to everyone I came across. They agree with me, his best songs were never played on the radio. I sort of like it that way. I suppose it makes me feel like the best was saved for all his true fans. I now have all his music on CD's but I still prefer to put the album on the turntable and sing along. ~ Marty (Mountain Home, ID)

There are not enough words to describe the music and lyrics to Dan Fogelberg's songs. Whether experiencing the anguish and heartbreak of lost loves or love for the environment and songs that just touch the heart at every level, Dan has that ability to touch one in such a special way. Thanks for the beautiful music, and the many memories. ~ Manny

I first saw Dan at a "Summer Jam" concert featuring the Eagles in the mid-70's. He ended up playing by himself with no band. His vocals and acoustic playing got me hooked and I've been hooked ever since. Whenever I need a little motivation, I just put on one of his CD's. I just saw the 2002 concert last night, it's the 4th one I've seen here in Kansas City and it was fantastic. Come back to K.C. soon, Dan, we love ya. Thanks for 30 wonderful years of music, looking forward to many more. ~ Mike

I have been a fan of Dan Fogelberg since 1972 when I first heard "Part of the Plan" and have been ever since. I own everything he has put out except the Christmas CD. I have seen him live a number of times and every show has been great. He was inspirational in getting me to read the works of Kahil Gibran. He has brought much joy to me and all my friends for years. I congratulate Dan on 30 years in the crazy world of music entertainment.. hope the new CD is as great as the others were, as I am sure it will be. ~ Richard

I'm thrilled to have seen again an entertainer from my youth. From a time that was conflicted, but also simple, a time when a rock radio station run by hippies chooses to play jewels of songs that so many others didn't, and give such a talent an opportunity to connect to hundreds and then thousands of fans. I heard Dan on WZZQ in Jackson, Mississippi. We were lucky, people there realized talent. Local young promoters brought him to us, and many concerts later, we are all mesmerized by this minstrel. We are blessed. ~ Al Underwood (Jackson, Mississippi)

I am a 39 year old male who got turned on to Dan's music in the late 70's when I was in high school. I have always considered myself as a sort of jack of all trades, because I have always been able to excel at whatever I put my mind to. I learned to paint, mainly outdoor scenes, and I then learned the art of photography. I have always been into the great outdoors, and love the solitude that nature seems to provide. And then I heard Dan. Wow. If ever I felt that I had a soul brother, man, there he was. I had also picked up on the guitar, and I found myself learning to play all of his tunes. Dan's lyrics to many of his songs make me feel like he is me, and I am him, but he was the one who was able to put the pen to paper, and write it down, which is what I think most of Dan's fans feel about him. Only recently have I realized that Dan's body of work is a direct reflection of what was happening in his life. I could go on for hours, but I'll end it quick...Dan's music is an inspiration and a trilogy to a life lived, and he shares it in his songs....we are lucky enough to be a part of it, and relate it to our own lives..thank you Dan for all the years...I will be listening and trying to learn your licks forever! ~ Mike Romano

While I'd heard ... and, as a DJ, played ... the single "Longer", I didn't own a Dan Fogelberg album until my father returned from a business trip with the gift of "The Innocent Age." What a discovery for a teenage radio announcer! Surely, Dan is a poet, musician, performer, and storyteller.Don't think me too square, but Barry Manilow is also one of my favorites of the last 30 years, and I have listened to both Dan and Barry's albums countless of times over and over again (I've got the 2nd CD of "Portrait" in my headphones right now!).Want to know how Dan's music has affected me? After 14 years in radio (and then another 5 years as an administrative assistant), I'm now a newspaper reporter in South Carolina who also gets to write his own weekly column.Here's an excerpt from my column for June 10, 2002:"What I like most about Dan Fogelberg is that he is what I consider a modern-day bard. Bards, in medieval days, were traveling singers who used songs to tell stories. That's what Fogelberg does and has always done. His compositions are perhaps the most sophisticated in the business; his albums are full of musical poetry set to symphony.Fogelberg's music has the ability to transport you to other worlds. There's a fantasy feel to many of them, as though you've stepped through a curtain of mist and are seeing and feeling things you otherwise wouldn't. He's also prone to moody pieces of love's struggle, about his midwestern upbringing, as well as political messages, tapping into his love of Native American culture.His entire 1981 double album 'The Innocent Age' certainly evokes a mysterious tone and remains perhaps my favorite pop album of all time. There were no less than four hits from the album: 'Hard To Say', 'Leader of The Band', 'Same Old Lang Syne', and 'Run For The Roses'.For me, listening to these two artists' albums accomplished two things: Barry made me feel better and Dan got my creative juices flowing. They were just what the doctor ordered."I wrote this column after having been in a "funk" for several days. As a fiction writer as well, I'd been having trouble getting back into the swing of writing a fantasy novel I've been working on for a long time. Listening to "The Innocent Age", "Windows and Walls", "River of Souls", and today, "Portrait" is helping tremendously.That's the impact on this 37 year old father of two very young boys. I hope, one day, they, too, will appreciate Dan's music. Goodness knows I'll try.So, when's the next album coming out and will it have all new Dan Fogelberg compositions? I hope soon and that the answer to the second half of my question is "yes." Goodness knows in these times we could use something like "The Innocent Age" again. ~ Martin L. Cahn (The Chronicle-Independent -Camden, SC)

I listened to Dan's music in high school. I would sleep with my walkman playing Dan's music upstairs in an Iowa farmhouse that my father purchased after my grandfather died. I think I have heard his songs more than he has. I wish I were back on that farm... Something of interest: I was once on a beach in Warren Michigan looking up at the sun when I heard someone say Dan Fogelbergs name. I listened as they said how they saw a duplicate of Dan's student ID at the Illinois University where they worked... I don't know if it is still there. [When faced with the past the strongest man cries]. ~ Trimble

I first discovered the music of Dan Fogelberg when I was in high school in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was 1977 and a friend of mine brought over her copy of "Nether Lands". The lyrics read like poetry...we were smitten! (Heavy sigh). Flash forward a decade to 1988. I'm working as an entertainment reporter in Nashville, and my assignment: " Interview Dan Fogelberg at the Starwood Amphitheatre during his "Solo Acoustic Tour 1988 " Just like that. The assignment board had MY name next to it! I was grinning from ear to ear. Of all the artists I had the opportunity to interview while in Music City, Dan was the only one who left me star-struck! :) He was charming, witty, gracious, (incredibly handsome), and very approachable. Of course I was jello, but he was great! The evening was absolutely magical...one of my fondest memories of the time I spent in Nashville. I've got my tickets for the June 4th show in Portsmouth, Virginia. I haven't seen him since that Nashville interview, but he's remained a constant in my life for the past 25 years. Dan, thank-you for continuing to share your gift with us. Very sincerely ~ Lesley Hamer

I don't know how many times we listened to "The innocent Age" together, after we borrowed the album from a friend of a friend in 1982. We had never heard of Dan Fogelberg before. We both feel that no other album is emotionally connected to that time of our past than that particular album. I still can feel what we felt, driving through the country in our second hand Austin Mini, listening to a copy of the album on tape and singing along together. Well, this was all 20 years ago, somewhere in the Netherlands. We got married, got two wonderful sons and we are still together today. Dan Fogelberg has been with us since our own innocent age and we've been following him through the years. ~ Erik

At the end of eighth grade, I witnessed the breakup of my parent's marriage. I spent the last week of the summer at a ranch in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming. I fell in love for the first time with an amazing blonde wrangler there. He sent me the just out "Phoenix" album when he went back to school and when he came home for break, I had my first real kiss. Needless to say, I played that album, especially the "Longer" track, until it was worn away. I continued to write this guy, and also to get a hold of every Dan Fogelberg record I could find. I played them constantly. I dreamed that his voice was this wrangler singing to me and comforting during my turbulant teenage years. But it was really Dan comforting me, telling me to hold on, and that better times would come. I went on to the University of Illinois, even lived on Oregon Street, down the block from the Red Herring and dated a guy from just North of Peoria, where we spent time on that same river when we visited his home. It was not until later on when I read his bibliography on the web that I had even a clue that he went to Uof I or was from Peoria. The wrangler is now an OB/GYN in Flordia, and my college boyfriend is an ER doc at the Catholic hospital in Peoria. As for me, better times came, and believe or not, I ended marrying a guy who dropped out of U of I to pursue his musical dreams! (He is an arranger and jingle writer now). I still listen to Dan all the time and my kids know who he is , too. I continue to "be who I must" and love being a nurse in Evanston, Illinois. ~ Sue

Dan's music was a major part of my early life. In the summer of '77 I had my very first serious girlfriend. She introduced me to Dan Fogelberg's music. To this day whenever I listen to his music I go right back to that wonderful summer and all the glorious feelings I had at the time. "Nether Lands" brings my soul back to life. Like a scent that brings your mind back to a time, Dan's music brings me back to when life was simpler, the days seemed to last forever and love was something so new and strong. I will be playing his music for years to come. ~ Elliot

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dan Fogelberg was returning to the Peoria area, after not being in this area since his appearance in my hometown of Springfield, Illinois in 1997, so, it has been five years. His music has inspired me since 1974. I remember being fourteen years old and listening to "Part of the Plan", and the words from that song have always stayed with me, "Be who you must, it is a part of the plan", I always felt Dan was a true visionary, a very gifted individual.And over the years of my life, Dan has seemed to enter my life, again. At college in 1979, a group played a song, called, "Wysteria", that was the second time I was introduced to his music, so that is when I started purchasing his music. I always felt a connection to him through his music. Then I met him in 1995 in Peoria, along with his band and his Mom, who is a very sweet lady. My son was with me the night I met him, so I do plan to attend the concert in Peoria, Illinois June 18th, again with my son. We are truly looking forward to this. I would love to meet with him again also, but how can a miracle happen twice? Well, Dans' music has inspired me all of my life, and it inspired me to see him in concert again. I hope he tours for many years to come. ~ Susan Kodrich

Last week I was chatting with a 26 year old man on the Internet. I am old enough to be his mother but he'd read a quote from my homepage concerning Dan Fogelberg's music. I had stated that I could listen to the music alone, or I could read the lyrics for the poetry that they are. But, when combined, they take me to the heights of joy. I think he really wanted to make sport of my fascination, but when I quoted some of the lyrics to the song "Nether Lands," he was taken aback and began to take me seriously. I told him that I had heard my first Fogelberg music at a friend's house in 1977, and I went out and bought my own LP that same day. And then I went back the next day and bought every album made up to that time. I explained how a person could listen to each album, in order, and follow the progress of a young man as he grew emotionally. By the time we finished chatting, that young man was thinking about getting tickets for the Fort Worth show coming in May 2002 based solely on the lyric content. Imagine! Another DanFan was born last week. They're getting younger every day. As for myself, I plan to attend the concert with friends. I managed to chat with Dan for a few minutes after a show several years ago. I had his undivided attention for about 5 minutes. I was so awed that I barely managed to put a string of words together, although I did get him to autograph my concert T-shirt and a CD cover. I will always treasure the pictures of us that were made that night. It surely would be nice to meet with him again so I could tell him how much his music had meant to me over the years. This time, I think I could manage much better. ~ Jan

Over the past 23 years Dan Fogelberg has touched me in many ways that I will share here and now. First, he has been a reminder to celebrate one's own life within this world. I look at sunrises, the northern lights, a perfectly still lake at dawn influenced by Dan, his music and lyrics. Beyond that he has taught me to express those wonderful experiences we all have both happy and sad, through words and music. Passing on the gift of appreciation for what we have and experience seems the best way to thank a man I'll probably never meet. When my 4 year old is lip syncing to favorite tunes I remember the piper who played for so many of us for so many years. Here is to seeing him again in 2002! ~ Randy

I am sitting here storming about an enviromental issue our little town is facing and listening to Dan's music. In so many of his songs the core is taking care of what we have and standing up against those who would kill this planet and the people who happen to be here. It inspires me to keep going even though I am the only one pushing a "little" issue of the clean air act. I sit here at times overwhelmed with what I am trying to do and think about giving up but his music keeps me heading against the tide. It keeps me thinking that no matter what......a clean planet is a huge issue. I helps me to stay my course even when other can not or will not take that stand. Thanks ~ C.Rigano

