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I think at some point you have to decide how much the art means and how much making a living means. I think all of us have to struggle with that. The purest response, in my own experience, has been to follow your own heart and do what you really believe.

I think anyone who ever picks up an instrument and is capable of uttering a lyric or a melody has been given a gift. And it's a very special gift. And I think it tends to become trivialized by the commercial aspect of it. I don't think anyone should ever forget the magic involved in writing a song -- one day there's nothing, and the next day there is something there. And it may change the world for all you know.

Success is coming to terms with your own life in relation to the planet. To find a harmonious place in yourself where you can be happy and successful in your mind - that's your relationship with God. To me, I find God through my relationship with nature. That's been my religion.

You come to find that you have been therapeutic for so many other people, that's the reward, that's the justification. There are so many people that I meet or get letters from that say certain songs have really helped them through something or that this was the time in my life that I really needed to hear this and you said it for me. That's a great reward for an artist to have that communication and help people.

Composing…. that's the purity. That's creating something that wasn't there before. It's a mystical process. It's that incredible moment when something comes to you from nowhere, and you go into a trance for days or weeks to bring this thing out. It's like giving birth almost. It's the most painful part of what I do; it's certainly not the most fun. But it still fascinates me.

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