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Updated 7/30/12

We will frequently feature some of Dan's diehard fans here.

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Cindy Poole
Pearl, MS

Occupation: Legal Assistant

Fan Since: 1973

Fave Album: Home Free
Fave Song:"To The Morning "

Fave lyrics: " "...and it's going to be a day, there is really nothing left to say, but "come on Morning"... ~ "To The Morning "

Number of DF Concerts: 9

What Dan's music means to Cindy:

I first heard "To The Morning" from Dan's 'Home Free' in late 1973 on my hometown's album rock station. This was soon followed by "Stars" - I was completely blown away by the amazing lyrics, voice and musicianship of this talented young artist, and just had to know more about him and couldn't wait to see him perform live. My high school sweetheart gave the album to me as a Christmas gift that year. Dan came to Jackson during his solo acoustic tour in Feb., 1974, and performed in what was then Jackson City Auditorium ...my boyfriend and I ended up on the 2nd row. When Dan came out on stage, his mouth literally dropped to the floor when he saw the full, sold-out house and everyone so excited to see him perform live for them for the very first time. He played many of his songs from Home Free as well as introduced us to his upcoming release, "Souvenirs". What a memorable night for so many of us who became life-long, loyal DanFans that very night. Dan was one of Jackson, Mississippi's favorite singer/songwriters of that era from the beginning, thanks to regular airplay and support from ZZQ and a very dedicated fan base. Dan later acknowledged that. He came back to Mississippi for many more memorable concerts at various venues, and I was fortunate to attend many of them, the last at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS.

Dan and his music have meant so very much to me since I was just 15-years-old...and, like so many others, I really feel that he wrote the songtrack to my life. Dan will always hold a very special place in my heart. Rest in Peace, my Beloved Minstrel, I will never forget you and what you and your beautiful music have meant to my life.

Sheldon Felich
Truckee, CA

Occupation: Musician and Real Estate

Fan Since: 1972

Fave Album: The Innocent Age
Fave Song: "The Last Nail"

Fave lyrics: " "We walked together through the gardens and graves, I watched you grow to be a woman" ~ "The Last Nail "

Number of DF Concerts: 8

What Dan's music means to Sheldon:

Since I first became aware of Dan's music with 'Home Free" back in 1972 I have been captivated by his songwriting, musicianship and arranging. I purchased each recording as they came out and was never disappointed. I started performing Dan's songs in 1974 and have never stopped. To me, there has been no artist to match his combined talents. His songs are part of my musical DNA and I am grateful for that. I plan on doing my little part to help keep Dan's music alive as long as I am able.

Long Island, NY

Fan Since: 1979

Fave album: Phoenix
Fave Song: "Don't Lose Heart "

Fave lyrics:"In a spiral neverending are we drawn toward the source, spinning at the mercy of an unrelenting force so we stare into the emptiness and fall beneath the weight circling the nexus in a fevered dance with fate."
~ "Nexus"

Number of DF Concerts: 15

What Dan's music means to Cindy:

His music was the soundtrack to my teenage angst. It was the background to my twenties. It was the soul of my thirties and has been the heart of my forties. His music helped me forge and keep friendships and offered me solace and escape whenever I needed it. Some of the vinyl albums were worn down until they didn't play anymore. His words were eloquent. Poetry. His body of work was diverse and I am grateful that he shared his gift with the world.

Dan Engels
Edmonds, WA

Occupation: VP/Manufacturing

Fan Since: 1980

Fave Album: The Innocent Age
Fave Song: "The Reach"

Fave lyrics: all words to "Longer"

Number of DF Concerts: 10

What Dan's music means to Dan:

Dan's music has been with me for 30 years. He was with me in my teenage years, in and out of love, marriage, the birth of my sons, divorce, happy, sad, sick, healthy... he's been there the whole time. Just like a best friend. It's just not enough to say that he is my favorite musician or that I love his music. I can't imagine a world without his music... it's that important to me.

Diane Mitrisin-Maher
Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Ed. Psych.

Fan Since: 1972

Fave Album: The Innocent Age
Fave Song:"The River "

Fave lyrics: "The spell is broken and the chains fall free; Finally my heart has come home to me; It seems I've waited an eternity." ~ from "Beggar's Game "

Number of DF Concerts: 14

What Dan's music means to Diane:

I heard Dan's "The River" in 1972.  My love for his music was immediate and complete!  I actually went through 3 copies of Home Free.  Through the years I have spent many hours with Dan, a person I never personally met, but feel I know.  His music is insightful, bold, honest, beautiful, personal, and profound.  I was lucky enough to see him in concert many times; each an amazing experience.  His poetry will live on as cherished memories in the hearts of those who loved his music.

Terry Rosales
Columbia, SC

Occupation: Polygraph spec/instructor

Fan Since: 1977

Fave Album: Nether Lands
Fave Song: "Once Upon A Time"

Fave lyrics: "Once upon a time you held a love so strong and fine, all the others simply don't compare.  She's always on your mind but once upon a time you had her there...." ~ from "Once Upon A Time "

Number of DF Concerts: 8

What Dan's music means to Terry:

Dan's songs have touched my soul with his lyrics that were able to express my feelings during my life.  I first heard "Once Upon a Time" in 1977, following a breakup with my lover.  There was no better song to express EXACTLY what I was feeling at that time.

Larry (Butch) Lovell
Kimberly, AL

Occupation: Elec. Tech

Fan Since: 1978

Fave album: Nether Lands
Fave Song: "Loose Ends "

Fave lyrics:
"And the chords struck at birth grow more distant, yet we strike them again and again. And we plead and we pray for a glimmer of day as the night folds its wings and desends...exposing the loose ends. " ~ "Loose Ends "

Number of DF Concerts: 5

What Dan's music means to Butch:

Simply put...the sound track of my young adult life. I heard "Twin Sons.." I told a friend about it and he gave me an 8 track of Nether Lands and I was hooked. Until then, music was background music. With Dan, I wanted to explore every lyric, visualize every word and musical note and paint a portrait in my mind of what I thought he was trying to convey. The most lasting memories I have are the first time I saw Dan live/solo in Huntsville, Al in 1983. and one of the rare times it snowed in my home town of Boaz. I sat and looked out my window and listened to Nether Lands and imagined Dan sitting at his piano composing this beautiful album..wow! What a gift!

Nathalie Richardson
Marlinton, WV

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Fan Since: 1974

Fave album: The Innocent Age
Fave Song: "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler"

Fave lyrics: "There's a song in the heart of a woman, that only the truest of loves can release. "

Concerts Number: 2

What Dan's music means to Nathalie:

His music has been with me through the many changes and phases of my life. His talent never ceased to amaze me,especially his solo acoustic concerts. He was beautiful and left behind so much beauty for all of us.

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