It's been a long time since I've made a posting...but certainly not since I have thought of Dan. In fact, today I was checking to see when the tickets for his Connecticut show would go on sale and listening to his music. But, I THINK I might just have witnessed the very first Dan Fogelberg pop culture reference on television. On tonight's "Everybody Loves Raymond" the focus was an answering machine tape that Ray had saved from 1982 of a girl breaking up with him. At the end of the show Debra asks Raymond if he had listened to the rest of the messages. Ray said, "No. After Karen the only thing I could listen to was Dan Fogelberg." I wonder how many people watching the show understood the reference. Just wanted to pass that along. Hope everyone is well. ~ Freynatic

Sometimes I get away from Dan's music for too long. My kids want to listen to something else or I need Skynard or Tucker to bop down the highway. But....when I do come back it is so nice to climb into the comfort of Dan's world. His music wraps itself around me like a warm robe and helps me to be calm and focused. Then for a week or two that is all I do. It seems like that peace he gives is a needed gift in my life. Without it my life would be less creative and unfocused. Thank you again Music man. See you this summer!!! ~ Corrine

I first heard about Dan Fogelberg when I was 18 in the spring of '80, when "Longer" was saturating the airwaves every minute of the day. I remember the DJ linking the song to Dan Fogelberg, whom I had never heard of before. Being that my musical tastes then were excessively "lightweight", I did not pursue Dan's music, despite hearing "Leader Of The Band" and "Missing You" after that. But things change as one matures. I was in a store in '98 and bought Dan's Super Hits that had just come out. Buying it mainly to re-create my old youthful days and to hear "Longer", I was shocked at the complexity and sophistication that his other songs had to offer as well. I was also dumbfounded to learn that he had been recording 7 years before "Longer" starting with the release of Home Free in the fall of '72. One thing led to another and now I have many of his recordings, minus Captured Angel, Windows And Walls, i or any of his 90's works. I think that the four hits that came from The Innocent Age are his crowning achievements (I read they stayed on the charts for as long as 62 weeks); "Leader Of The Band", "Hard To Say", "Run For The Roses" and "Same Old Lang Syne" especially are the finest anyone can offer. Although The Innocent Age is the most interesting and progressive album he has done, my favorite is Phoenix because it has that "Americana folk rock" sound. I find it to be a more distanced, more commercialized version of Souvenirs, and it seems to reflect Dan's desire to return to soft rock at the time after the experimentalism of Nether Lands and Twin Sons Of Different Mothers, which are really good. I think "Face The Fire" is the grittiest song he has done and "Wishing On The Moon" has a curious off-beat to its rhythm which is quite irresistible. I hope to buy Dan's later 80's and 90's releases as well in the future. Dan has really inspired me in the past few years and I wish I had pursued his music since he started recording. Well, it's better late than never. Sincerely ~ Roger H. Linden

As a youngster growing up in NM, I remember days of magical times celebrating Nature's Way. Traveling the mountains, desert places, always cliff dwellings; and the screech of a hawk, cries of the coyotes, pictures on rocks by cliff dwellers, greens and blues, rolling thunder and bright majestic lightening; many memories all etched inside turning words into poetry and songs for me. I remember, as if in a dream, the dancing of buffalo on cloud, four directions, and the message, 'be true to your roots'.Dan's music - like an old friend or traveling companion seems to validate special times and seasons. I continue to be grateful for his crafting of songs and the special connections they make in my own inner spaces. Songs like "The Minstrel", "Magic Every Moment", "Bones In The Sky", "Holy Road" to name a few feel like kindred companions journeying this life's road experiences. Oh Dan's lyrics/songs are not my only traveling companions in this adventure, but surely I am grateful for them and like 'Nature's Way' Dan's music has been meaningful to me - thanks Dan. ~ Carol (GP - Oregon)

I can't imagine my life without your music. Pure joy. ~ Julie Anne (Virginia)

Dan Fogelberg is like a brother that I may never meet. As a teen I was a very somber young man. When I heard Dan Fogelberg's music it became a friend to me. It was different than anything I had ever heard before -- in a pleasant way. I used to go to sleep listening to his music. It was positive music - music you could live to. Souvenirs was the first album I used to listen to. "Changing Horses" was my fave song. I also enjoyed the art and wondered who did it. I started looking for Dan Fogelberg albums until I had them all. After I had listened to all of my other record collection and Casey Kasem's top forty I would always end up with my Dan Fogelberg at the end of the night. This was the music that allowed me to feel and always had something good to say about life. It did not depress me -- it helped me. I am a artist/musician, my birthday is Sunday August 13 1961. I saw Dan Fogelberg in Knoxville TN September 27th. Can't remember the year-- it was the River of Souls tour. He doesn't get to Kentucky or Tennessee that much it seems...I wish he would try to more. ~ Wendell Williams (Ky)

I'm listening to the Portrait compilation as I type this. Wow! What a great job of tying in all the great years of music. And what lessons! Geography (he mentions the states of Colorado, Maine, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Arizona, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, the cities of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, St. Paul), history (Sutter's Mill, Forefathers), regional economics (The Reach, Tuscon Arizona, Forefathers), interpersonal relationships (et al). What?!? No advanced mathematics? Seriously, your scope can be that wide only with a long career, and your career can last that long only if you have something to say. Well said, Dan. ~ Steve

The week that I turned 40, I bought the Box Set. It was a birthday present to myself. At least, that was my rationalization. The truth is: I would have bought it any week that I found it, but it was easy to justify the expenditure for my birthday. (That was pretty much my excuse for everything that I did for the month of October.) After all, I was turning 40 -- a momentous occasion. I came home that Saturday afternoon and played the entire set -- all 4 CDs -- from beginning to end. (For other Fogelberg fans out there: don't do this unless you're willing to relive the last 25 years of your love life in one long afternoon.) I laughed. I cried. I soared. I hurt. I smiled. Mostly, I really missed some people, especially those from my college years. It seems like your music was woven through everything we did then. The day after my birthday (Halloween), I wrote a letter to one of my best friends from college and told him about the box set and the memories that it stirred up. Even though Dan doesn't know us, I'm going to share some of these memories with him. I hope he'll understand the value of the music in cementing relationships and remembrance. (I once heard an interview with George Harrison in which he said that the most amazing part of being a well-known musician was knowing how his music impacted people. He said something like "When a certain song plays, for that 3 minutes, I hold their souls." Well, Dan, in each of the following moments, you held my soul.) I remember Patrick and me sitting up until the wee hours of the morning listening to "Home Free" and "Souvenirs". (When it occurred to me that "To the Morning" is 25 years old, I realized I must be 40!) I remember Patrick playing those songs for me on his Ovation Roundback and how excited he was when he first got that guitar. (He still has that guitar, and now he plays Fogelberg lullabys to his 2 daughters on it.) I remember Mark always thought "Illinois" was your best song, because Mark was from Moline. Patti and I thought that was so cool. We were in awe of Mark, because he knew who Dan Fogelberg was in high school and listened to him before he made it big. (At least that's what he told us. Of course, it was college -- he was trying to get laid.) I remember sitting in the microbiology lab with Greg when he was working on his thesis project. "Same Old Lang Syne" came on the radio, and I said how I loved this new Fogelberg song. Greg laughed and said he had told his roommate John the same thing and John said, "Yeah, I know why you like it -- you think that's going to be you and Pat in about 10 years." I remember walking through the Commons one afternoon with Patrick, and he just sat down at the piano and started playing "To the Morning." I said I didn't know he played piano -- I had only heard him play guitar. He said, "I never have. I just thought it'd be cool to try it," and he played the whole song by ear. That's when I knew how really creatively talented he is. I remember when Patti & I drove 7 hours to Gainesville to see Dan in concert, because that was the closest he came to Pensacola. The guys I worked with wanted to know who this guy was that we would drive 7 hours to see, so I brought in some of my albums to let them borrow. My boss took "Captured Angel" home. He and his wife both loved it, but he could never remember the name. All he could remember was the picture on the cover, so he always referred to it as "you know, the one about angels in bondage." I remember canoeing on the Blackwater River one fall weekend. It was sunny and cool, the sky was blue, and the leaves were turning. Just when I was thinking, "This couldn't get any better," we came around a bend in the river and some campers up on the bluff above the river were blasting "Phoenix" from their portable tape player. Out in the wild, the music seemed to come from all around us. Then, I thought, "It just got better. This is perfect!" (The funny thing is I don't remember when this happened or who I was with, but I remember the music and how I felt when I came around that bend.) I remember watching Dan in concert at Chastain Park about 10-12 years ago. We had been having thunder storms all day, but, still, the outdoor amphitheatre was full. At one point, he said, "I can't believe you people are still here!" About half-way through the show, the rain stopped, and the sky lit up with the most amazing lightning I've ever seen. It filled up the sky right over and behind the stage for about 20 minutes. The audience erupted in spontaneous applause (midsong). I always wondered whether he knew what was going on above his head. I remember going to Patrick's wedding about 7 years ago and telling him that the Braves were in the World Series, and Dan Fogelberg was in concert in Atlanta that weekend, and I still came to Cape Cod. That was my way of expressing how much he meant to me. I first discovered his music in 1976, and it's been a part of the soundtrack of my life ever since. Several great singer/songwriters came to us in the 70s, but none that plumbed the depth of emotion that his songs tap. Thank you, Dan, for sharing your songs and stories with me. ~ Pat

Dan Fogelberg's music is very calming to me. I first started to enjoy his wonderful way of communicating back when I was about 16 years old. I met my first love then and I will always remember her. Dan's helped me grow since then and I have a wife and kids now. God bless you Dan. You're a good friend. Thanks ~ Jon

Wow, what can I possibly say that hasn't been said by the many other "fanatics" here (I say many other because I include myself in that group). Although, some people have been listening to Dan longer than I've been alive, I'm 23, that still doesn't diminish my love for his music. I can thank my mother for introducing me to his music, I still remember her playing "Run for the Roses" (What a horse lover she is) and "Song from Half Mountain" for me on the guitar at a very young age. She is of course a fanatic as well. I just happen to be listening to "Portrait" as I write this and "The Reach" just came on, what a great song. Anyway, I heard a vicious rumor that Dan wasn't going to be touring after the big five O, please Dan say it ain't so. I, the deprived human being that I am, haven't had the chance to see you in concert, so Dan I beg of you give me just one more year at Red Rocks. I'll be in Charlottesville, Va but I can promise you that I will purchase two plane tickets and two seat tickets to Red Rocks or any other location you decide to play for that matter. Two, because it just wouldn't be the same without my Mom:- ) Thanks to The Living Legacy for this opportunity to express my feelings. Thanks Dan for the memories you've given me so far, and for the vision of what life can hold in store for me and all of humanity in the future. And no, I'm not going to say how "handsome you are" like all of our female fanatics, I'll leave that to my mom. ~ Eric

If I were asked to give up my music collection but for one artist, Dan's would be the music I'd keep. God takes care of us in many ways. And one of the most vital, is in the sending of caretakers. Caretakers who can meld with our every emotion. Who when we are sad, express our sadness for us; who when we are elated, can set the rhythm to match our happiness. Who when we are lost, can always find us; with songs that seemed to be inside us all along, only unrealized. Dan's songs paint my soul; and I don't mind it being out there for the world to see. There's a peace in knowing he is the caretaker for so many countless others. If loneliness ever tries to convince me that I am also alone, I have only to remember the other painted souls given to his care. They share my hues and textures; my line and my planes; my shadows and light. We are all of us strangers and soul mates; and our hearts beat with him, through him, to each other. And when the stylus crosses over the distance, it draws our paths together into a single road on which we will always find a friend. If I am ever I'm at a loss for myself, I haven't far to travel to see how beautifully he has painted me. Thank you, Dan ~ Becky

The other day I was riding in my car with my sister who has been going through a serious health crisis over the last two weeks. I, as usual, had a Dan tape in - Souvenirs -and she was listening to it. Now, for years when we were teens, I had subjected her to my Dan collection, relentlessly repeating my album of the month. Nether Lands got the most play the summer she went away to college. After she went to school, a strange thing happened. We became friends. Ever since then we have shared a bond that I can't really describe. A few years ago, we lost my mother. Shortly after that my father was taken ill. He needed open heart surgery-valve replacement - fast. The doctors did not give him much in the way of odds for survival of this operation, his second open heart surgery. One day, after a grueling vigil at the hospital, I was driving home and had that same tape in. I probably should not have even been driving. Once I got on the LIE I pretty much drove blindly through my hysteric sobbing. I just felt so hopeless. I hadn't even realized I had the tape playing. I started to pray to God,my mother, anyone who might have been listening. I got off the expressway and onto a much prettier road where there were trees instead of trucks. It had begun to rain. Suddenly I heard Dan singing "There's a light in the depths of your darkness..." Just as he came to the last line of that song, the sun poked through a huge dark cloud and shone on the road in front of me:"Let it shine, oh let it shine..." That song was playing while my sister and I were driving and I told her that story. I realized I had never told anyone about that rainy afternoon. I just told it so matter-of-factly as if I had just remembered (which I had) but I didn't realize that it moved my sister to tears when I said "When I saw that sun, I knew Daddy would be ok." I felt I needed to share it with more people. Maybe someone somewhere is feeling a little hopeless and it will lift them up. "Let it shine" ~ Cindy

