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Barry Houchin
Clinton, TN

Occupation: Postal Worker

Fan Since: 1979

Fave Album: Phoenix
Fave Song:"False Faces"

Fave lyrics: "Oil on canvas, couplets and stanzas,
To divine who you are. Pencil portrayals, and jealous betrayals,get you further afar. False faces and
meaningless chases I travel alone. First places and calendar races, I need a home. ~ from "False Faces"

Number of DF Concerts: 3

What Dan's music means to Barry:

Dan's music literally pulled me through one of the worst times of my life as I was nearing my senior year in college. Through a friend, I acquired "Nether Lands" and I proceeded to not only become a fan, bit I began to study everything I could about Dan, and his music. I learned through an interview that he did on a Boulder Colorado radio station that "Nether Lands" was born out of a severe writers drought that he was going through at the time, and if you listen closely to the lyrics, you can almost feel every emotion that he was going through, and relate it to your life as well. He became my favorite artist, and through my job at the time in the music business, for 12 years, I followed him as closely as I could. In short, through his music, I learned to handle adversity, heartbreak, death, and the joy of rebirth, hence my favorite album, "Phoenix". God bless him.


Phoenix, AZ

Occupation: high school counselor

Fan Since: 1976

Fave Album: Nether Lands
Fave Song: "Nether Lands"

Fave lyrics: "and here is a sunrise to set on your sill, the ghostoes of the dawn movin near...they pass through your sorrow and leave you quite still, sitting among souvenirs." ~ from "Souvenirs"

Number of DF Concerts: 8

What Dan's music means to Laura:

As a young girl, my friends were listening to Journey and Cheap Trick. I had no interest in those groups once I heard Dan. Dan's music has represented the relationship I have had with my sister since she is the one that introduced me to his music. She and I had a pact that we would go to see Dan every time he was in concert...together and with no husbands...so we could scream like high school girls. Over the years, we kept that pact no matter how far we had to travel to see him. When Dan passed, my sister and I mourned not only his passing but the experience that she and I had shared together in listening to his music, in waiting for the next album to come out, and in acting out our silly high school behavior. No one has filled the void since. My sister and I still talk about how much we miss that experience.

Susan Nash
Winter Springs, FL

Occupation: Medical Transcription

Fan Since: 1975

Fave album: Love In Time
Fave Song: "Sometimes A Song"

Fave lyrics:
"Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there've been stars up in the heavens
I've been in love with you

Stronger than any mountain cathedral
Truer than any tree ever grew
Deeper than any forest primeval
I am in love with you

I'll bring fire in the winters
You'll send showers in the springs
We'll fly through the falls and summers
With love on our wings

Through the years as the fire starts to mellow
Burning lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow
I'll be in love with you
I'll be in love with you"

~ "Longer"

Number of DF Concerts: 0

What Dan's music means to Susan:

From the first time I heard "Longer" to the Love in Time CD, Dan's music has always had a soothing effect for me. Almost like he knew what I needed to hear at that moment and wrote those words for me. Spanning over 30 years, his music still touches me. I have a huge regret and that is not ever seeing him in concert. But I share that experience with all of you who have. Dan was a part of my heart and always will. He will never be replaced, but his music, his legacy continues.

Stephanie Schultz
Ormond Beach, FL

Occupation: Artist/Executive Asst

Fan Since: 1974

Fave album: Home Free
Fave Song: "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler"

Fave lyrics: "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler"

Concerts Number: 20+

What Dan's music means to Stephanie:

From the start Dan's music - voice, instruments and lyrics - hit me deep down to my core - mind, body and soul. From the first time I heard "Souvenirs" back in the early 70s, through "Full Circle," Dan's music has touched me in a way no other musician's music ever has. Some songs have even touched me personally, such as "Face the Fire," due to the fact that I was part of the No Nukes march on Washington (as was Dan) that inspired the song; I smile every time I hear it. He was/is a "kindred spirit" to me and always will be part of my heart - in spirit, indeed. My life has been richer because of Dan's music; amazing to think that for more than 65% of my years on this earth, Dan's music has been a part of my life! And I am so honored to have my artwork (drawing) on the "DanFans" art page!