Let me start by saying that I love Dan's music so much. I cannot begin to describe how much it has touched me. And my fiancé also loves Dan's music....I feel very fortunate to have met a man who also loves Dan. Dan truly is a gift, with his wonderful talent, and genuine passion in all of his music. I hope to continue to listen to his music for many many years to come. ~ Doris

"There's a heaven on earth that so few ever find, though the map's in your soul and the road's in your mind"-- Those words helped me decide to quit my corporate job, go back to school and become a teacher-an art teacher. I've been teaching or five years now and give thanks for it every day. Dan, your music is powerful!! ~ George Conley (Payson Arizona)

Recently while I was in Italy, I told a friend I would send him a copy of my most favorite musician on CD, so he would gain a better glimpse into me through the music I love. I thought perhaps the best CD to send him was Dan's Greatest Hits however, mine did not have the lyrics included, and my friend has only recently begun to learn English. I chose this CD because my friend loves Cat Steven's "Father and Son." I wanted him to hear "Leader of the Band", Dan's tribute to his own father, which moves my spirit beyond earthly words. While at my computer, listening to "Leader of the Band" I decided to search the net for Dan. I typed in his name, and I found this site. I copied the lyrics to his Greatest Hits CD for my friend in Italy - the package I send him now, will be complete. Your music has been etched into my soul since 1973 - it's helped to carry me through many bright and dark moments in my life. Yours is a complete gift to me - vocally, instrumentally, and lyrically... Thank you from the underside of my heart. ~ Donna

You're gonna think I'm nuts ... but here goes. I had this crush on a girl in high school ... and it never flourished into what I wanted it to be. I yearned and yearned for this young lady. We were always friends, but I of course wanted more. She didn't. The "last nail" for my young heart was when she told me that she was in love with my best friend and we'd never be a couple. Guess where that conversation took place? Outside the grocery store where I worked, in her car, with the snow falling. Not sure if it was Christmas Eve, but it was close. Of course, this was in 1981 when the song I'm referring to was in full play on the Richmond airwaves. Nineteen years ago ... where does the time go. I'm married and have a son now. But every time I hear "Same Old Lang Syne," I'm transported back to the seat of that Oldsmobile and I'm holding my heart in my hands again. You know, every time Susan and I bump into each other over the years, we always talk about "our song." And hell, we never were a couple. Dan, you're a genius. ~ Meade in Virginia

I have been a fan for nearly 30 years. I have suffered fron severe depression for most of my life. Going through chemotherapy in the last couple years has been extremely difficult. However, I truly believe that Dan's music and lyrics have given me the strength to hold on. I am in total remission with no Hep. C virus detected in my blood. I 've seen him in concert many, many times and he never ceases to soothe my soul. Dan, if you read this, please know that you are a wonder to me and will always be an inspiration to me. Thank You so much for all that you manage to give to your fans. Love and Appreciation ~ Lavene (Seattle)

Dan's music has turned my backyard into a garden paradise. When I am out planting, Dan is in my ears and in my mind. I live close to his home town of Peoria so if he is ever in the "neighborhood", he is welcome to come and visit the garden paradise, to relax and enjoy. It is a neverending project. Thanks for the inspiration, Dan. ~ Chris

I was first turned on to Dan Fogelberg's music by a history teacher named Larry Stubbs in my junior year of high school. "Leader of the Band" had just come out, and I was fascinated by how clean and beautiful the guitar work was. That song inspired me to learn guitar, and now, at age 35, I list Dan Fogelberg and Stevie Ray Vaughan as my biggest musical influences. I've seen Dan several times now as a solo acoustic act, and each time I leave the show hopeful and inspired to play and write songs. Growing up in southwestern Colorado, I was lucky enough to see him perform in some small venues; the sweltering Pagosa Springs High School gymnasium comes to mind. He was performing a benefit concert for the local rescue squad, if I remember right, and the small gym was filled with people. It was a great show and a turning point for me. For the first time, I saw a single musician carry a large room away on his music and words, and it made me realize just how much a lone voice could enrich many lives. Thank you, Dan, for inspiring me to express myself in words and song. Perhaps I will change the someone's world, too, and pass on the tradition. ~ Stace Johnson

I am a 45 year old follower of Dan's who has listened to his music ever since Home Free came out. I was 17 then, and lived in Macomb, Illinois at the time and there was a clipping in the local newspaper about how "a hometown boy makes good." Peoria is only about an hour away from Macomb and our family used to go shopping there all the time. Of all the albums that have touched me the most, it has to be The Innocent Age and Exiles. Why? Because they are albums whose creativity and emotional intensity show the greatest and in which someone is willing to share his heart, joy, sorrow and passion with the public. "The Reach" is my favorite song because it is about passages--passages from childhood to adolescence, from life to death. It is in this song that the innocent age ends because of achieving that sacred knowledge that propels him/her forward into the uncharted seas. Dan plays beautifully, sings the truth and gives his whole essence into his music and life (although the two are one). I wish I could convey how much your music, Dan, means to me. I was an art major,too,switched to philosophy to study aesthetics, and finally ended up as an English literature major. Life has been hard and rocky for me as I suffer from chronic depression. But the greatest gift you give, Dan, is love. It is through that love of LIFE and all that it brings that you enter our souls. Peace be with you always, and convey your spirit to us...Thank you, Dan. ~ Janet Connor

Inspired? Let's just say that when I go to my final reward, the music I'll be hearing for eternity will be the refrain from "Phoenix." For me, Dan's truly the "Ultimate Minstrel," blending masterful keyboard and guitar work with meaningful lyrics. Nature (the aging process?) has seemed to bless Dan's vocal style, which seems to have lowered in pitch with each album after Nether Lands, providing for greater versatility in his music, such as can be found in Phoenix and Exiles. As a fan of artists who move beyond their roots to fuse many musical forms into their music (ie: Dan, Eric Johnson, Shawn Phillips, Sara Hickman, ELP, etc.) I regularly point to Dan's masterpiece Phoenix as the finest example of what can be achieved with a musical fusion of styles, in this case Bluegrass-Rock-Blues. Phoenix also reveals that Dan's talent as a producer is truly second only to David Foster. Yep, when I walk through those pearly gates, I'm sure the 'Man Upstairs' will have "Phoenix" queued up for me. ~ Kimbro

I am a great fan of Dan's, and have been for a very long time. I guess my favorite song by Dan is "Same Old Lang Syne", as it reminds me of a time and person I used to know. I would also like to thank Dan for his generous comments about one of my favorite drummers/studio musicians, and that is Mike Botts of Bread. Dan, you're a true gentleman. ~ Jim Sims (Sacramento, CA)

As we all know Dan's music has certainly inspired all of us who frequent this site but thought I should let you in on some others as well. As I was visiting the discussion board for Boston singer-songwriter Ellis Paul, I saw that Dan's Nether Lands was mentioned by some as the album that truly inspired them. Darn right made me proud!!! ~ William

Wow, and I thought I was the only one who was in awe of Dan Fogelberg, (not really) but I guess I really had no idea that so many people felt the way I do. I can't believe I am writing this. I just felt the need... I have always felt like kindred spirits, born in Illinois (unlike the other millions) and growing up in Colorado. Dan's music touched me like no other. I have raised two children who love his music also and think he is just the greatest. Dan if you read this I will always love you, and the music that has seen my soul. ~ Tammy

I recently asked a question to a group of Dan Fans...What has Dan's music done for you? Has it been strong and helpful at some point in your life? Has it been like a friend, there to console you? Has it given you peace? Has it taken you to familiar places that make you smile? Did you find answers in the music? Did it guide you and make you think? His music has done that and more for me... Every time I put on his music, there seems to be some sort of emotion that comes fluttering out. A smile usually comes to my face, and most often the feeling of deja vu. Dan's music has helped me in several ways throughout my life. Thanks Dan! = ) ~ Cathy

Hmmm, Dan Fogelberg. First time I heard a Fogelberg song, I was studying in college one afternoon. Lazy day, cool breezes and I heard this song coming from the other room...love music, so went in and listened to "To The Morning." Wow! I sat there and listened to the rest of the side, and then the other, then turned it over again. Where did this guy come from. Home Free, great title, huh! Stayed with him for the next 25 years. Highlight was hearing "Same Old Lang Syne" for the first time on a late-night Christmas rendevous. Man, O, man...Dan can sure move the heart and mind. Portrait brought the years together. Thanks for writing, singing, performing. A great couple nights at Red Rocks, doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for making many days, nights, trips and travels along the road easier! ~ Mark S

Dan's words and music are woven into my life and I thank God for the gifts He has given Dan and I thank Dan for sharing those gifts with the world. My husband Charles and I met on a blind date 20 years ago and Fogelberg music played a big part in our dating. We had "Longer" sung at our wedding and in celebration of 18 years of marriage we are looking forward to attending the Sun Theatre in Anaheim, California in July 2001 for dinner and Dan's show. My husband and I are Christians and we sincerely appreciate the fact Dan's lyrics are clean and giving and spiritual - our teenage daughters Crystal and Heather are able to listen and enjoy with us, growing a whole new generation of fans! God bless, and thanks! ~ Terri

I was 18, in college and my boyfriend at the time played the guitar and sang for our group of friends....this was the first time I ever heard the songs "Stars" and "Wysteria". From that point on, anytime the guitars came out we asked him to sing those two songs...My boyfriend bought me the Home Free album that Christmas, and I was blown away by Dan's voice, his harmonies, his lyrics.....I was hooked from that point on. I bought every album that came out (then tapes and now all cds). I remember every time I listened to a new song on a new album, how closely it mirrored the joys and pains of my life at the time. Even now, I listen to his music and find new feelings and emotions to relate to. What a talent he has! His music, his poetry, he is so gifted! I am grateful to have found this site. It's nice to find others who feel the same about his music, have the same stories to tell and passions to share. ~ Lydia

If my life was a movie, Dan Fogelberg's music would be the soundtrack. It has added depth and color to my adventures and misadventures. His music is the underscore of every hope and dream I have ever had. There are songs of Dan's that will always connect to specific people, places and times. "The Reach" is at the beginning and the end of my many roadtrips to Maine. "Look What You've Done" will forever be tied to my 2 year old goddaughter as she sang along from her carseat. "The Innocent Age" is what I listen to each and every time I go to the beach. "Exiles" will bring me back to the summer we saw Dan everywhere he played in New England. There are too many more to list Needless to say, I respect Dan for his personal and professional integrity. I envy him his ability to put into words so many of the same things I think and feel. I admire his creativity and rejoice that he has been able to live his life feeding that creativity. I thank Dan for sharing his talents and for being part of my life even though we have never met. ~ Leila

I, like many of those who have left feedback, never thought to do a Fogelberg search on the web. I just purchased his Portrait collection of 4 CDs and am remembering many years of music I have enjoyed and lived. So many of his songs have paralleled my life. It is like he is an embodiment of the last of the "boomers". Dan Fogelberg's music is timeless. I have only seen him in concert once and have printed off his summer 2001 schedule to look for a place to see him again. What a talented man he is! Am so glad he left college to pursue his life's call. Thanks for the magic and knowing what you were supposed to be in this life, Dan. ~ Becka (Oklahoma)

It's become automatic for me. Whether I'm at home, in my truck, in my boat or sitting on the beach, I'm listening to my favorite, an assortment of Dan's music. My wife and me are opposites. One of our biggest differences is that while I welcome change, enjoy seeing and doing new things, she is more comfortable when things stay the same. One of the only constants in my life began in 1977, when as an 18 year old, I heard a song called "Part of the Plan" by Dan Fogelberg. Since then, all other music has paled in comparison. While I do listen to other music, Dan's music is a part of me. It's hard to believe it has been 20 some years. There are so many songs that conjure up memories, some good, some bad. Every time I hear "Next Time", I swear I can feel my chest tighten up and feel the pain of my broken heart (ouch!). But then, I will hear "Sweet Magnolia" and remember the joy in hearing Dan play in person for the first time back in 1983 in Mississippi. Even though I have seen him several times since then, for some reason, that sticks out. I'm not sure what I would say if I had to tell you my favorite song. So many of Dan's songs have special memories or meanings in my life. One song that has become special to me over the past several years is "Song Of The Sea". The words in the song give me hope that maybe I'm not so crazy for continuing my search of happiness and fulfillment in life after all these years. "Some were meant to watch the world from windows and never look beyond the road beneath their feet. But for me I was always meant to be one forever chasing the song of the sea". I hope Dan extends his summer tour this year to include South Carolina (or somewhere in the Southeast). We saw him at Red Rocks on his 25th anniversary tour a few years back, but missed him there last year by 1 day (damn non-refundables). If you happen to see this Dan, thanks for the companionship and Happy Sailing!!! ~ Mark

Although most of the years I was married to my ex-husband remain a blur I must have depended on Dan Fogelberg to help me through those rough times because my son, who is 20 years old, remembers me playing his music constantly. Besides my children, Dan may have been the greatest influence on my choice to remain alive, literally and figuratively, during those years. ~ Micki

I can't tell you in words just how much Dan's music has touched my life over the past 18 years. I really did not know that much of his music until 1986. I was in the army stationed in Germany when I met the man who would become the love of my life. We would stay up all night talking in the dark and listening to all of Dan's wonderful work. I fell in love with Dan's music that first night and found my soulmate at the same time. My husband and I listened to his music and wondered how he could write such beautiful lyrics and touch our hearts so much. We lived in Alaska for four years and when it was time to move to Colorado, we decided to drive ourselves. We listened to Dan non-stop on that trip. The music was so fitting to the beautiful places we were driving through. Dan's music makes me cry every time I listen. My husband and I split up in 1993 but have remained great friends. It was hard for us to listen to his music for the first couple of years after our divorce. I am glad to say that me and my soulmate are getting close once again and, if things work out the way I want them to, we should playing "Longer" at our second wedding. Our children are 13 and 12 and they love him just as much as we do. My son listens to his last Christmas album every day. Anyway, I love you Dan and keep writing those beautiful songs.~ Michelle W.

I've been a fan since 1975 - my first year of college. Roommates introduced me to Souvenirs - and I've played all those old favorites more times than I could count. It would be impossible to tell you what the music and lyrics have meant to me - only one as gifted as Dan himself could find the phrasing. Just let me say that he's been there - comforting, encouraging, empathizing, and making me smile for over 25 years. I've seen him in concert about 5 or 6 times - most recently in Clearwater, FL - where he was awesome. Thanks Dan - you definitely chose the right fork in the road. Thanks for sharing with us. We love you. ~ Anita

I'm Roseann and I am from New Jersey. I just want to share my feedback with anyone who wants to hear it. I love Dan Fogelberg! His music, to this day, no matter how many times I have heard it, brings tears to my eyes. I have listened to it with my husband when were teenagers; I have gotten engaged to it; married with it and gave birth to my three boys with it. It has been a huge part of my life. I just want to thank Dan for his beautiful songs because they have brought so much joy and peace to my life. I love you, Dan, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Roseann Schulze

I don't know why it never dawned on me to do a Fogelberg search before. I have been a fan since the late 70's and I am a web designer with a passion for music, duh! No other artist has meant so much to my life as Dan. When I was in my teens and 20's and I needed to escape, I used to grab my Dan tapes and head off for the mountains. I would just spend a few hours driving around listening to them over and over. I wore out my home made tapes of Home Free, Captured Angel, Souvenirs, Nether Lands, Phoenix, Twin Sons, etc. Living in San Diego, (and having a boyfriend that owned a record store with a Ticketmaster), I was lucky enough to get to see Dan perform many, many times in S.D. and L.A. One of the most memorable was when he played Sea World and the stage was so poorly designed that the cold ocean breeze was turning Fogelberg into an Iceberg. He struggled on regardless, not wanting to disappoint the fans. If it weren't for Dan, I would not have my mountain home in Arizona and my passion for nature. Thanks for always being there when I need you. ~ Sue

I just needed to say that when Dan is not touring or producing magic, I miss his presence greatly. I recently got married and my husband and I took a trip from Pittsburgh to Keswick because I had influenced my husband into listening to Dan. My husband was overwhelmed when he heard him live and Dan gave us such a great memory to share. I do hope he will tour again in the east soon. I gave my husband the Greetings from the West DVD and now he wants to see Dan live with a band.....take care Dan. ~ Denise in Pgh.

It has certainly been awhile since I have posted, but it seems when Spring approaches, the Spirit of Dan Fogelberg is felt, to me anyway. I have been in several different stores lately and have heard three of Dan's songs playing and it certainly has been awhile since I have heard his music playing anywhere. I heard "Lonely In Love" in one store, and the next day, I heard "Leader Of The Band" in a different store. Then I heard "Heart Hotels" on my radio station on a Sunday. Warm memories are felt by me when his music plays anywhere. ~ Susan K.

It's funny how all of us are seeking out a connection with other people who feel the same way about one man's music. I find myself drawn to the stories that people tell about their lives and the way Dan's music has touched them. I think before we were able to "connect" on line with others who know and share a passion for Dan's inspiring lyrics and melodies, we thought we were all alone. I think each person who writes now felt that only a handful of people could even fathom what his music means. I found in my life about four people (four of my closest friends) who listened until the grooves or the needle or both wore out. It makes me wonder if these friendships would have endured if we didn't have that connection to Dan's music. Now I'm reading all these narratives from other people just like us who really get it and it makes me feel more of that connectedness. It's great to see younger fans putting their words out there for all of us to see that we are all connected even if we think we have nothing in common. It's also nice to know that the younger fans are interested in words and melodies and stories and poems. It gives me hope that generations of Dan Fans will still spread his music long after we are gone. I am also grateful for the opportunity to spill my guts every now and then. Thanks to all of you for listening. ~ Cindy

I have been a Dan Fogelberg fan since 1974. Growing up in small town Indiana I have found Dan's music inspiring and "Poetically Correct" . I consider him the best lyricist on the planet Earth. I know of no one who can hold a candle to his genius. Not Lennon. Not McCartney. Not Dylan. Not Chapin. Yea, those guys are good, but they can't hold a candle to Dan when it comes to using the English language to inspire and tell a story. Dan, I want to Thank You for your artistry and dedication to your craft. Your joy of life lives in everyone who is touched by your music. I think my favorite of all time is "Leader Of The Band." My father died in 1996 and every time I hear that song I think of him. It brings me to tears every time I hear it. Dan, in my opinion, you are the greatest story-teller of our generation. Songs like "Same Old Lang Syne", "Sutter's Mill", "Tucson, Arizona", and "The Reach", prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. It has become my duty to turn everyone I know on to your music. I tell them this is Sit-Down-Close-Your-Eyes-Let-The-Words-Move-You (and you'll come back wanting more)- Music. ~ David P.

What is it about Dan Fogelberg one may ask. He has touched so many of us in so many different ways. I have loved him through his music for over 25 years now. I have had the rare pleasure of meeting him after his live concert in St. Louis where he taped Greetings From The West. He was very gracious and kind, signing autographs and talking to us. I`m sure he was tired because the concert was wonderfuly long, but he smiled his beautiful smile and it was pure heaven. I`m from Illinois and any one who is over 30 and familiar with the area around Edwardsville may have had the awesome opportunity of seeing Dan perform at the Mississippi River Festival which was an outdoor concert venue for many great artists of that time. Dan`s music is so much a part of me and my life, I would not want to imagine it without it. It has been a few years since he has been back to the St. Louis area, and I have missed him so much. I hope he comes back very soon so I may get to have a chance to see him perform again and perhaps a chance to speak to him once more. I have a picture of myself and Dan that was taken that wonderful night and I will treasure it always. Dan, thank you for all of my beautiful and precious memories. May God bless you for another 50 plus years . Always ~ Betty

I have been inspired since the late 70s. Makes ME sound real old, LOL, but through working and being a family and raising two healthy bright kids, and finally making it to completing "The Novel" that is inside all of us, all I can say is that Dan's songs and voice and talent and ability were always there in the background, easing me along the route. And when we look at any piece of work that is creative, there is usually a muse behind it. Dan was mine. I guess that's my humble offering on this forum. ~ Jax

My name is Brian Peterson and I live in NJ and I have been a fan of Dan's songs for a long time -- since I was like 10 or so. I remember my dad liked him alot and had like 5 of his albums and the greatest hits, and the first song I ever heard was "Longer". To me that is one of the greatest love songs ever made by any artist in the last 30 years. I also love the big hits "Leader Of The Band" and all those others but I like the song "Ghosts" alot -- that I think is his most dynamic song he's done. I want to say to Dan that thanks to him I picked up the acoustic a few years back and learned to play because his songs inspired me and I hope to write songs that will someday be as special as his. It's very upsetting to me to see guys like Dan not even mentioned in today's music scene which I have to say has turned into a bunch of crap. It makes me sick that all these rap guys can make millions and they don't have a shred of talent within them while the younger generation of today wouldn't even have a clue who Dan is or what he has done in the last 30 years. Oh well they will learn someday about what real mmusic is. Take care Dan. Stay true. ~ BP 2/9/01

This is the first time I have accessed any Dan Fogelberg website and I am thrilled! I have been a fan since my early childhood in the eighties. My older sister was a fan and we shared a room and his albums played while I drifted off to sleep. I promise you that I do not fall asleep while any Dan Fogelberg music is on now ( I am 35 now and still a huge fan). I met Dan when I was working at a famous guitar shop in downtown Nashville, TN. He walked in and I knew who he was immediately. He talked about how he had been taking a drive down River Road in Cheatham county and I told him that I drove that road every day. I was star struck and was too shy to say more so I just went back to work. Driving down that road later that day I regretted not even saying what a fan I was of his work. I appreciate the fact that he is a utility man (arranges, plays all of the instruments, and writes lyrics that are poems of the heart). I know this talent is rare and I married a man that can accomplish all of this too (well ...minus the "poems of the heart part") I know that Dan lived in Kingston Springs in Tennessee and I do not live far from there. It is a long drive into Nashville and I listen to his CDs and it has often occured to me that he wrote alot of those early songs when he lived out here. Anyway after seeing him that day at work I wrote him the first fan letter that I ever wrote anyone and sent it to the address his manager gave for the newsletter that the shop sends out. I never received a reply and just dismissed it as a "lost letter" or whatever. But here is my second chance to share being a fan. Thanks. ~ JAJ

The lyrics to "Nexus"...How beautiful!!!! Every few months I make a collage that is in full display in my house. Friends comment how they feel inspired by them. Dan's gorgeous poetic lyrics to "Nexus" inspired me, along with my pictures of the northern lights and pictures of the incredible 2001 Hubble Telescope views of our own "heavens" (Gets me thinking) Dan's lyrics reach down all the way to the bottom of my soul. Thank you Mr. Fogelberg! ~ Donna

My two greatest loves in life are music and art. I have always admired anyone who was blessed with either gift. Seldom have I ever known anyone to enjoy one and not the other. Dan is, needless to say, my favorite artist/musician. Over the years I have enjoyed his paintings as well as his peerless musical efforts more than words or space allow. At the time I first heard Dan's music my family had just been told that my father was terminally ill and that we should prepare for life without him within 9 months to a year. After returning from a visit with my father at the hospital, I remember listening to a song on the radio that reached into my heart and soul instantly. The music and lyrics to "Part Of The Plan" drew me to the edge of my seat, needing to know who was responsible. I honestly went out the next day to my favorite local record store and described, as best I could, this new song that I needed to hear more of. I had rarely felt that way, and was usually a patient man, for a 22 year old, but I felt the same way that I had 10 years earlier when I first heard the Beatles. It was the best money I had ever spent. I still have the album, the grooves have long disappeared, but I will always remember that album as being part of my salvation and comfort in dealing with the passing of my father. I don't need to get into the day I had to pull off the parkway because of the effect "Leader Of The Band" had on me the first time I heard that played on the radio. I am another fan who extends an open door invitation to the man I would most enjoy a conversation with. If you are coming to Pittsburgh anytime in the future, and you'd like a good home cooked meal, with some new "old" friends my wife and my family would be honored to meet you. P.S. I think your dad and my dad would have been good friends. ~ Rick

Back in the mid 70's a friend of mine worked in a record store. She said, "you've gotta hear this new album that just came out." It was of course, the Home Free album. From then on, music took on a whole new meaning. I too don't go one day without listening to something of Dan's. My 16 year old son just asked me the other day how many times I have seen Dan in concert!! I have been fortunate to see him at least a dozen times, and every time he sounds better and better. There has been no other musician that has affected me the way Dan's music has. It's hard for me to put into words; he just speaks to my heart. When I met the man I married, he too became a loyal listener. We dance to "Longer" all the time, even after almost 22 years of marriage! Thank you Dan for bringing so much joy into our lives. You will never truly know how much your music means. God Bless, have a wonderful 2001, and come to Indianapolis on your next tour!! ~ Laura