Donnie Mills
Mobile, AL

Occupation: Singer-Songwriter

Fan Since: 1976

Fave Album: Greetings From The West
Fave Song: "Leader Of The Band"

Fave lyrics: "And down in the canyon, the smoke starts to rise, it rides on the wind till it reaches your eyes, when faced with the past, the strongest man cries" ~ from "Souvenirs"

Number of DF Concerts: 5

What Dan's music means to Donnie:

Dan touched me to want to create music and I am a full time songwriter because of his influence and passion. He was the same age as my brother so I always considered him a "surrogate" brother. I've always respected the man, the legacy and the music.


Hunt Sidway
Louisville, KY

Occupation: musician, photographer

Fan Since: 1980

Fave Album: Nether Lands
Fave Song: "Scarecrow's Dream"

Fave lyrics: "Anthems to glory and anthems to love, and hymns filled with earthly delight..." ~ from "Nether Lands"

Number of DF Concerts: 7

What Dan's music means to Hunt:

Dan's music spans the breadth of what it means to be an authentic human person. The search for love, meaning, beauty, truth; the confronting of the metaphysical issues of life, death, identity, purpose; the notion of self-sacrifice, of suffering for what you believe in, of truly discovering who you are and jettisoning what drags you down so you can soar above to what you are called to become, is also a thread through his writing. And I guess the subtly classical underpinnings of much of his music makes it very lasting, eternal... Plus there is a strong sense of honor in his music, to his parents and forefathers, his mentors in music, his craft, real composers and musicians. Dan's overall gestalt is one of nobility, virtue, love.

Tim Jessup
Sedona, AZ

Occupation: Producer/Engineer

Fan Since: 1972

Fave album: Home Free
Fave Song: "To The Morning"

Fave lyrics: "Now the wind is still, in a moment it will be raging, Now my soul is young, in a moment it will be aging, And high above the pines, I wrote several lines and left them in a bottle, for you to find." ~ "Song from Half Mountain"

Number of DF Concerts: 8

What Dan's music means to Tim:

Since 1972, Dan has served as the finest example of the very best that a human being can achieve as a song-writer and a performer, in the recording studio and on the stage. As a vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist, he was single-handedly accomplishing a degree of beauty and delicate musical intricacies far beyond that of his contemporaries, long before computers made it possible for mere mortals to even begin to achieve what he produced in 1971, without such technological aids. In a word, Dan Fogelberg was astonishing! His extraordinary gifts and his fearlessness to try anything his muse would conjure, served as powerful inspiration for me to try and follow in his "footsteps in the snow" at the young age of 15 years. And so I became a recording engineer, a producer, a vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist, thanks to the example and the trails that Dan first blazed. Perhaps more inspiring still, is the way in which Dan lived his life...completely on his own terms. Nothing can be more fulfilling in this short time we all have here. So for this young teenager, now about to turn 53, Dan Fogelberg provided a fine example for how to be a man. For most of us, it is not easy to live a life without compromise, but as much as possible, we must try to live it on our own terms, as Dan fearlessly did, to find the true fulfillment we each came here to experience.

Cindy Fabian
Charleston, SC

Occupation: retired RN

Fan Since: 1971/72

Fave album: Full Circle
Fave Song: "Icarus Ascending"

Fave lyrics: "You have been given the most sacred of gifts, you must be fearless now and follow. So don't look down, though your heart may be weary. Don't look down, though your wings are on fire. Don't look down, though the night may seem endless, there's a reason you're flying this fast and this far. Let your faith be your strength and your love be your guiding star."

Concerts Number: 5-7

What Dan's music means to Cindy:

Dan's music has inspired me in so many ways because the lyrics are wise, heartfelt, and stirs my soul. That's what music is meant to do. Also, he always managed to compose lyrics that are relevant no matter how much time has passed. Finally, since I'm a former accomplished pianist, now disabled, I appreciate the versatility that Dan had because he was such a gifted artist.

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