I'm guessing most of you have been FogelFans longer than I have. I wonder, once you were bitten by the bug how long did this music's magic stir in you constantly? It's been almost a year for me and I'll admit nothing like this has happened before; I've found no other artist that has inspired me to go to concerts, write to his fan page, or play his music over and over and over again. This is profoundly touching. ~ Kim

There are perhaps no words that truly describe the importance of Dan's music in my life. I discovered his music in 1975 and have not gone more than a few weeks at a time without listening to Dan. His music has gone on all my travels with me and has been playing throughout my adult life. I know Dan doesn't even know I exist but his beautiful words and voice were heard on the day I graduated from high school, college, my wedding day, the day my child was born, and throughout many years of struggling to care for my son with multiple disabilities. My son grew to love Dan's music and sings it right along with me. His music is a living music and has weaved itself through my 18 year marriage. Recently it has helped me cope through a horrible one year divorce. I have now fallen in love with my soul mate who loves me for who I am and who my son is. And Dan's music is still there to lift my soul even higher amidst this newfound joy I am feeling. It will probably be played at my funeral someday. I realize I do not have that kind of long-term connection with anyone else in my life besides God. To Dan I am a stranger but to me he is a longtime companion. Thanks Dan for being there whenever I have needed or wanted you. You are a living legacy although you probably don't feel like one. Thanks ~ Annie (Nebraska)

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments TP. Particularly the bit about Dan getting over here to England. I have followed Dan since 1974, I can honestly say he has never made a poor album. It would be wonderful to be able to hear Dan live, as I only have the GFTW cd to go by. It's wondeful to read all the comments on The Living Legacy pages. This is the first time I have posted (I think I am shy!), but I visit every week. It's nice to know that so many people out there get so much from Dan's music. Have a great Christmas everyone, and be happy. ~ Gary

It is fascinating to read reviews of Dan`s concerts by folk who were lucky enough to see him `Stateside` but frustrating to hear people talk about the likes of "Nexus" getting `a bit thin. Don`t they realise how lucky they are to be seeing such a wonderfully gifted artist at all? Having been a fan of the man since the mid 70`s and being UK based I`ve never had the opportunity to get to one of his shows. I would give my right arm to hear him open with "Nexus"!!! I listen to Dan`s music on a very regular basis and every time I do I am overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of his work it always touches me very deeply. His work is usually fairly conventional in form but the melodies and words!!! - they just blow me away! Being a veteran of almost thirty years of listening to all forms of `real` music and having a pretty vast record collection I can truthfully say that the man`s music moves me like no other - a truly wonderful talent. Long may you flourish Dan - and get your arse over to this side of the pond PDQ!!!!! ~ TP

Dan: Your music has been a source of inspiration to me and good for my soul since my college days in the 1970's. Your talent, words, music, love and appreciation of life and those around you, and your appreciation of the changes and experiences along life's journey are things you should take pride in. Thank you for putting "life's simple pleasures" (as my father called them), to music. I am looking forward to seeing you in concert again soon and will never tire of your music and efforts. ~ Anne from Illinois

I would like to encourage Dan's female fans to pay attention to the "male" perspective of Dan's lyrics. He certainly has the gift of drawing out our human emotions with words and music, but I find him uniquely talented in revealing male emotions. We can learn to understand each other in our love relationships as husbands and wives or as friends and lovers by listening to Dan's unashamedly heartfelt lyrics. Listen up, ladies! You might have heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but you really don't need to read those books. Just keep listening to Dan, the Man. Thanks Dan, and my husband should thank you too, but he just doesn't have a clue. ~ Moodianarie.

Growing up in my life was not easy. I am now 18, and it doesn't seem like things are going to come any easier. My father was a huge fan of Dan's. At nine my parents divorced. I later moved out of state with my mom, leaving the most wonderful man in the world, my father. To remember the good times with him, I purchased all of Dan's CDs. This allowed me to somehow have a part of my dad though being hundreds of miles away. When I see Dan I think, an angel. He sings like an angel, and his music is simply heavenly. It gives me a peace of mind. When things seem to come falling down on me, Dan is always at the rescue. I play his music to soothe my soul. He is truly an inspiration. I love you Dan!! ~ Sarah

As I sit here late at night, my only free time, and read as many of these tales of lives as I can and how this gifted man has touched them, I wonder if there are many artists who thru the years have ever really done this amount of reaching out to others through his gift! He has blessed people, comforted, encouraged, inspired, rallied, calmed, etc, etc. I believe just about every emotion a person can have he has moved people to. For me, mostly enchanted would be the adjective I would use. When I get the chance to just listen......it's Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, then sigh. My world is a lot brighter and more hopeful. I am so glad he is not really a well kept secret because so much love and joy would not be shared. It needs to be shared with others because we all hurt at times and, face it, Dan heals, shares, and brings hope of another day. Back to my main point, (chasing rabbits again, really!) I know of no other artist, and I try to listen to many types and many different musicians, that truly can do what he does. So...that's just my thought for the moment, keep on writing here as this is a wonderful place to be inspired. I think I will go paint or draw something, how about you? ~ C.Rigano.

Dan Fogelberg single-handedly has perhaps inspired me more than any other songwriter/musician in my life, save the Beatles. His acoustic guitar and piano work are especially noteworthy for me. I first heard him as a 15 year-old kid in 1974 on the radio with "Part Of The Plan." I remember being very bummed out that the DJ didn't announce who the performer was, and I desperately tried to listen to the radio for most of that day hoping they would play it again, but to no avail. It wasn't until a day or so later when a friend of mine told me about a new album by a guy named Dan Fogelberg called Souvenirs. This friend of mine was a huge Joe Walsh/James Gang fan, and pointed out to me that Joe has produced it. I looked at the credits before listening to it, and saw a virtual who's who of musicians that, if I wanted to make a record, I'd definitely have most of the folks on, i.e. Graham Nash, Gerry Beckley (of America), Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Russ Kunkel, and Joe himself, and others. BUT what blew me away was when my friend finally put it on the turntable and "Part Of The Plan" started in....well....needless to say, I've been a Dan Fan ever since!! I must admit that his body of work from Home Free to The Innocent Age are my favorite records, with Souvenirs still being my favorite album of all time. Dan's complete body of work more over inspires me and always has a place in my cd player. Thank you Dan. ~ Billy

It was EXACTLY five years ago yesterday or last night that I did actually meet eye to eye with Dan Fogelberg in Peoria, Illinois. I would have to say, as I have said before, that was absolutely the BEST night of my entire life. He is just as charming and handsome in real life as he is in his pictures, he looks even better, and is very nice too! It was October 28, 1995 when I met him. I will never forget that night. Thank you Dan for all of your beautiful music and the way your music has inspired me since I was 18 years old, and for shaking my hand that night, and for giving me four autographs, and for putting up with the pen I gave you to write them that, of course, would not write when you were using it, doesn't that always happen? lol. I wish I could re-live that evening! ~ Susan K.

I'm so glad I decided to do a search for Dan. I knew there must be others like me out there, who love the music and the man. I was turned on to his music around 1978 by my then boyfriend, later husband. We saw him every time he came to town. We sang the songs, played the albums, and 8-Tracks. (Wow, I must be getting old!) The thing that inspired me the most, however, was that after both my boyfriend and I married, Dan got married too. It was as if our lives tracked together. Then, it just happened that we both divorced at the same time too. Then, he released Exiles, and it seemed that he wrote those songs for me. I got through so much of the pain because he put my thoughts into words and music. If a genie ever came down and offered me three wishes, one of them would be to spend just one evening with Dan the Man. I have so many questions about the meanings of lyrics and other things that would just be so great to get answered firsthand. I live in Colorado now, so maybe someday, I'll bump into him on a street and offer to buy a cup of coffee and get these eternal questions answered. Until then, I'm richer for having his music in my life.~ Kathy

Like many of you, Dan's music has meant more to me than any other artist I've listened to. As a young college student in the late seventies, I met and fell in love with an upperclassman. The differences in our age made music preferences a source of conflict, until l was at his apartment one evening and he was playing the Home Free album. I was immediately drawn to the poetic lyrics, pure vocal harmonies, and enchanting melodies. Twenty three years (and two children) later, I am still enjoying the magic of Dan's music and never miss an opportunity to expand my exposure to him through his concerts (most recently in Atlanta at the Chastain Center), CDs, and public appearances. Our children have also grown to appreciate his special gifts and I can honestly say that our lives have been enriched by his talent. I feel so inadequate in expressing my appreciation to him in this manner, but it is truly sincere...THANKS for sharing your gifts with the world and for believing in yourself! ~ Lisa

Honestly enough, I never heard of Dan until recently. I was visiting an old friend of mine and met her husband, Donnie, for the first time. I heard that Donnie was a singer and asked him to play and sing a song for me. Donnie sang a song titled "Believe In Me" and I fell in love with the song. After making him promise to sing it in my upcoming wedding I asked him who originally sung that song? He told me, Dan Fogelberg, I said "Dan, who?" For weeks I would say, "Donnie sing me the Dan Specklebird song." Since then my friend Donnie, who is a hardcore Fogelberg fan, introduced me to Dan's music. I automatically fell in love with the lyrics, the music, and the artist. I think his songs are the most beautifully written songs I have ever heard. I want to personally thank my friend Donnie Mills, from Mobile, Alabama for introducing me to Dan Fogelberg, and thanks to Dan Fogelberg for introducing me to real feelings and emotions. Your music has made a difference in my life. God Bless. ~ Sharron (Mobile, Alabama)

Where do I begin to tell of how Dan's music and the man have influenced my life? I can remember being a 13 years old and going through that awkward stage of growing up. I had been taking guitar lessons since I was 11 and not doing too bad. A very good friend of mine stopped over one evening while I was practicing. I play mostly classical guitar, but he figured that I just might like an album he brought with him. It was Dan's Phoenix album. I had heard a few songs by Dan before this, but I listened to that album so much, that Allen told me to keep it. I pretty much kept to myself in those earlier years, not really feeling the need to be a part of any crowd. Most of my time was spent in our family room, in front of the stereo. Dan's guitar work and beautiful lyrics helped me through a lot of rough times. When I was 12 they found a tumor on my spleen and I underwent major surgery and weeks of recovery. The one good thing I had besides my foks, was Dan's music. Years passed and I got older. I reached another down period in my life and I was in my early twenties. I happened to hear one of Dan's songs and even told a friend how much I missed his music. She later surprised me a few of his first albums and I went on a spending spree, picking up everyone of them! I am so glad that Dan continues to work and create some very wonderful pieces. Artists touch people's lives in such uncanny ways. Dan, you have been a comfort in my life in so many ways, in so many quiet moments. You are like an old friend. I trust life is treating you well. One final note, I traveled to Philly to see you and you were terrific. ~ Denise Campbell

Dan Fogelberg... phenomenal artist. My mind runs through natural images within the exquisite chorale of his music. I was introduced approximately 20 years ago, I heard "Scarecrow's Dream," a song that strangely fit a nightmare in my own personal childhood. Actually that nightmare could not have chosen a more perfect dispensation. I was hooked. Like him, I love nature's majesty, but I am stuck in a location not so lovely, he helps through the horrible chaos of traffic and concrete to go to the "Wild Places." I began writing poetry based on hearing his music, and that of Cat Stevens. I will not say that the poet was not already in me, but that Dan and Cat focused my heart. I wonder some times if an artist like Dan can really take in how many and how intensely the listeners towards his gift are affected, hoping the experience is mutual, returning to him the blessing he has given. ~ Kristin

It's so funny to see so many people talk about Dan in this manner. What an ego boost it must be for him! I'm amazed at how many obviously literate people have put their admiration into words. I have always been unable to say exactly what Dan's words and music have meant to me. I am one of those diehard fans who sees him in concert every time he plays in my area. I was fifteen when I discovered Phoenix. Quite an impressionable age to be exposed to someone so wordly. My fanatacism (for lack of a better word) spilled over onto so many of my friends. I read every album cover, liner note,and blurb ever written. His music even inspired one of my closest friendships because one little chord in someone else's song sounded like a Dan song!!! Sometimes I feel a little sheepish about the fact that one stranger's words and music have touched my life so profoundly. Through high school angst, loves lost, friendships discovered, death of a parent, marital problems ("Don't Lose Heart") there has always been the constant of Dan's music. I can't help but feel a little foolish even saying those words. But, apparently, I see I am not the only soul who has shared this experience. What a tremendous gift to be able to touch people's lives and hearts in such a unique way. Thanks for the opportunity to share these thoughts. ~ Cyndilouhoo

All I would like to add to these many wonderful posts is, that after all these years, if the songs can still touch your heart, help heal your soul, find answers when you need them, and look to them just for the wonderful melodies... then the artist and his music did their job and made a mark in our lives to allow us to be fans. ~ Cathy

Just wondering...has anyone ever noticed words etched on their old vinyl albums??? I've been a DF fan ever since I heard the first few words of "Wysteria" late one night on an "under-ground" radio station. I immediately bought Home Free and every album since. Years ago I noticed something odd on some of the old original release vinyl albums...etched in the smooth space between the last song and record's label were the following phrases; "Tune 1 Norbert 0 (zero)" on Captured Angel; "flute by numbers" on Twin Sons; "Let's ask the weasel" on Phoenix. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has ever noticed similair markings on their old albums. I've always treasured the gift of Dan's music and this little oddity makes the old albums even more unique. When I was in college, more years ago than I'd like to admit, "Part Of The Plan" was our anthem and "A Place In The World For A Gambler" was our credo. I still find great beauty and depth in his melodies and lyrics...I suspect I always will. ~ Ladybug

I've been a Dan fan for twenty-five years or so. In that time have turned my husband, children, parents and friends on to his music, but still felt like I was more or less alone in my appreciation of his superb talent. I moved to New Hampshire from Pennsylvania seven years ago and met my now best friend, Kathie, at a book exchange group meeting at my home, where we also discussed our favorite actors and recording artists. She mentioned that her favorite artist was someone most people might not be familiar with: Dan Fogelberg. I proceeded to open my entertainment center to reveal my stack of Dan CDs, as well as the Greetings From The West video. We've been best friends ever since, and thanks to her I went to my first Dan concert in July of 1998 at Harbour Lights in Boston. She had seen Dan many times, but I hadn't had the opportunity since I lived in a small rural area of PA where concerts were unheard of. Now, we're looking forward to seeing Dan in Boston again on September 16th at the Orpheum, and then in Atlantic City, NJ on the 23rd. Kathie and I are going to York Beach, Maine next week, and I'll be sitting on the rocky cliffs by the lighthouse thinking of Dan and counting down the days until we see him. Thanks for the music, Dan. ~ Vickie

I have been a Fogelberg fan since around '76. It's so cool to see that so many of you loved the Nether Lands album, I think it's Dan's best to date. Here I thought I was the only one. Saw a summer jam concert in '80 that featured all the big stars of the day, Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, etc. Dan was the opening act, performing by himself. It was just incredible. He stole the show. He closed with "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler" and had 80,000 people singing the chorus. It is still the best concert performance I have seen by anyone and I have seen a bunch. ~ Mark

First introduced to Dan Fogelberg's music in 1974, I thought that he was a good musician and songwriter. I loved his music! For several years, I turned to mostly lesbian feminist music and the Olivia group -- still love Holly Near -- and to classical music (Mozart, mostly). Over the years, I have picked up Captured Angel, The Innocent Age, The Wild Places, and River Of Souls. I recently moved to the mountains of Mt. Hood, and found this web site which made me aware of other albums that I had missed! What a joy! A neighbor was playing DF music at his yearly "neighborhood" campfire parties, and what fun to find out about Greetings From The West! I have been in absolute heaven studying DF's music. I have been trying hard to decide which album is the best. Today I realized that this is an impossible and unimportant task : each album has merit of its own musically and his songwriting is a beautiful journey. Dan Fogelberg's music and songwriting stand with the best of our times: beside the great John Lennon/Paul McCartney team. He has achieved this on his own!!! ~ Jude

Dan -- as many others have written, I also have enjoyed your music for many years. My husband and I try to see every concert when you play Nashville. You are a wonderful man. ~ Linda

My first introduction to Dan Fogelberg was in 1975 when a high school sweetheart played "Anyway I Love You" on guitar in the basement of my parents' house. Not only did I fall in love with this sweetheart, but it was the beginning of my Dan Fogelberg journey. Spent many moments since listening to his music. ~ Debbie

I love this man's music. He was my first concert. I walked down the aisle to "Longer" fifteen years ago! They just don't make songwriters like you any more, Dan! Please come back to New Orleans for a concert. I would love to see you in concert once again. ~ Anita

I was listening to "Leader Of The Band" today and realized the words that Dan sings, "I am the Living Legacy to the leader of the band" and it occurred to me that is why this site is called "Living Legacy". My father passed away in 1991 and I still dream of him, and one of the ways Dan's music inspires me so is that no matter what crossroads you may reach in your life, nothing is more important than the relationship and committment between parents and their children. Whenever I have any problems in life, I always dream of my father helping me. I wonder if Dan dreams about his father. ~ Susan K.

This is probably semi-silly, but what the heck. I play a tad bit myself and don't lay claim to anything close to the accomplishments of Dan, but have always felt that his music inspired my own ability, to grow technically, artistically, and meaningful direction in music. Having not stepped on stage since the last New Year's Eve of the 70's, I have become content in writing and playing for myself and not for the acceptance of crowds. I DON'T play Dan songs, his work is my ever-inspiring medicine to enhance what needs fixing in life at a moments notice. I play Clapton, Taylor, Browne, etc... but Dan's gift I treat as such, a gift of worth, priceless, and used to offset the bumps and bruises of life. ~ Rick...

When I die, I want Nether Lands played at my funeral. This was the first song I ever heard of Dan's. The music and words took me to the high places in my mind and I met my Spiritual Guide there. That was 1977 and I was 16 years old. After I listened to the rest of the album, I decided I needed to hear more of Dan's music. So, I went out and purchased all his prior records. I eventually owned them all. Then CDs came out. I debated what to do, but eventually bought them all over again in CDs. I sold the albums to a good friend of mine who often made fun of Dan, but I hoped he would listen and discover the deeper life many of Dan's songs speak of. I have noticed many of you have shared the power of Nether Lands as well in your life. It is hard to pick one inspirational moment from so many but because of how I was touched by that song, I believe I am where I am today: a pastor in a major denominational church, trying to lift people to the heights of the connection with God that I felt when I first heard that song. I preach, yes, but many times, I play my acoustic and sing songs I've written or others I've loved by Dan, John Denver and other singer/songwriters who put their heart and their soul into the words and the accompanying music that then touches our hearts and spirits. May the Spirit use us all to draw others into the realm of true Life. ~ Tom

Dan's music inspires me to look beyond my little world. He takes me places I've never been. I don't just listen to his music, I experience it. He has been blessed with a gift to touch people in deep places. Ever on, Dan! ~ gms

The page says, "Tell us how Dan's music has inspired you." Telling "how" would fill this page and then some. I looked over some of the comments made in the CD feedback section, thinking I'd add some of my own thoughts. Instead, I found myself sitting here in front of the computer, staring at the stack of Mr. Fogelberg's CDs, feeling completely dumbfounded. For as long as I can remember listening to music, I can remember listening to Dan Fogelberg. His words have touched almost every part of my life in some fashion. His lyrics have captured moments of joy and sorrow that echo in everyone's hearts. Perhaps that's why so many of the comments here seem to express such genuine personal connections to the music. Anyone can take a snapshot, but few photographers create meaningful portraits. So, too, with Dan Fogelberg - many write songs, but only a precious few create the music that can stir a soul. ~ Ruth

Each occasion of your prolific craft in person is an ethereal experience...thank you. You possess such instinctual qualities of diversion and integrity...your voice, your music, your lyrics, all blend into the production of a tapestry, a fine painting, a creation of literature...thank you. Your unparalled ability to commiserate as if you were nearby the actual occasions of my life is a contribution to be cherished and preserved...thank you. Nether Lands is still my favorite, my voice...thank you Dan. I pray you have filled the page....Keep bucking the suits, of course you are right---they don't have a clue!!! Listening daily ~ Sylvia

I don't remember a time since 1973 or so that I haven't listened to Dan Fogelberg. One of my cousins introduced me to music. I enjoy many artists and groups, but none have affected me so deeply or played such an important part in all the years. It blew my mind two years ago when I read Dan's bio in Portrait. Even though he's nine years older, our backgrounds and life's choices seem so parallel. Music has been a constant source of inspiration and many times, consolation. I don't think I would have got through five years of college and the hectic lifestyle of radio broadcasting without it. I can't share in any of the special stories the rest of you have had about meeting Dan and going to his concerts. At 40, I have never been able to attend a concert. My goal is to try and see a show this year, but the closest event to Indiana right now looks to be in Charleston. Wow! Working in radio, I've had opportunities to meet many famous entertainers and politicians which I take in stride. They're just people. I don't know how I'd handle meeting Dan. The rest of you make it sound like it would be a breeze. I hope it would be easy since he's the best friend I've never met. Despite being a huge Dan Fan, I'm proud to admit that I don't have a tattoo of Dan Fogerburp's face on any portion of my anatomy. Thanks! ~ Jen

I became a Dan Fan shortly after graduating from high school when Nether Lands was released. I bought it, loved it, snatched up everything released by Dan prior to that and have been hooked ever since. Dan has been with me through the good times and the bad. One of the great things about Dan is the longevity of his career. He is like the energizer bunny. I would like to hope that he keeps going but that is selfish of me. I am very thankful for all the wonderful music he has given the world and I thank all of his other fans who have been faithful and has kept Dan's career alive. ~ Psychokat

Wow......How has Dan's music inspired me? I have no stories of achieving magnificent accomplishments or beating great odds or creating songs/artwork which attribute such success to being inspired by Dan's music. For me the inspiration is on a much simpler, less grandiose level. In listening to Dan's music, I am constantly reminded of the need to love myself and others, the need to forgive, the need to accept others as they are, the need to always be willing to look to improve myself, the need to appreciate what I have and the need to give something back. All of these "needs" and so many more are so prevalent in Dan's music. Whether it is intentional or not, Dan's music touches on things that are relevant in all of our lives.....its earthiness and realness. If we listen carefully, and with a good heart, we can see ourselves then look within and learn. I know through the years I have done that many times and have become a better person for it. And can only hope that I will continue to be so blessed. Thanks Dan, for putting it out there. ~ Marion

A very special friend who I have since lost turned me on to his music many years ago. I remember reading a reference to Kahlil Gibran on one of his albums. And I thought I was the only one in the world who read "The Prophet"...(I preferred "A Tear and A Smile" tho) lol.. I want to thank Dan for "Ghosts"...one of my favorite songs. All of his music is lovely and I am looking forward to finally seeing him live...tho it will be emotional as I will be reminded of my friend... I'm sure he will be there with me. Have a wonderful life, Dan. Peace ~ moccassin3

I just want to thank Mr. Fogelberg for the beauty and joy his music has brought into my life. ~ Brenna

I can't say that the music of Dan Fogelberg has inspired me in any significant way, but I can say that I have truly enjoyed over 20 years of listening to his songs and stories. I am convinced there are not very many complete musicians of his caliber. From the first album I purchased, Nether Lands to The First Christmas Morning, I continue to be impressed by his talent - the ability to play so many different instruments so well and to continue putting out quality music. As I have stated before, I would still like to hear one more guitar based new album in the vein of Souvenirs or Captured Angel. I feel these, along with my favorite, Nether Lands, are his best works, and the kind of music I enjoy the most. I am encouraged by Dan's recent comments that he intends to put out a guitar based album. ~ Steve

Please let me re-phrase what I had said, when I said I was shocked that Dan thanked me for the compliment, what I meant was I was "thrilled" to be thanked by Dan, as I have always put Dan on a pedestal as one of the most talented artists of our century. I do know that Dan is a kind man. He is portraying it by doing the online chats for his fans, and not to mention the night that I met Dan, he signed four autographs for me, he did not sign them all at once, but periodically, as I kept walking up to him, and asking for "just one more autograph". Then, he and I shook hands, Dan is a kind and gracious man. ~ Susan K.

Well, like Kelli, I had to sit back for a few days and just "absorb the atmosphere" of the new format. But I'm ready to jump back in now! I also "sat in on" the MSN chat. In fact, it was made more enjoyable by the fact that I was IMing with a fellow poster and talking about the chat at the same time it was happening. Neither of us had a question answered either, but I was as impressed as always by Dan's wit and intelligence. Two things do NOT surprise me. The first is that he thanked Susan for the compliment. Dan has always struck me as the kind of artist who genuinely appreciates his fans. The second thing that does not surprise me is Dan's endorsement of THIS PAGE..."The Living Legacy." I always knew the guy had great taste!!! Thank you, moderators, for your continued wonderful work. Looking forward to this going "ever on"... ~ Freynatic

I enjoyed the chat with Dan more than words can even express, and I keep re-reading my question, and also Dan's answer. He says that there are much better guitarists at playing the Spanish guitar sound than he. I think if you listen to "River of Souls" or "Todos Santos" or "Tuscon Arizona" you will not agree with Dan's own view of himself on this subject. I think he has undertones of the Spanish sound in these songs, and they are very exciting and motivating...I guess what I meant in my question was not so much just total Spanish guitar but a CD with the Spanish undertones because I truly think Dan is gifted with this sound. It is almost like there is spiritual essence to these songs and they reach that part of you even in "Serengeti Moon". And it shocked me that Dan thanked me for the compliment, now...this is a person who looked at Dan through binoculars many times at concerts just to see his lips move. ~ Susan K

. I just wanted to comment on the new format. I was a bit lost and worried when the Fan Forum closed. Reading everyone's thoughts has become a highlight of my day. Whenever I'm feeling stressed or down I come here and touch in a way with other souls who think and feel the same as I do. Even though the format is a bit different, I was made at ease when I saw that we all can still share our thoughts and feelings on Dan's music and touch in a more personal way via e-mails. Moderators, you've continued the class with this new format. Thanks for ALL that you do!!! It was wonderful to see Dan's endorsement in the chat. Speaking of the chat, I thought Dan was charming, humble and as always very funny. None of my questions got answered, but I'm sure there were so many. Thanks Dan for taking time to share a moment with us. ~ Kelli

It is so great to read the feedback that everyone has on Dan. It brings back so many memories. The first time I was introduced to Dan was back in 1975. From that moment I was hooked. I've seen him many times over the years, probably close to 25 times. Highlights would be standing in line for tickets at 5 AM in the morning in the streets of Philadelphia. Getting front row seats and going to the concert and realizing I left the tickets home. Had to pay my brother to bring them down, but it was worth it. Saw him another time at Mullenberg(sp) college, it was bittersweet, due to my father being very ill, but I knew that my dad wouldn't want me to miss a Dan concert. I traveled to NY to see him. I absolutely loved his music. I got married and my friend sang "Since You've Asked" at my wedding, even though it was written by Judy Collins, I loved the Dan version. I moved to Seattle, WA in 1987 and have seen Dan out here quite a few times, most recently at the winery. What a great concert. It was the most animated I'd seen him for a very long time. I loved this concert. His music is wonderful and I keep his CDs in my office at work and play them continuously. I especially enjoy his Christmas CD. I could go on forever. Thanks for providing an outlet for feedback. ~ Nancy

I remember the night like it was yesterday, I was attending Lincoln Land College, and there was a group performing one evening near Halloween time, they were called "Jericho Harp", this was back in 1979 or 1980, anyway, they asked if anyone had heard of a guy by the name of Dan Fogelberg, that he was pretty big in Tennessee at the time, they performed a song of his by the name of "Wysteria". I was totally intrigued from that moment with the magic and the fantasy that Dan weaved into his music. "Wysteria" impressed me so much, I had to find the songwriter right away by the name of "Dan Fogelberg", I think I searched every record store in Springfield, Illinois, to find that album. I did find it at Appletree Records! From that moment on, I have always been fascinated by Dans' style. And I happened to stumble on the chat the other night, I was not expecting that at all, I only knew of the chat by the Living Legacy sending me an e-mail, and I want to say, "thank you" for keeping me updated on these events. I am always in shock after I actually get a question of mine to Dan answered, it seems like a miracle every time it happens! God, I love those chats. ~ Susan K.

Well, well, well, and I thought I might be the only 47 year old woman who still had a crush on a fellow on an album cover. At very meaninful moments throughout the last 28 years, Dan's music has encouraged me, consoled me, and simply touched my soul. The last time I saw him in concert was at Berkeley in the late 70's, where I bought a Nether Lands T-shirt. My husband just happened to be wearing it the night our daughter was born in January, 1981. Oddly enough, the shirt became my focal point, so Dan will always be a part of my memories in a special way. By the way, that baby girl is now a sophomore in college. We live in a very rural area and I never hear about Dan's concerts till after the fact. Thanks to sites like these I look forward to catching a concert soon. Maybe I'll dig out the T shirt one more time. ~ Barbara

I have been a huge Dan fan since the 70's. But the best thing was introducing my husband to his music at Westbury Music Fair on Long Island in 1987. I had never seen Dan perform, and my husband wasn't familiar with him at all. The concert was so wonderful!! My husband was hooked, and I was even more so. I never tire of his music, and so many of his songs touch me and can bring me to tears. I admire him for always having the courage of his convictions. It's not always easy being a Dan Fan. He keeps his private life so very private, that as fans it was sometimes hard to find out anything about this truly talented man. I've also heard rumors that Dan doesn't respect people who are fans, that he doesn't want any kind of contact with them. But even that is okay, as long as he continues to give us his music. I also feel that he has never earned the respect of the music industry. He is a treasure. ~ R Simon

As mentioned in the "old place" a few months ago, I discovered Dan in 1977 with the release of Nether Lands. My original vinyl version was replaced twice before switching to the CD release in 1988 or so. Dan and his music have therefore been a part of my life, sort of an accompanying soundtrack, for much more than half of my (and most of my adult) life. Even though I listen to a lot of music, Dan Fogelberg has always been unsurpassed. His musical and lyrical genius, his versatality, shine through literally everything he´s ever committed to tape or vinyl. His songs touch you at an emotional level no other artist - in my humble opinion - has ever achieved, and in the long years between new releases I never tired of listening to his albums over & over again. I am glad that choice is now made up of more than 20 albums, from Home Free to the recent Live release, including the wonderful Portrait collection. What an amazing achievement from someone who´s always gone his own way in this business and whose records were getting harder to come by over here in Europe until Amazon and the Internet popped up. As Dan is not much of an avid traveler, I have never been able to see him live - BUT: I´ll be on a flight to Boston in September (forsaking a summer vacation) and if the concert ticket order does go through (the miracles of modern technology!) I´ll be in the Orpheum Theatre on Sept. 16. The last time I was this excited about something must have been Christmas 1969 when I got my first real bicycle...Well, anyway - Dan has been playing and singing on my stereo, my headphones, my video or in my car for 23 years now, and his music will be a part of my life forever, I reckon. ~ Christian

I started listening to Dan in 1972 (wow, it's been that long), but from the very first time that I heard his music I knew that it would always bring me home. His words and music meant home, family, friends, inspiration, warmth and much more to me. I have been in the service, I have travelled around the world, I have listened to his music from Iceland to Hawaii and everywhere in between - and it didn't matter where I was, or what I was doing, if I had Dan's music to listen to, if I heard his words, if I listened to them just briefly or for a long period of time, then I knew that I was home and no matter how lonely, or how far away - I knew that I was okay. His music and lyrics were and still are a thread running through my life, always bringing me peace, joy and comfort ...and bringing me home... ~ Merrilee

You know, I sit here reading all of the personal accounts of Dan fans and find it so incredible how many lives he has touched and how many hearts have been healed by his music. Don't you think that is quite a legacy for anyone? I was (and still am) a huge Beatles fan; however, Dan has risen to the top in every way imaginable. I'm not getting this down in words too well - it's as if he has offered each of us exactly what we needed when we needed it and it can always be given again. Does that make any sense? I don't know how he does it, but it has certainly enriched all of our lives many times over. ~ Michele

It is such a joy to hook up with people who share the same feelings and stories about one of if not THE most talented singer/songwriters ever to grace a piece of paper with such emotion. Dan has helped me thru the most difficult times in my life, as well as shown me the beauty of the simple things of life and for that I am eternally grateful. I have been a DANFAN since Home Free (I was 11) and I had just started playing guitar. Now that I am 38, I play at a small Deli here in Mobile on the weekends, and most of the cover songs that I play are by who else?? Of course! - Gotta be Dan. It is amazing that people who have not heard much of Dan will come up and ask me where that song came from? The lyrics really touch them and I have even had a few patrons come up after a set and thank me for playing Dan - they really enjoy the messages that his songs convey. The ones that touch them most are "Leader Of The Band", "Only the Heart May Know" and "Believe In Me". Dan - If you EVER read this, I thank you for all those hours of joy and comfort that your work has given me, I thank you for not bowing to commerciality, but for writing from the heart, expressing the deepest emotion that never gets to see the light of day. LL - thanks for giving all of us an outlet and keep up the GREAT work!! ~ Donnie Mills

Back stage passes were given to me for a concert I recently attended. As I watched the show from my bird's eye view, I nudged my friend and said, "This would be really exciting if Dan Fogelberg was on stage!". She laughed at me. She does not understand my fascination with Dan Fogelberg. I asked her if there was a Dan Fogelberg in her life. She did not understand my question so I rephrased it. "Is there a performer who can walk on stage and throw you into a total state of bliss by use of his or her music?". She simply said "no" and looked at me as if I were crazy. I thought it sad that she was missing out on such a grand experience. She has no idea of the emotions and excitement that can be provoked by deeply admiring a talented artist. Everyone should have a Dan Fogelberg in his or her life. Any artist we deeply admire has the ability to pull us out of our regular thinking patterns and bring joy, excitement and inspiration into our lives. It is an enriching and satisfying experience to find the perfect artist who makes your heart sing. My infatuation with Dan Fogelberg has brought me loads of pleasure and comfort over the years. Around age 11, a friend introduced me to Dan Fogelberg's music. Even though I was quite young, his lyrics and music spoke to me. I became fascinated with this man and his works. As a result, I grew up listening to his music. I was always the first one on the block to buy a new release by Dan Fogelberg. When I was 13 years old, excitement followed me everywhere after I purchased my first concert ticket to see my favorite musician. It was a dream come true. Now, at the age of 37, you would think that maturity and responsibilities would have calmed the innocent, childlike excitement that comes with seeing a favorite musician perform. But, this is not the case. I still glow with excitement whenever the summer tour is announced and I jump up and down with joy when I realize that once again, I am going to see this talented guy walk out on stage, play a piano and strum a guitar while singing all of those beloved songs that I know by heart. This innocent love for music by Dan Fogelberg is fun. Many of my "grown up" friends think it's silly and childish. They do not understand it. I feel sorry for them. They do not understand that this man's music brings me happiness and makes me smile. It makes me think. It centers me and it warms my heart. ~ Beverly K

My first introduction to the magic of Dan's talent was in 1978 during my freshman year in college. I can't describe the feeling when I heard "Nether Lands" and then "Scarecrow's Dream" (the first time and every time after that to this day). After that I bought every album already out and never missed a new release. I actually had to buy Nether Lands 3 times because I wore out the LPs. I think the biggest thrill I've ever gotten, though, was last August when my 22 year old nephew and his friend came to visit me from out of state. I had given him the majority of my album collection over the years, but not my Fogelbergs. As both he and his friend are both musicians and songwriters, our conversation turned to music (as it always does). This time I figured they were ready for big leagues and I played "Nether Lands", "Scarecrow's Dream", "Nexus" and "Tell Me To My Face" for them for the first time. I'm proud to say they both were absolutely blown away and the rest of the weekend the three of us spent all our time together playing all the albums and discussing his song writing styles. Well, he went home that weekend with ALL my Fogelberg albums. I felt wonderful that he had such an appreciation for this music. For Christmas he gave me the 4 CD Portrait box set. The heartwarming part of this story is that he was so touched by this music that he wrote an arrangement (by ear) of "Nether Lands" for the high school band, where he's an assistant director. One week before his kidney transplant, that was scheduled for the second week in May, (the surgery was scheduled for that time because he refused to go into the hospital until the concert was over) he directed "Nether Lands" as surprise gift dedicated to me. My whole family knew (except me) and they all turned to look at me when the music started to see my reaction (uncontrolled tears, of course). That was the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me - letting me know I had influenced and inspired him. In September, we have plans to go to the Fogelberg concert together on Long Island. This time when they (nephew and friend) come out to visit they're planning to bring their girlfriends... 2 new additions to the legion of fans. So, my best Dan Fogelberg story takes 22 years, a lot family love, a lot of inspiration and a kidney transplant that was put on hold to tell. The best part is the story doesn't yet have an ending. ~ Jayne

I first became a fan in the late 70's when I was in my late teens. My future husband and I both loved his music. We separated and I spent the year after the separation out of work and emotionally alone, except for Dan's music. It saw me through and I didn't even realize it - I thought I was just enjoying the solitude. Years later I met someone who would become my second husband. We both agree that some of the attraction was the fact that we both loved Dan's music - as corny as that sounds. Eventually I got to go to a concert and unfortunately, or fortunately, found out how much the music meant to me. I don't consider myself overly emotional but I cried through the entire concert. I cannot put these feelings into words so I will not try. I know I will, some day, attempt another concert, but some things are so personal that no one else can understand. Thank you Dan for being a part of my memories. ~ Kim

My husband and I discovered Dan's music 25 years ago when we were first engaged and living in California. During the 70's the music scene was full of people and groups who appealed to us, but when we first heard the album "Souvenirs" we were so enchanted that we went out to see if this Dan Fogelberg had any other records out . We found Home Free at the record store and immediately bought it, took it home and fell in love with it too. Up to that point James Taylor was our favorite singer/songwriter and even though we still love him and his large legacy of wonderful music, no one has ever come up to the level of Dan Fogelberg for us. The awesome way he writes songs, plays his instruments and the beauty of his voice is unsurpassed. We had our 1st opportunity to see him in concert in San Diego while I was pregnant with our 1st baby in 1977. He was touring for Nether Lands with "Fool's Gold" and Tim Weisberg as special guest. We were blown away and, by then, totally hooked. I could write a book about how Dan's music has influenced our lives since then but I will just say that I'm so glad that Dan is still around and still touring and still writing the most beautiful music ~ Judy

I have listened to Dan Fogelberg since the 70's when I lived in Colorado. I met my husband in the 80's and when he picked me up for our first date he was laughing when I opened the door as he had "High Country Snows" on in his car and I was playing the exact same thing on my stereo. I knew he was ok then! We were married and "Longer" was played at our wedding. Seven years later after many road trips listening to Dan together, "Longer" and "To The Morning" were played at his funeral. One year later my sisters and daughter had tickets to see Dan in Minneapolis and again sadness. My father died and there were 4 empty chairs at that concert. We have not gotten a chance to see him again, but hopefully he will come back to Minnesota. The best times of my life and the saddest times of my life, I always go back to his music ~ JT

I have been listening to Dan's music ever since high school! I grew up outside of Peoria and had heard of Dan but one day a friend was playing "Nether Lands" and I was Hooked! Dan is such a great musician and singer! What I admire the most of Dan's music is how varied it is! His music can definitely take you to any emotional place you choose to go. Thanks Dan for so many special songs! - Mark R

It's funny, but love of Dan's music inspired me to search the Web for a group of like-minded people! Look what I found! This has been a wonderful place to share thoughts, feelings and stories related to Dan and his music/talent. It must take a lot of work to keep it all running and, even though this is supposed to be how Dan's music inspires us, I want to thank the people who worked so hard to make this site possible! THANK YOU! ~ Michele

I have been a fan since Dan was opening act for the Eagles. First venue was 8/8/75---I remember thinking I was the only one who wanted him to continue playing...the ticket for that magical night was only $5.50 !!! Even now I have all the ticket stubs from his concerts. With Eagles again 11/22/76, an enchanting, perfect summer night under the stars 6/21/77, solo again on 10/9/81, and then he was back exactly one year later 10/9/82----this one was very special because I went with my dear friend Mike who introduced me to this musical phenomenon (I still have that concert shirt--a cool baseball jersey with Dan's picture on it), and lastly, 6/12/85--ticket price now up to $13.50. He has performed here since then but I wasn't able to go. It's been interesting to watch him evolve over this period of time and I will remain a devoted fan. Have gone from albums to tapes to CDs. Please come back to Indy,we love you here Dan. ~ Sylvia Lee

Lately as a result of enjoying Dan's music I've been sitting at my piano more often, exploring my husband's guitar, and listening much more carefully to music. Suddenly I hear each instrument separately and appreciate how they contribute to a song as a whole. While shopping for a guitar recently my family stumbled into an unusual music shop filled with exotic drums, sitars, bells, flutes, etc. We left with a pair of gorgeous, huge, cherry wood congas. They're fun to play and look fabulous in the house as would a nice piece of sculpture. And the kids can jam with us. Who knew? We're planning to go back for more instruments. This is most definitely a direct result of listening to Dan's music. It's fun to play together and just get lost in the fun, even if we don't sound quite like Dan and his band. It's FUN. ~ Kim

Well, Dan has always been inspiring to me...between his music and lyrics (and his enormous talent) he touches my soul and mirrors every emotion I have ever felt! Besides all that, I respect him greatly because he makes his music on his own terms. We may be deeply touched by what he does, but he doesn't sell out to make us feel that way. Probably part of the reason his music makes me feel the way it does! I have always been a musician and felt passionately about music; Dan is the ultimate for me. ~ michele l

I am passing on my appreciation and love for Dan Fogelberg's music to my two children, 9 and 10 years old. I've told them how he wrote his lyrics, plays most of the instruments and sings both melody and harmony on his CDs. They are impressed since they both play musical instruments. My son's favorite tune is "To The Morning" and my daughter's favorite is "Same Old Lang Syne". They enjoy listening in the car as we travel to and from school. ~ LLS

When my daughter Lindsey was 4 she began playing Portrait -"To The Morning" and called it the "watching the sun" song. She then watched the GFTW video and while "Gambler" was playing she went and got her guitar, set it on her lap and watched quietly until it was over and then said "Mom, that's what I want to do when I grow up." I said "You want to play guitar?" She said.."no I want to do all of it Mom." I said "singing, playing guitar in front of an audience?" She just smiled and said softly "Yeah". A few days later she was just playing around singing and dancing and when I applauded she turned, bowed and said "thanks, God bless, you people are the best!" Many times we talk about the lyrics and what instruments she thinks she hears. While we were driving and listening to Windows And Walls one day she said "Mom why is she alone, why doesn't anyone call?" so we had a little talk about that. On another occasion while listening to "The Power Of Gold" she asked what he was talking about and I explained a bit about greed and losing sight of what is really important in life and I asked her what she thought was the "most important thing" and she thought for a minute and said "knowing how to swim". I was surprised, I said "really?" she said "yeah Mom because if you can't swim and you fall in the water you could drown!" ahh wisdom Obviously we don't talk Dan all the time, but I really appreciate the fact that we can listen, discuss, enjoy, dance and ponder together. ~ Susan B

My children are definitely fans. Emma (5) knows many of the words, gets many others wrong, and pronounces Fogelberg "FogelBERT", emphasis on BERT. Sophie (2 1/2) simply says "tars", her word for guitar, which means please play Dan Fogelberg music. She bobs her head and claps her hands to bouncier songs like "The Power Of Gold". Jack (10 months) has no clue but he listens to Dan's music with us in the car. Won't be long. He'll get it. These kids are ruined forever because most other recording artists will now pale in comparison. ~ Kim

Lately I've been really into "early" Dan--from Home Free through The Innocent Age. These songs hold a very special place in my heart as I'm sure they do in many of yours. There is so much history for me with the songs of this era. First of all, Home Free, Souvenirs and Captured Angel were my introductions to DF and grabbed me instantly. I knew there was just a little something extra there. Of course I recognize the genius of the artist and how well crafted each song is, but there is so much more. These songs represent my growing up, my innocence and not so innocence. So many tears were shed over countless hours of listening. Then there are the songs that supported my free spirit and my dreams. And others just talked sense to me. Whatever the message, I always knew I would find it in this music. And now, when I listen to these songs, they bring those feelings back to me, not yearning for those days again, just remembering....Although, many of the songs have taken on new meanings now that I'm older and hopefully a little wiser! This is not to say I don't love the "older" Dan, but that's another comment on its own! Thanks, Dan, for the music. ~ Kelli

I was only 10 when Home Free came out, and my sister brought it home from college. But, WOW!!! I was hooked for life. From that album up to The Innocent Age represents the most "formative" years of my life...so of COURSE these albums are going to mean the most to me. I don't honestly KNOW if that makes them any "better" than the later stuff (certainly Exiles and River Of Souls are among my favorites), but it does make them--PERSONALLY---more "special." ~ Freynatic

I've been a Dan fan for 25 years, and he is definitely my favorite artist. I have never known anyone else who touches EVERY emotion with their music. Dan has made me happy, sad, angry, laugh, and cry. He has truly been blessed with a gift for writing, not to mention his wonderful playing (EVERY instrument!) and incredible singing! He sings from the soul, and that's the kind of singer that connects with me. ~ Scott

One of my friends had asked me to stop by his house and help him figure out how to play this song that he had liked by a guy named Fogelberg. After sitting down with our guitars, he put the album on (yes, vinyl)and put the song on. It was simple, beautiful and melodic... It was "Old Tennessee"... Since that day back in the late 70's my (musical) life changed dramatically. The first time I had a chance to see him live was when Nether Lands had just come out. Saw him in Carnegie Hall in NYC... Solo... He opened with "Nether Lands" and his voice was absolutely perfect. He impressed me so much, that since that day I have never been able to find another artist that moves me the way he does. I honestly don't think I ever will. I have since seen him every time he has come around... I don't even know, it must be about 15 times now and I have had the opportunity to watch him evolve over the years. Based on what I've read about Dan, he prefers to live a private life, which he certainly deserves. BUT I cannot believe how little acknowledgement he has received from the industry. Yeah, I know. No big deal. It's the fans who love him most and that is certainly true. But when I see the artists of today patting each other on the back and handing each other awards like they're going out of style, I can't help but think of Dan and all the great music he has put out through the years. This man deserves to be acknowledged as not just the unbelieveble talent that he is but the man that he is and what he stands for. He is special... very special... and we are blessed. I wish I had his talent of verse to describe what I am feeling but I do not. All I can say is, thank you Mr. Fogelberg. ~Terry

I've just recently become a DanFan. I've "inherited" a few Dan albums (Souvenirs, Nether Lands,and Greatest Hits) from my uncle and have instantly become a fan. I'm only 23 years old and none of my friends or people I know in my age group have ever even heard of Dan or his music. Dan's music has this unexplainable feel to it that just makes it great. And the funny thing is that I still listen to all the bands that people my age listen to. I guess that says something about how powerful and meaningful his music is. If you saw me in person you would probably think that I had no idea who Dan is or anything about him. ~ Craig

When I went off to college and moved into a dorm, my new roommate (whom I hadn't met) had Dan's albums. I had never heard him before as I was more into country at the time. Susan started me off with High Country Snows since she thought that would be more to my taste and from that album I fell in love with the title song, so she regressed me to the early Dan ballads and then back up to The Wild Places. I was hooked and made a lifelong best friend with that bond of Dan's music. In August 1997, I flew out to Seattle to see Susan. We hadn't seen each other in 3 years. She didn't let on what an adventure she had planned for us. She had purchased tickets to see Dan that weekend. What a shock! I had no idea he was performing there. It was like the renewal of our initial bond and what memories it brought back! I barely saw the first half of the concert as I was back in the fog of those college memories. Susan had mentioned that Dan was going to be in Portland Oregon the next night very casually and after the Seattle show I said, "I hate to think of Dan playing again so close to here and missing him. Wish we could go to Portland." She said, "okay, let's do it" and held up tickets to the next night's concert. I shouldn't have been surprised. We were always doing things at the spur of the moment and that's what it felt like to me even though it was obvious she had taken great care to plan this. I think I got more out of that Portland show because I was more present in it but both were an absolute thrill. Maybe someday Dan will come to my area so I can return the favor to her. ~ Claire

My husband played and sang Dan's songs to me on our second date. That was pretty cool... and it worked. We were married 5 years later and he sang "Longer" in my ear at our wedding. That was pretty good too. But while living in Tucson he commuted NC for about 6 months and I played DF music just to remind me of my husband. Pretty soon I was a fan in my own right. I mentioned to him one day that Dan's an incredible poet, composer, has a great voice and is a talented musician and he gave me a funny look that basically said "...well... exactly". I'm having sort-of a DF revival here lately because of the wonderful effect on our children in the car. Dan, Segovia and Ottmar Leibert are basically all we listen to lately, emphasis on Dan. I use the term "gift of music" differently now because I better appreciate the way it impacts my life on a daily basis. It makes me feel good. It's my friend when I don't feel so good. When I can't get enough I play it on my piano so my fingers can touch it. It is truly a gift that someone else worked hard to produce and all I have to do it listen. In summary, I experience it on deeper levels the more I grow as a person. ~ Kim

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